Lisenby Week in Review

Happy Friday! I am happy we made it to today as this week has been all over the board! With the kids, projects, and business endeavors of my own! At the end of the day there have been deep breaths and remembering that they are only toddlers once so enjoy the highs and the lows and it’s all in how I manage both levels.
A few things I wanted to share that we did earlier this week! Joe built us new garden boxes as our old garden which was the size of a single car garage will soon be Joe’s shop/garage. I’m happy we have down sized as we are not farmers which I know we don’t need to be to garden but honestly my thumb is the lightest shade of green! But I’m learning and really enjoying it! So here are a few pics of our two boxes with beans and onions via seed, bell and jalapeño peppers in one and tomatoes in the other. We added strawberries to the sides of our grape and raspberry bushes. Which I chopped one down while weeding last year, hence the shade of green:(



As the weather has warmed up I thought now was a good opportunity for the kids to go thru their 200 stuffed animals. This isn’t a joke these two get them ALL the time and I feel like E.T in the closet scene! So as to packing up and donating to a large donation center we have decided we are going to donate our two garbage bags full of animals to the local sheriffs department to have in their vehicles to provide to children they come in contact with.
Books are another over abundance item we have so we went thru these and all books that weren’t age appropriate we put in a bag to bring to our pediatricians office to put in each of their rooms.
I’m very proud of S and K as they love their books and animals but learning to give is something that means a lot to my husband and I as it really is so much more than giving.
We made a few new breakfast items this week. Including breakfast cookies and applesauce whole wheat pancakes! The cookies the kids enjoy…Joe said they are terrible and I after five thought they weren’t bad and stopped trying to figure out ways to jazz up! As they are for S and K and as S said “mom they are pretty good”. So we have kept as snack. The pancakes were fantastic! Totally out of a box but so what so good! I will also mention for any cookies/cupcakes I’m a huge fan of using my mini cupcake pan as the result is the perfect size snack for toddlers!
For crafts we were pretty laid back this week! K painted a frame and S did a Mothers Day mug with Sharpie’s! Both turned out cute! Both were SUPER easy and age appropriate!



Well it’s beautiful out so we wish everyone a great day and all our Mom’s out there a wonderful Mother’s Day! Thank you for all you do!

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