Toddlers take on Napping and Potty

There are a few things I wanted to check back in with you on. Including nap time and potty training with S.
Nap to start has been a little all over the board with S. I have decided we just have to try different things as she is three and definitely needs the rest but I think maybe a smaller window of time. So for the past week I have determined our nap each day based on a few things…1. What time did she wake? 2. What do we have planned for next 24 hours 3. Her temperament that day. So far we have we have done nap in her bed two days but just a shorter window, nap one day on sofa and two days nap has been on the road due to play dates and her waking at 5:45a.m. by 11 she couldn’t stand to be up! In regards to naps I have come to the conclusion we are all so different and I’m honestly ok with each day being different. So if you are at this point I say give a few things a whirl before determining what’s best for your little one!!
As far as potty training this past weekend was kind of a breaking point as she had three accidents with Joe Saturday and one Sunday. Joe was ready for pull ups but I can’t just give up especially as I felt she was doing well before so something has changed. I was determined to fix this. But first I called the person I reference when I am questioning my parenting skills or direction I’m taking…my mom! She raised four of us and we turned out pretty good, I think:) her advice take the stress out and do pull ups. S cried when I said this was the game plan as my mom said you are the parents! Well S and I talked and our deal is any accidents except of course at night and we go back in pull ups or if it’s an argument to go. She agreed and I’m happy to report we have been dry since Sunday evening. She has only woke up one morning damp so of course I have praised a ton and done my silly happy dance which only your kids can appreciate! Fingers crossed that all she needed was encouraging and reminding which we will continue to do!

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