When Will Sleep Be Appropriate?

I’m not sure what is up these days but between nightmares and simply waking up at random hours these two have provided Joe and I with little sleep lately.  This has led Joe to increase his morning cup of coffee from two to three and I am just going with it!

We moved S into a big bed a few weeks ago. Which had her switch rooms and K went in to her toddler bed.  I honestly thought all would be easy peasy as S was allowed more animals in her bed and K is just a great sleeper, once in he passes out.  Well I was wrong…

S has woken up these past two weeks every other night having crazy dreams!  First she told me there was a bull head on her chair!  I said what is that as I didn’t think she knew what a bull was.  She said you know bigger than a cow with big horns and an earring in its nose!  I thought oh crap she does and I’m freaked imagining this in the room.  Then it was ghosts and witches flying around and last the triceratops on her dresser was moving its head and tail.  These are the extreme ones!  I remember being a kid and having nightmares but nothing like this!  So I thought what is she reading, watching, playing that is resulting in these dreams?  But I truly can’t figure it out.  The bull Joe said they talked about them months ago while driving and seeing some.  Halloween is just around the corner so witches, etc are on display.  We play dinosaurs often but none of this has been a bad experience so I’m still stumped.

K on the other hand is totally playing us!  Or should I say playing Joe!  Joe with all the shop work is exhausted and can’t do the cry out method. So K belts out a few cries every three nights and then finds himself a cozy spot in our bed!  A big UGH to this!  I love my kids but K loves to flail in his sleep so I’m often provided with feet to the ribs and smacks to the face throughout his precious sleep experience in our bed!

I just wonder when sleeping a sound night and by night I will take five hours even though I truly would love eight will be found appropriate?  I have even thought of trimming nap time…nope!  Keeping them up just a bit later…nope!  Making them run/jump/skip/dance the entire time we are up…nope!

One thing I can be sure of is this just like every other parenting complaint at the moment shall pass.  But one thing I know is I won’t miss this one!

Now its on to fall decorating, baby shower preparing, shop completing and enjoying all the moments these two crazy toddlers provide us!  Until next time, be well!

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