Spring In Wisconsin…

What’s going on in the world of Spring in Wisconsin…it’s Wednesday in April & just reached 55 today! It was 75 this past Saturday! This is by far the craziest winter/spring I know of!

Oil Pulling has been a craze for me that I started this week!
I know you have probably read about this in the past but I have just discovered it and think its great! I think Sid & Kole are enjoying it as well…it requires me to not talk for twenty minutes each morning! By now if you don’t know me I will be the first to say this is terribly hard for me! By the end of the first day both kids were doing the little sign language they do know to me! Sid was saying can you just talk! My airplane directions while I pulled & they made pudding must have had their heads spinning!!
I will mention I am by no means a dr so don’t truly know if any of this does anything so I will update you on my personal experience in a few weeks!
I am going to see how this goes as the benefits I’ve read (who knows if any really work) sound great! Whiter teeth, jaw discomfort relief, overall feeling healthier!

What else is new in our crazy house besides oil pulling? We are still kale smoothing it up! The house favorite is mango/pineapple it seems to fill me up the most out of those tried! I think next week we will start doing veggie smoothies! Keep you posted!

The cold weather this week had me back to saying what can we do indoors as I’m not feeling the bundling up two toddlers to go read at the library or burn off energy at the gymnastic center. So we have been doing random acts of fun! Packaging up our homemade Easter gifts to get sent to family (baby chicks made of tissue paper & tiny plastic bead sun catchers). We also turned the playroom into a not so cute sheet fort…dad is way better at creating these things! Made Pudding & put in Easter egg molds. Who knows what “fun” I will think of next as there are still two days left in this week! Hoping to go break up some dirt in my new berm after nap today!
If you need ideas of fun & easy things to do with your toddlers feel free to check out my kids board via pintrest! I know there are a ton of activities out there to do. I will be honest I have tried many that say perfect for toddlers & failed miserably! So I also try to post what we do on my completed board but you will likely read about it here!
Enjoy your day!

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