Where do I begin…

I am Amanda a 33 year old wife & mom. My husband Joe & I have been married 4 years. We have a daughter Sidnee who is three. We have a son Kole who is two. I in my previous life (pre kids) was a sales manager at a resort here in Wisconsin! Once Kole arrived we decided our family would benefit from having me stay home with these two munchkins. Well they are now three & two & let me tell you…there are days I’m not sure this is actually scratch that I know corporate America is easier. Yes you have a boss who has many expectations/demands of you daily. Two toddlers have expectations/demands every minute of you. “Mommy play, Mommy clean my hands, etc….” I don’t ever discount a working mom or dad’s role. My husband is a small business owner who works many long days to provide for us & we appreciate him very much! It’s just different…

Why did I decide a blog was a great idea for me & my family now?
Well one day as I was being managed by our now 2 year old son Kole during a day of being beyond sick with some crazy bug that had me for lack of better words In the bathroom struggling to crawl out most of the day. I was having a conversation a few days later with one of my corporate, recently married, cute as a button girlfriends with no little ones managing her just yet! She asked how we were I told her crazy as usual! Sharing with her how I had to sit Kole on Sid’s princess potty with fruit snacks as I laid with my head on the toilet not knowing how I would make it 3 more hours until Joe came home. She laughed through the entire story and at the end said “Is this real life?! Please start a blog!” I laughed and then thought well maybe…a few months later and here we are!

I hope you enjoy reading about the craziness of being managed by 2!

I will also mention here I am by no means an English major, a dr, a nurse, or a teacher (at least certified). So as you read my blog please do keep these key facts in mind;)

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