Lisenby Week In Review

Happy Sunday Everyone! It’s a beautiful morning and I don’t know about you but it finally seems our yard is in total bloom! We have been in our home for a bit over three years and I will say all of the work the previous owners did looks the best this year. Maybe the harsh winter helped our landscaping…odd but we will take it! This week was one of simply enjoying the weather with a bit of baking of course!
We enjoyed a picnic with one of our play date friends. Which started at one of our local beaches with sand play and toes in the water. I knew going into this what it would end with…yep S fell right in and not long after K was soaked and full of wet sand; yuck! But we collected shells and decided we will start a summer necklace and collect a shell each visit to add to it!


S has been in love with horses since I’m pretty sure she could talk. Any chance she gets she talks about them and I have been researching someone to do lessons or at least introduction of horses to her. This week we went to a local petting zoo/stable and she was able to ride as was K. The manager then took S around the property talking about each horse, etc. Total heaven for S! K was more concerned with who was going to pick up the poop! Lol! I’m hoping the manager will take me up on my request to give S lessons. In the meantime we have two other contacts that have invited her to ride their pony and palomino so we will soon know if this is truly something to pursue! I would love this as I grew up loving horses and rode for a bit. I think K will continue in his love for trucks, tractors, and trains!


Other exciting news is we received our permits for our addition this week so one last stop by the building inspectors office and we will start our home addition. I did hope to have our waterfall, pond and fire pit further along to show pictures but due to business for Joe this will be underway tomorrow so check back in just a few days! For now I’m still staring at a ginormous mound of dirt:(


Our neighbors sons graduation party is today so I made him his favorite cheesecake I make which is a strawberry champagne no bake! Yes no bake and champagne how could it not be amazing oh yeah and strawberries! We had extra strawberries so we had to make something else! S and K helped me create a new cupcake. We made strawberry lemonade cupcakes which Joe said tasted like sugar cookies and a strawberry cream cheese frosting. Which I didn’t love the cupcake so I piped frosting in the middle which definitely fixed the what I felt were dull cupcakes to a nice summer treat!


Well we hope everyone enjoys this beautiful day! Tomorrow being Memorial Day please remember our countries heroes past and present.

Lisenby Week in Review

Ok so this week has been pretty great with my management team! S and K that is!! The weather has been all over the board which has stunk but we are managing! K is still in love with shouting out “I don’t care, I love it, I love it!” and S has a standard response of “Oh my Gosh Mom!” to almost everything so status quo there. Our yard is planned to start taking on a new look this upcoming week so the kids will be terribly upset to see the mound of dirt gone but I’m sure a water feature going in will make for them to think we have put this in for their enjoyment! I look forward to sharing pictures for now we have just put in the final plantings in the retaining wall and last of stone path.


We met up with a girlfriend this week at a great little place I definitely recommend checking out if you have kids ages 0-4. It is called Yu Kids Island, LLC! Yu Kids Island, LLC. They totally have this toddler entertainment thing down! All bright-colored, soft activities including merry-go-round, bouncy slide, a space that’s filled with balloons flying all over the place and a slide that is made of a plexi glass type product with water under it! S and K could stay all day and the set up I will say allows for mom/dad/grandparents/caregivers to take a break and sit at a half counter and watch the kids. The girls working are great helping the little ones get on a little taller stuff and constantly cleaning the area.




On to a fun product we tried this week!  The Got Milk Straws! Yes they have been around for years but we are just getting to try out!  S and K spotted these while grocery shopping and of course my initial thought was “I’m not spending money on something we buy squeeze bottles of for much less” but then I thought “ok they are being good and I would rather spend money on something to go in their milk as to them asking and likely me arguing over not buying a dollar toy”. So in the cart they went…some may say I just bribed them and you are 100% correct but is it really bribery if it’s food?!  We recently introduced chocolate milk to them so when S saw strawberry she couldn’t wait to try!  We’ll after all the excitement I will say K loves these as he thinks it’s candy so it’s a no brainer for him.  S on the other hand prefers fruits and veggies so she hasn’t asked for it again.  I tried and will say yes it does the trick but to get the full chocolate effect I had to break up the little chocolate pieces.  So for now I think we will stick with the squeeze bottles or at least until we are in another grocery store that does genius product placement of the product!


