Construction and Restruction

As promised I wanted to keep you in the loop on progress of the shop and other fun projects going on over here!
In a matter of just over three weeks we have the structure of the shop up. We next will do the sheeting which should take a day if all goes well. We had some of the out cropping dropped off and Joe placed it. We are still deciding what stain we will use as our original colors once on the wood we weren’t in love with so that’s a focus this upcoming week!


On to my restruction!  I mentioned before I have been collecting pieces go furniture to make over or do some restruction on but sanding has honestly been the most I’ve done until these past three days.  I can now add clamps and wood glue to my list of tools that aren’t just out there for men to use!  As I took on the desk joe brought home a few months back and due to lack of garage space found itself in various places where it got all nice and rusty and looked like the fire pit was the best home for it.  I daily eye it up knowing there’s something I can do as I have kids that love to color and craft! So three days ago I grabbed my hand sander and went to town!  Turning rust to silver again is the weirdest yet one of those rewarding things you can’t explain but love!  I’m pretty sure the pipe was home to a family of bees as they wouldn’t stop!  My German shepherd was jumping at the them like a crazy dog!  Anyway, I got my hands on my chalkboard paint. As well as my chalk paints and got painting.  My vision was kid friendly but fun!  I love these two colors and will work for the playroom but might be a tad too carnival theme for anywhere else!  As you will notice I have my clamp on the seat…halfway through sanding the seat back and two end slabs just fell off the desk!  Hence the mentioning of wood glue!  So here you have my first restruction project!



So on to the next project!  Barbie Dollhouse for S for Christmas!  My dad will do the build, I will decorate!  I provided the house size/dimensions!  Dad’s way quicker than I with the saw!  Hope to have rough house to show next week!

Have a great weekend!

Lisenby Week In Review

Ok so I haven’t been providing my standard reviews lately…this end of summer starting school has really been tricky for me to get a grip of!  Lol!  I remember when I was younger waking up for school was killer so much so that I would wear my school outfit to bed so I could roll out of bed, brush my teeth and jump in the car!  I’m seriously fifteen years later and two kids considering wearing my next day attire to bed when S has school!  Further more it’s to the point that I have no shame in allowing S to dress herself for school.  Let me tell you that must mean I’m over tired as I can’t stand when kids look like little hot messes anywhere but especially at paid for programs!  I mean if I put the effort in to enrolling you then I need to put the effort in to rolling you in to something cute to wear to it!  But this week I really have taken the view of I’m tired and sure I will let you express your sense of style today!  K on the other hand would prefer I let him wear his fleece zip up footed jammies’ all day, every day!  But I have gotten him dressed half decent.  The only thing he’s missing is a good brush as his hair has been a bit cray-cray but he’s a boy with a sweet smile so he can pull it off.

I will tell you the first day of school S was done up like she was born to be treated and look like a princess.  Have I mentioned she truly believes she is either Ariel or Aurora.  K of course is always Prince Eric.  Anyway, the weekend prior we went for our manicure and pedicures.  The first day she went to the salon first thing for a quick trim and style and thankfully she wore the dress I wished; which is a rare thing!  Now week three and it’s all slipping rather quickly!  What’s next I allow her to simply wear her silk Disney princess pajamas and light up gym shoes through the Montessori doors!   They really will think either I’ve lost it or given up the fight of holding my ground on what’s school/out of the house appropriate and what’s not.  I mean I do allow them to wear their Ariel and Grand Canyon Ranger outfits grocery shopping…that’s appropriate as its mid week/mid day and all the elderly think they are adorable all dressed up!


My parents and I took S and K to our Corn Fest…yes we do this type of thing in the mid west!  Guess what it was a great time!  Free corn on the cob and spending fifty dollars for S and K to experience carnival rides and having their faces painted!  So worth every penny!  We went on Sunday so it was dead which meant they were able to ride all rides with no wait and then watch what seemed to be the longest parade of our lives!  They loved every minute of it.  I remember doing a lot of fun things with my family as a kid but carnival/theme parks I really can’t say was one of them.  Seeing their faces with a mix of fear and over joy was so great!  Did I mention they had my mom do the potato sack slides with them!  She says she didn’t want to but the pictures say otherwise!


Crafts have been on the rise over here!  The weather took a crazy turn and has been rather cool.  But, I wouldn’t expect anything less!  With that being said I have welcomed fall decorating with open arms.  Joe had to remind me it was September and maybe I was pushing it with my thanksgiving crafts already so I thought well as long as the porch screams Halloween we are good…right?!  I’m almost done with the porch but here are pics so far.  I’ve also included my thanksgiving decoration start!


