Week End Wrap Up

Yesterday was beautiful! We had many items on our to-do list! Including baking a cheesecake, coloring eggs, and making bath fizzing dinosaur eggs!
Well S was up promptly at 6:05 a.m. and K followed suit at 6:15 a.m. Starting out the day with S dragging her oversized blanket into my bed she tipped over my glass of water on the iPad of course and her immediate reply was “it was an accident!” Her favorite response or her second “Mom it will be ok, don’t worry about it!” I’m thinking “don’t worry about it!!!???” Wait till these kids have to buy things with their money! Joe was home when the madness got started so he grabbed K. Thank goodness as that little guy when waking up loves to tell me “No mama…dada!” This wonderful morning he didn’t have to; love when everyone can be accommodated!
Which I’m always curious if I’m the only person who hears this question often “oh is he a mama’s boy and she a daddy’s girl?” As for some reason EVERYONE seems to think that’s how it goes. Maybe in others houses but not here.
S only ever wants me. As joe says to her “ok, talk to you when you are 16!” She has a reason why he can’t ever do anything right for her. Believe me I wish he could figure it out some days/nights as doing the 20 minute bedtime routine (potty, story-that I create and has to be different every night, snuggles, a list of what to dream about, then our off to sleep words) alone is draining after she has provided me direction on how to live my life for the last 13+ hours! It is never just that as then typically I’m called back in for something random…you know her blanket is twisted or I forgot to take her hair clip out. I mean heaven forbid she adjust her blanket or just throw the clip on her floor! Lastly, she has been waking up usually once in the middle of the night. Again for something completely bananas! Last night at 2:30 a.m. It was that Sophie her baby had her legs tangled! WHAT! I don’t get sound sleep because a dolls legs are tangled! S is one of those kids that rarely does something that is even the wee bit inappropriate or wrong without following it up with an apology or compliment either. Which is so double ended as just as I’m about to loose it day or middle of the night she will throw out there something like “thanks mom, now you can go get some sleep” or “you are so beautiful”
K’s sleeping routine knock on wood has been a walk in the room, lay in his bed and find him the exact same way as you laid him the next day kind of sleeper. Very similar to his dad! He loves for his dad to do it! He adores Joe and hits the ground running to him when he walks in the door! Heck the kid can hear Joe’s truck coming around the corner from the other end of the house!
Needless to say the quote un-quote question of mama’s boy and daddy’s girl doesn’t exist in this house and we are good with this…most days;)
Anyway, back to our week wrap up! With the Easter holiday here we had in laws over for dinner which was great as we don’t see them enough so a quick Italian dressing chicken marinade went in the fridge, the kiddos assisted in baking a cheesecake-always fun! They eat each step I put it together! Made a quick pasta salad while they were hunting for the mini dinosaurs I hid around the house.
We tried our hand at the baby dinosaur eggs…let’s just say I will be trying again this week! They just didn’t stick together as well as I thought but the kids sure enjoyed putting their hands in the bowl of baking soda and food coloring as I added the citric acid and oil. It was so soft! If you are interested here is the site I got the recipe from http://www.funathomewithkids.com/2013/10/diy-bath-bombs-magic-hatching-dinosaur.html. I will say I read you can use pickling salt in place of citric acid so maybe this was my error. I will get the real thing and let you know the outcome as these two LOVE dinosaurs so doing anything with them is a blast!
With the bunny on the mind this morning we ran to the dollar candy section at our grocery store to get two bags of jelly beans. We came home and started to dig small holes to bury them as we are hoping they will grow into bigger candies by morning!
On the subject of candy…my sister and brother in law are AMAZING each holiday they send these two a box of goodies. They couldn’t wait to open their Easter box this morning so at 8:30 a.m. We did just that! So much cute stuff bunny ears, tail, cute shirts for each, and of course a few pieces of chocolate. Well I haven’t said but K is a chocolate hound! Papa and Grandma brought them huge chocolate bars which I said ok it’s a holiday you can have just a little! He wanted half before dinner! Well this morning he went crazy when he saw the chocolate! Stomping with excitement wanting it open. I said after lunch he wasn’t giving up! I finally said if you can get open you can have thinking ya right he’s two I’m good! Ha! He immediately had S ripping them open while he jammed the peanut butter eggs in his mouth quicker then I could do anything but laugh as he was so proud they worked it out and were successful!
Well it’s a beautiful day here so we hope everyone enjoys and has a wonderful Easter!

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