A few other things for the week! We got a jump start on dad’s Father’s Day gifts.  The first one we did was I interviewed S with a serious of questions about Joe.  I will type it up on cute paper and frame it for his day.  I will start this with K next year!  We also did a cute “We Love You” gift which I wish I could share the step by step process with you but my computer crashed and away went those pictures so once complete I will share!



Last I created each of the kids their own email address!  I read about doing this somewhere and each month sending them an email and when they turn eighteen give them the password!  I love this idea I think I will share the address with grandmas and papas too!

OK have a great Sunday everyone! I’m headed to take part in the Cancer Assault Challenge that includes fifteen obstacles of mud, water, etc.  wish me luck and I will share the experience tomorrow!


(I was not paid or hosted to provide feedback on any of the above products.  This is only my opinion and my experience)

Toddlers take on Napping and Potty

There are a few things I wanted to check back in with you on. Including nap time and potty training with S.
Nap to start has been a little all over the board with S. I have decided we just have to try different things as she is three and definitely needs the rest but I think maybe a smaller window of time. So for the past week I have determined our nap each day based on a few things…1. What time did she wake? 2. What do we have planned for next 24 hours 3. Her temperament that day. So far we have we have done nap in her bed two days but just a shorter window, nap one day on sofa and two days nap has been on the road due to play dates and her waking at 5:45a.m. by 11 she couldn’t stand to be up! In regards to naps I have come to the conclusion we are all so different and I’m honestly ok with each day being different. So if you are at this point I say give a few things a whirl before determining what’s best for your little one!!
As far as potty training this past weekend was kind of a breaking point as she had three accidents with Joe Saturday and one Sunday. Joe was ready for pull ups but I can’t just give up especially as I felt she was doing well before so something has changed. I was determined to fix this. But first I called the person I reference when I am questioning my parenting skills or direction I’m taking…my mom! She raised four of us and we turned out pretty good, I think:) her advice take the stress out and do pull ups. S cried when I said this was the game plan as my mom said you are the parents! Well S and I talked and our deal is any accidents except of course at night and we go back in pull ups or if it’s an argument to go. She agreed and I’m happy to report we have been dry since Sunday evening. She has only woke up one morning damp so of course I have praised a ton and done my silly happy dance which only your kids can appreciate! Fingers crossed that all she needed was encouraging and reminding which we will continue to do!

Lisenby Landscaping or it seems…

A beautiful Mother’s Day it was today! I enjoyed breakfast on the porch with S followed by brunch with my family minus my beautiful older sister. She is currently in Thailand playing with elephants with her family and yes I but more so S is very jealous! What an incredible experience! After brunch it was to the flea market and home for naps at least this was how the day went for the kids and I! Joe on the other hand was two cups of coffee in and eagerly waiting for the appropriate time to start his skid loader and bobcat in the backyard! As I mentioned before we are in the process of starting a fairly large addition but prior to we have things such as retaining walls and general landscape that needs tending too. So play space in the yard has went from about a football field to the goalie box! Ok not really but that’s how it feels as work is in progress S and K need to have a safe space and the dirt hill isn’t always it! So Joe put in our new retaining wall before brunch and when we got home planted three more trees finishing just as the down pour started.






There are a few ways I feel about the start of work on our home including and most important; how the heck will I manage S and K during all this as Joe does much of the work himself or assists in it so yes he will be home physically but the mental is all on this girl when it comes to S and K!
As I share the journey of my two little managers I look forward to also including you in on my journey of the addition on our home!
I hope all those moms, soon to be moms or any male or female that has taken on this role had a truly great day and we will chat again very soon!

