Am I Raising a 3 Year Old or Creating a Nanny?

The weather has been all over the board around here which has been good and bad. We meaning I need the vitamin D and S and K need the fresh air but when you live in the Midwest weather is often a coin toss. So we are rolling with it here!
This week a few occurrences have happened making me question if S is my daughter, K’s sister, or our Nanny! Or potentially all three! K on the other hand has been a true pterodactyl!
S and K were reading K’s truck book. Which his obsession for learning and understanding each type and how they work is amazing to me. This eagerness to learn always makes us smile! Anyway, as he was reading S wanted to take over the managerial role and K wasn’t having it. I now hear S say “Remember what we talked about K…sharing!, if you don’t share I will take it away!” I almost died then thought oh my she is a mini me! YIKES!
Then today K woke from nap screeching I was in my room when I hear S yell “MOM!” thinking oh boy both my crazy babies are up it’s go time. She opens her door and says “Mom! Are you ok?” I reply “yes, why?” She says “Well what is he crying about? Should I check on him?” I said “how old are you anyway?!” These are just a few of the times these past couple days that I have to sit and take a minute to first appreciate the fact that she is absorbing what we say to her but then I’m also thinking crap my three year old is going on thirty!
K lately has been on the crazy baby train! When I say train I’m referring to the pterodactyl train! This guy has went from our quiet, shy, innocent cutie patootie to a climbing, roaring, demanding pterodactyl! Loves to say no, tell S to be good, do EVERYTHING himself, and when dad comes home I become completely invisible and can’t do a thing for him! Did I mention the tantrums? Oh my I guess terrible twos is holding true for this little guy!
I guess having S do terrible threes and K have terrible twos is going to result in two things…Complete madness every day for the next year which in turn means mommy’s wine consumption will increase at bed drastically too over this next year. All I will say on this matter is three and four is going to be great and can’t come soon enough!

I hope to do more then paint wood frames this week so check back in a few days! Happy Wednesday!

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