The shop is coming along nicely and I will get an update with pictures this weekend to you!  I also refinished an old school desk I will get up for you to check out!  I’m sure there are three hundred other things I need to share but for this evening I will leave it at this!  Have a great night and be well!



When Will Sleep Be Appropriate?

I’m not sure what is up these days but between nightmares and simply waking up at random hours these two have provided Joe and I with little sleep lately.  This has led Joe to increase his morning cup of coffee from two to three and I am just going with it!

We moved S into a big bed a few weeks ago. Which had her switch rooms and K went in to her toddler bed.  I honestly thought all would be easy peasy as S was allowed more animals in her bed and K is just a great sleeper, once in he passes out.  Well I was wrong…

S has woken up these past two weeks every other night having crazy dreams!  First she told me there was a bull head on her chair!  I said what is that as I didn’t think she knew what a bull was.  She said you know bigger than a cow with big horns and an earring in its nose!  I thought oh crap she does and I’m freaked imagining this in the room.  Then it was ghosts and witches flying around and last the triceratops on her dresser was moving its head and tail.  These are the extreme ones!  I remember being a kid and having nightmares but nothing like this!  So I thought what is she reading, watching, playing that is resulting in these dreams?  But I truly can’t figure it out.  The bull Joe said they talked about them months ago while driving and seeing some.  Halloween is just around the corner so witches, etc are on display.  We play dinosaurs often but none of this has been a bad experience so I’m still stumped.

K on the other hand is totally playing us!  Or should I say playing Joe!  Joe with all the shop work is exhausted and can’t do the cry out method. So K belts out a few cries every three nights and then finds himself a cozy spot in our bed!  A big UGH to this!  I love my kids but K loves to flail in his sleep so I’m often provided with feet to the ribs and smacks to the face throughout his precious sleep experience in our bed!

I just wonder when sleeping a sound night and by night I will take five hours even though I truly would love eight will be found appropriate?  I have even thought of trimming nap time…nope!  Keeping them up just a bit later…nope!  Making them run/jump/skip/dance the entire time we are up…nope!

One thing I can be sure of is this just like every other parenting complaint at the moment shall pass.  But one thing I know is I won’t miss this one!

Now its on to fall decorating, baby shower preparing, shop completing and enjoying all the moments these two crazy toddlers provide us!  Until next time, be well!

If My Kitchen Status Described My Day…


Well I don’t even know where to begin…this place has been a mad house plain and simple.  When I use the term mad house I truly mean it in so many ways!  Since my last check in a lot has happened.  Joe has the shop/2nd garage underway, S is reminding us she is three daily going on sixteen, K is trying to give us a heart attack climbing on EVERYTHING, and oh yeah we have become puppy sitters as much as friends and family are willing to share their furry friends with us!  Baking and cooking with our amazing garden fruits and vegetables and lastly, I sadly lost a cousin who was far to young to leave this beautiful world.  So, as said Mad House!wpid-20140824_170455.jpgwpid-20140824_165655.jpg wpid-20140813_165644.jpgwpid-20140813_155217.jpgwpid-20140825_141150.jpgwpid-20140825_132244.jpg

As far as construction goes…it’s well underway!  In three weeks Joe did the footings, block and framed.  This has meant very long days for both of us.  With Joe handling the work himself having sometimes one person here helping his body is exhausted.  With this being said we have decided we are going to complete the shop 100% and begin the home addition in spring!


S started pre-k last week at our local Montessori school and she absolutely loves it!  The once little sweet, kind, well-mannered, smart girl of ours is growing up and along with all her wonderful attributes comes one we are struggling to get a grip on…Her Mouth!  Holy Toledo have the past three weeks been rough.  From telling us she is sending us to Georgia to live, to saying she’s going to spank our butts, throw us in the garbage, or utilizing damn it when totally appropriate but it is so NOT appropriate!  I/We are excited to see a little different structure in our little princesses life.



The he kids and I have taken on a new love for our garden.  As our vegetables came in full force over these past few weeks.  We also had friends drop off about two pounds of blueberries to us.  We have been canning our grape tomatoes adding some fresh basil, oregano and thyme.  These little tastes of heaven have been great on just about everything or just to pop as a snack!  With our zucchini we made chips!  With the blueberries bread and cupcakes!  S and K love helping in the kitchen which always makes me happy!  They get just as passionate as I about what we are creating!

Well I look forward to checking back sooner than later.

One last note as I mentioned my cousin passed.  He was twenty-nine years old.  He passed of a blood clot in his lungs.  I would just ask that those of you following please stay ahead of your health.  Unfortunately, my cousin didn’t as well as being challenged with obesity.  Please take care of yourselves and those you are surrounded by.