Lisenby Week in Review

Happy Friday! I am happy we made it to today as this week has been all over the board! With the kids, projects, and business endeavors of my own! At the end of the day there have been deep breaths and remembering that they are only toddlers once so enjoy the highs and the lows and it’s all in how I manage both levels.
A few things I wanted to share that we did earlier this week! Joe built us new garden boxes as our old garden which was the size of a single car garage will soon be Joe’s shop/garage. I’m happy we have down sized as we are not farmers which I know we don’t need to be to garden but honestly my thumb is the lightest shade of green! But I’m learning and really enjoying it! So here are a few pics of our two boxes with beans and onions via seed, bell and jalapeño peppers in one and tomatoes in the other. We added strawberries to the sides of our grape and raspberry bushes. Which I chopped one down while weeding last year, hence the shade of green:(



As the weather has warmed up I thought now was a good opportunity for the kids to go thru their 200 stuffed animals. This isn’t a joke these two get them ALL the time and I feel like E.T in the closet scene! So as to packing up and donating to a large donation center we have decided we are going to donate our two garbage bags full of animals to the local sheriffs department to have in their vehicles to provide to children they come in contact with.
Books are another over abundance item we have so we went thru these and all books that weren’t age appropriate we put in a bag to bring to our pediatricians office to put in each of their rooms.
I’m very proud of S and K as they love their books and animals but learning to give is something that means a lot to my husband and I as it really is so much more than giving.
We made a few new breakfast items this week. Including breakfast cookies and applesauce whole wheat pancakes! The cookies the kids enjoy…Joe said they are terrible and I after five thought they weren’t bad and stopped trying to figure out ways to jazz up! As they are for S and K and as S said “mom they are pretty good”. So we have kept as snack. The pancakes were fantastic! Totally out of a box but so what so good! I will also mention for any cookies/cupcakes I’m a huge fan of using my mini cupcake pan as the result is the perfect size snack for toddlers!
For crafts we were pretty laid back this week! K painted a frame and S did a Mothers Day mug with Sharpie’s! Both turned out cute! Both were SUPER easy and age appropriate!



Well it’s beautiful out so we wish everyone a great day and all our Mom’s out there a wonderful Mother’s Day! Thank you for all you do!


Ok this will be short and sweet! My change in nap plans didn’t work out…S finally went to sleep at 9:15pm last night and was rearing to go at 5:30 am today! Thankfully I had baking to start so the wake up wasn’t horrendous but now I’m struggling so that is going to be all for today!

Check in tomorrow as I have a bunch to share!

