Toddlers After Candy Coma Easter

Easter started on Friday for us! S and K think holidays continue until every last piece of candy is gone! I may have mentioned before we don’t enjoy a ton of candy as they are toddlers and let’s be honest it’s not necessary in my opinion…
But New Papa and Grandma got their party started Friday with big hollow chocolate characters. Then the peanut butter eggs Saturday, last the egg hunt of m&m’s and skittles at Papa and Grandma’s Sunday. Well it’s Wednesday and these two think an appropriate breakfast is cupcakes that I made but forgot to bring to the party Sunday and powdered donuts! What the heck this candy train needs to come to an abrupt stop pretty quick here! So back to fruit smoothies as S my fruit and vegetable girl all of a sudden thinks these are a foreign item she has never had!! So back to our smoothie a day schedule!
As I talked about last week I started oil pulling. I’m human I totally forgot to do it Saturday but otherwise I’m swishing away daily after my coffee. So far I do think my teeth have been impacted. I also think not that I suffered from a case of halitosis but my overall breath at all times of day feels more pleasant! Lastly, either I’m exhausted or pulling is helping me sleep. In the sense that I’m someone who struggles with good sleep; just like every other mom but lately I just feel like I’m more relaxed so I’m falling asleep quicker and sleeping sounder. Again, I don’t know if any of this has to do with pulling but for today I’m saying yes it is:)
As far as crafts and projects I realized I didn’t fill you in on all we did last week…we made calming jars which are great fun and a great idea but if you have two toddlers like mine that one loves everything sparkly and shimmery except when she’s having a meltdown and a one who doesn’t quite understand the concept of calming down yet. Either way they were fun to make! We also had so many plans for our eggs but I decided the best route for this year was using edible shimmer! We dumped and rolled and they turned out fantastic! Last we did what seems to have many names but was to us a foamy dough that was so fun. I do think S and K would have enjoyed it more outside as for some reason I am finding when we do projects that are sticky, gooey, messy they seem to enjoy them better outdoors. When I say enjoy I mean really get into them as to worrying about getting dirty…which is what these fun projects are about aren’t they?!
Lastly, I don’t think I’ve mentioned but we have started our home renovations or at least the outside as this next year we are putting an addition to our original home we renovated three years ago. The kids have been working the bobcat with dad when he gets home putting in a retaining wall and digging during the day planting and transplanting flowers in the front yard! Keep you posted on the fun as we hoped to have S and K involved as much as possible!

*Most of my projects I do find on the web but more often then not I end up making adjustments based on what I have on hand.

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