Things That Make Mom Go Hmmm…

Wow the weekend seemed to fly by and once again Saturday was beautiful as it is every Saturday I work! But as to thinking I should try to have the evening off I went in as let’s be honest I spend six days with conversations that include: why we can’t bite, why throwing rocks in your siblings direction isn’t ok and simply asking why! I need a break! Which is completely why I started waitressing one day a week in the first place but man that vitamin D can make me feel like I don’t!
So a few things around here that make me think “Hmm?! First S and going potty or what seems every few months her lack or desire to find it! We are currently in the lack of period. It’s the oddest thing to me. I’ve made many amazing excuses for her. Including that I stress her out, that she’s too involved in her play, or that she drank way too much today! I mean really plain and simple S does what she wants when she wants and going potty on the potty isn’t any different! The best is my threatening to go buy baby diapers! Ha! she was like “no I only wear princess underwear!” Three hours later she is playing in the ginormous mound of dirt in our back yard and I see that eye watering look. I say you have to pee! RUN inside! She says “oh no I just did on the hill, I’m just a little damp”. Dad helped her with the finish and changing as I had to walk away. How do you get upset…it’s pee and she’s three! If at sixteen I’m still blogging on this we have a problem!
S and sleeping is another subject I would like to touch on. So yesterday we were at a fun little parachute play time. I was trying to explain without talking thru my teeth to S and K to let them know it was time to leave this little girl started to say “they aren’t coming!”. After her third time…I start to think first I don’t know you and where is your parent and second don’t provide me information I already know. And you know what third I’m sure you listen all the time to your parents! Lol! I’m totally nuts but it felt like I was in a commercial. Anyway her grandma came over saying all I was thinking to her which of course made me feel better. Well we started to talk and she said “yeah it’s a bit different now that we don’t do nap.” I shrieked at this and thought well she has to be like five so I guess it makes sense. So I calmly asked “how old is she?” I couldn’t believe when she said “THREE”. This can’t be I need a good two more years of naps. As I thought about what she was saying I thought “oh my, some of this has just started in our house!” Going to sleep at nap takes about an hour of singing and stories with herself and bedtime is the same. Well we finally got ourselves home and the events that occurred yesterday especially last night have made me adjust nap plans starting today!
7:30pm came last night and S and K were ready to head up to bed. Joe and I had to lay out some of the details of the renovations outside. We got them both down waited ten minutes all was quiet so we proceeded to go outside. Well about ten minutes later I’m holding the measuring tape only to look over and see a little head looking out the door “Hi Mom!” It’s S! I screamed so loud! She giggled and ran outside! She proceeded to stand on the edge of our deck waving her arm all crazy yelling “Hi Dad!”. I at first ignored and continued with the measuring thinking “ok it’s light out how do I make her go to bed?”. Then she says “ok I’m going to bed” so we say “goodnight”. Well I watch and all of a sudden notice the fridge open and all I can see is a little arm reaching up for something. She comes back out. I Knew it wasn’t as easy as her going alone. She’s back waving like crazy at us saying “Hi, what are you guys doing?” I said Joe she looks like a drunk, nosy neighbor on her porch trying to talk to us! We laughed and she responded “your happy now mom, your proud of me?” I almost died. I thought is this kid for real?! Before I escorted her to bed she went for a quick jog in the yard. Just as I started to say ” watch out for the poop” it was on her sock. She says “good call mom!” I said “let’s go, socks off and to bed you go!” I heard from her this morning at 7am. Which was awesome as 6 has been the get up time for S for some time now. Today I had her stay up an hour later than normal at nap and I’m only letting her sleep an hour and a half. I will let you know how bed tonight goes!

I have to quick mention the awesome craft we did this weekend it was paint filled shells on canvas! I strongly urge all parents of toddlers to start carefully cracking their eggs and washing the shells. I only used four colors for each and they probably would have loved to do about ten more each as at three they were just getting the hang of it!






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