Things That Make Mom Go Hmmm…

Wow the weekend seemed to fly by and once again Saturday was beautiful as it is every Saturday I work! But as to thinking I should try to have the evening off I went in as let’s be honest I spend six days with conversations that include: why we can’t bite, why throwing rocks in your siblings direction isn’t ok and simply asking why! I need a break! Which is completely why I started waitressing one day a week in the first place but man that vitamin D can make me feel like I don’t!
So a few things around here that make me think “Hmm?! First S and going potty or what seems every few months her lack or desire to find it! We are currently in the lack of period. It’s the oddest thing to me. I’ve made many amazing excuses for her. Including that I stress her out, that she’s too involved in her play, or that she drank way too much today! I mean really plain and simple S does what she wants when she wants and going potty on the potty isn’t any different! The best is my threatening to go buy baby diapers! Ha! she was like “no I only wear princess underwear!” Three hours later she is playing in the ginormous mound of dirt in our back yard and I see that eye watering look. I say you have to pee! RUN inside! She says “oh no I just did on the hill, I’m just a little damp”. Dad helped her with the finish and changing as I had to walk away. How do you get upset…it’s pee and she’s three! If at sixteen I’m still blogging on this we have a problem!
S and sleeping is another subject I would like to touch on. So yesterday we were at a fun little parachute play time. I was trying to explain without talking thru my teeth to S and K to let them know it was time to leave this little girl started to say “they aren’t coming!”. After her third time…I start to think first I don’t know you and where is your parent and second don’t provide me information I already know. And you know what third I’m sure you listen all the time to your parents! Lol! I’m totally nuts but it felt like I was in a commercial. Anyway her grandma came over saying all I was thinking to her which of course made me feel better. Well we started to talk and she said “yeah it’s a bit different now that we don’t do nap.” I shrieked at this and thought well she has to be like five so I guess it makes sense. So I calmly asked “how old is she?” I couldn’t believe when she said “THREE”. This can’t be I need a good two more years of naps. As I thought about what she was saying I thought “oh my, some of this has just started in our house!” Going to sleep at nap takes about an hour of singing and stories with herself and bedtime is the same. Well we finally got ourselves home and the events that occurred yesterday especially last night have made me adjust nap plans starting today!
7:30pm came last night and S and K were ready to head up to bed. Joe and I had to lay out some of the details of the renovations outside. We got them both down waited ten minutes all was quiet so we proceeded to go outside. Well about ten minutes later I’m holding the measuring tape only to look over and see a little head looking out the door “Hi Mom!” It’s S! I screamed so loud! She giggled and ran outside! She proceeded to stand on the edge of our deck waving her arm all crazy yelling “Hi Dad!”. I at first ignored and continued with the measuring thinking “ok it’s light out how do I make her go to bed?”. Then she says “ok I’m going to bed” so we say “goodnight”. Well I watch and all of a sudden notice the fridge open and all I can see is a little arm reaching up for something. She comes back out. I Knew it wasn’t as easy as her going alone. She’s back waving like crazy at us saying “Hi, what are you guys doing?” I said Joe she looks like a drunk, nosy neighbor on her porch trying to talk to us! We laughed and she responded “your happy now mom, your proud of me?” I almost died. I thought is this kid for real?! Before I escorted her to bed she went for a quick jog in the yard. Just as I started to say ” watch out for the poop” it was on her sock. She says “good call mom!” I said “let’s go, socks off and to bed you go!” I heard from her this morning at 7am. Which was awesome as 6 has been the get up time for S for some time now. Today I had her stay up an hour later than normal at nap and I’m only letting her sleep an hour and a half. I will let you know how bed tonight goes!

I have to quick mention the awesome craft we did this weekend it was paint filled shells on canvas! I strongly urge all parents of toddlers to start carefully cracking their eggs and washing the shells. I only used four colors for each and they probably would have loved to do about ten more each as at three they were just getting the hang of it!






Anything To Keep It Fun!

