Anything To Keep It Fun!

TGIF! Well Friday has arrived and as I mentioned in my previous post the weather has been less than stellar here for us. Joe has been working on getting a few clients homes ready for summer and our final blueprint done so it’s been the kiddos, me and the three pups until just before bed this week. So this has meant indoor play, baths when they fit in, meals that are nutritious yet fun!
Yesterday after nap with the yard to messy to go enjoy and just deciding we are signing the kids up for preschool kick/hit/throw I thought let’s get the balls out and practice our kicking and bouncing skills! S and K loved it we had balls flying all over the place. Off the ceiling, couch, windows, pretty much everywhere! This went on for a good forty-five minutes. S did say at bed “good thing dad wasn’t home as we would have been in BIG trouble. Especially if we broke a frame!” I said “yes” she then said “I would tell him we were just having fun. It’s not a big deal it was an accident!” No frames were broke so she didn’t have the opportunity to explain anything to him:)
The pups have been cooped up too so the kids and I made them treats! Peanut Butter Coconut Oil! Now I just need to keep them in a spot that we all remember they are for the pups;)
Imagine this I actually followed this recipe to a T!
Today I really wanted to make some breakfast applesauce cookies as K thinks snacks all day is 100% a diet suited for him! With this being said I’m working towards cutting out mid morning and afternoon snack or at least having the amount very limited. Well as we gathered items I realized I was out of whole wheat flour and raisins! Ugh! I guess we will create this weekend:(
We do however have an abundance of blue painters tape so…spiders web and throwing crumbled construction paper aka spiders at it will be fun! It was, Sid loved the feeling of accomplishment when they stuck! K still throws so the item in hand goes behind him so we moved on to my next when all else fails fun!
I will note I didn’t really follow the links directions just knew I had tape and a doorway and ran with it:)
I keep all yogurt, cottage cheese, and applesauce plastic containers. These are great for bowling, stacking, ball toss, pretend grocery store, really so many types of play! Such a fun, always on hand game for two and three year olds!
I’m sure the section of my blog you all read for…what madness has happened or in other words what is reality of staying home with your toddlers! As it truly isn’t butterflies and sunflowers…98% of the time!
S is 100% my best friend but she is 100% her dad when it comes to doing 16 things at once! For example she will be enjoying a book via the iPad while K is watching a show she will stop and let us know what she doesn’t like about the show and also mention the song playing on our kitchen music system is her favorite. Or when in the car with her headphones on she looks to be in a daze watching a show but oh no, she is multi tasking. As a favorite song of mine will come on and she will say “mom is this your song?” Any response I give she replies “no, it’s mine. Don’t sing it I am!” Umm excuse me if I want to belt out “All of Me” I don’t need you telling me no and singing it over me! The funny thing is she is usually particular only singing “girl songs” but if it’s my favorite the theory goes out the window! Lol! K on the other hand just randomly yells out “I don’t care, I love it!” He kills me with his timing of randomness! His other favorite thing is to roll his eyes. I mean full on look of disgust and annoyance! We were at the grocery store and a women said hi he looked her up and down, rolled his eyes and turned the other way! I mean who does he think he is! I apologized and said “so fun at this age, huh?!”
Well I hope all of your weekends are great! Looking forward to fun spring/mothers day crafts and fresh air next week!

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