I am Amanda a 33 year old wife and mom. My husband Joe and I have been married four years. We have a daughter Sidnee who is three. We have a son Kole who is two. In my previous life (pre kids) I was a sales manager at a resort in Wisconsin! Once Kole arrived we decided our family would benefit from having me stay home with these two munchkins. Well they are now three and two and let me tell you…there are days I’m not sure this is actually scratch that I know corporate America can be easier. Yes you have a boss who has many expectations/demands of you daily. Two toddlers have expectations/demands every minute of you. “Mommy play, Mommy clean my hands, etc….” I don’t ever discount a working mom or dad’s role. My husband is a small business owner who works many long days to provide for us and we appreciate him very much! It’s just different…

Why did I decide a blog was a great idea for me and my family now?
Well one day as I was being managed by our now 2 year old son Kole during a day of being beyond sick with some crazy bug that had me for lack of better words in the bathroom struggling to crawl out most of the day. I was having a conversation a few days later with one of my corporate, recently married, cute as a button girlfriends with no little ones managing her just yet! She asked how we were I told her crazy as usual! Sharing with her how I had to sit Kole on Sid’s princess potty with fruit snacks as I laid with my head on the toilet not knowing how I would make it 3 more hours until Joe came home. She laughed through the entire story and at the end said “Is this real life?! Please start a blog!” I laughed and then thought well maybe…a few months later and here we are!
I hope you enjoy reading about the craziness of being managed by 2!

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