TGIF! Well Friday has arrived and as I mentioned in my previous post the weather has been less than stellar here for us. Joe has been working on getting a few clients homes ready for summer and our final blueprint done so it’s been the kiddos, me and the three pups until just before bed this week. So this has meant indoor play, baths when they fit in, meals that are nutritious yet fun!
Yesterday after nap with the yard to messy to go enjoy and just deciding we are signing the kids up for preschool kick/hit/throw I thought let’s get the balls out and practice our kicking and bouncing skills! S and K loved it we had balls flying all over the place. Off the ceiling, couch, windows, pretty much everywhere! This went on for a good forty-five minutes. S did say at bed “good thing dad wasn’t home as we would have been in BIG trouble. Especially if we broke a frame!” I said “yes” she then said “I would tell him we were just having fun. It’s not a big deal it was an accident!” No frames were broke so she didn’t have the opportunity to explain anything to him:)
The pups have been cooped up too so the kids and I made them treats! Peanut Butter Coconut Oil! Now I just need to keep them in a spot that we all remember they are for the pups;)
Imagine this I actually followed this recipe to a T!
Today I really wanted to make some breakfast applesauce cookies as K thinks snacks all day is 100% a diet suited for him! With this being said I’m working towards cutting out mid morning and afternoon snack or at least having the amount very limited. Well as we gathered items I realized I was out of whole wheat flour and raisins! Ugh! I guess we will create this weekend:(
We do however have an abundance of blue painters tape so…spiders web and throwing crumbled construction paper aka spiders at it will be fun! It was, Sid loved the feeling of accomplishment when they stuck! K still throws so the item in hand goes behind him so we moved on to my next when all else fails fun!
I will note I didn’t really follow the links directions just knew I had tape and a doorway and ran with it:)
I keep all yogurt, cottage cheese, and applesauce plastic containers. These are great for bowling, stacking, ball toss, pretend grocery store, really so many types of play! Such a fun, always on hand game for two and three year olds!
I’m sure the section of my blog you all read for…what madness has happened or in other words what is reality of staying home with your toddlers! As it truly isn’t butterflies and sunflowers…98% of the time!
S is 100% my best friend but she is 100% her dad when it comes to doing 16 things at once! For example she will be enjoying a book via the iPad while K is watching a show she will stop and let us know what she doesn’t like about the show and also mention the song playing on our kitchen music system is her favorite. Or when in the car with her headphones on she looks to be in a daze watching a show but oh no, she is multi tasking. As a favorite song of mine will come on and she will say “mom is this your song?” Any response I give she replies “no, it’s mine. Don’t sing it I am!” Umm excuse me if I want to belt out “All of Me” I don’t need you telling me no and singing it over me! The funny thing is she is usually particular only singing “girl songs” but if it’s my favorite the theory goes out the window! Lol! K on the other hand just randomly yells out “I don’t care, I love it!” He kills me with his timing of randomness! His other favorite thing is to roll his eyes. I mean full on look of disgust and annoyance! We were at the grocery store and a women said hi he looked her up and down, rolled his eyes and turned the other way! I mean who does he think he is! I apologized and said “so fun at this age, huh?!”
Well I hope all of your weekends are great! Looking forward to fun spring/mothers day crafts and fresh air next week!

Am I Raising a 3 Year Old or Creating a Nanny?

The weather has been all over the board around here which has been good and bad. We meaning I need the vitamin D and S and K need the fresh air but when you live in the Midwest weather is often a coin toss. So we are rolling with it here!
This week a few occurrences have happened making me question if S is my daughter, K’s sister, or our Nanny! Or potentially all three! K on the other hand has been a true pterodactyl!
S and K were reading K’s truck book. Which his obsession for learning and understanding each type and how they work is amazing to me. This eagerness to learn always makes us smile! Anyway, as he was reading S wanted to take over the managerial role and K wasn’t having it. I now hear S say “Remember what we talked about K…sharing!, if you don’t share I will take it away!” I almost died then thought oh my she is a mini me! YIKES!
Then today K woke from nap screeching I was in my room when I hear S yell “MOM!” thinking oh boy both my crazy babies are up it’s go time. She opens her door and says “Mom! Are you ok?” I reply “yes, why?” She says “Well what is he crying about? Should I check on him?” I said “how old are you anyway?!” These are just a few of the times these past couple days that I have to sit and take a minute to first appreciate the fact that she is absorbing what we say to her but then I’m also thinking crap my three year old is going on thirty!
K lately has been on the crazy baby train! When I say train I’m referring to the pterodactyl train! This guy has went from our quiet, shy, innocent cutie patootie to a climbing, roaring, demanding pterodactyl! Loves to say no, tell S to be good, do EVERYTHING himself, and when dad comes home I become completely invisible and can’t do a thing for him! Did I mention the tantrums? Oh my I guess terrible twos is holding true for this little guy!
I guess having S do terrible threes and K have terrible twos is going to result in two things…Complete madness every day for the next year which in turn means mommy’s wine consumption will increase at bed drastically too over this next year. All I will say on this matter is three and four is going to be great and can’t come soon enough!

I hope to do more then paint wood frames this week so check back in a few days! Happy Wednesday!