Everyone ALWAYS Has an Something to Say!

As a mom of two toddlers I’m finding more and more people feel the need to provide their opinion of the perception of your life. I say perception because usually those providing their opinion are complete strangers. I most love when someone who appears to be around my age toting no children with them provide “the look”. You know the are those both yours, are you crazy look! Or that double ended comment “they must love you as their nanny!” This one gets me for a few reasons. Yes it’s very sweet of this stranger to think I couldn’t possibly be old enough to have two toddlers. There is also the are you crazy yourself to think I would choose to be bossed around by two toddlers all day?! Then you have the local shop that has a bowl of candies on the counter. When your toddler asks for a piece they respond “that’s not good for your teeth, have your mom buy you a beef stick!” I’m seriously laughing out loud at this as it just happened a few days ago and S looked at me so confused. I told her those were a treat for after lunch. Then I said take three we have your brother and cousin with! I know terrible but I was purchasing beef sticks as we always do along with our other beef and poultry items. Maybe they should have beef stick samples out as to the candy because I can guarantee my kids would love that treat! Anyway, one more on this same subject…don’t ask the parents with the kid standing right there if they can have candy or something sugary! Umm how do we say no now?! If I sit here for a bit I know I could provide more!
So with all this being said I have really started listening to myself lately! YIKES! I am so one of those people not to strangers more to friends or friends of friends! Sharing my opinion of what the inappropriate amount of McDonald’s is your two year old should consume or telling an expecting mother and father how not to make sure they allow their first born to be a kid! Which in my defense I am a mom and those that I usually say something like this to know me and know I too have faults or am saying these things as I have already been there. But some comments or suggestions are more of me concerned and only wanting the best for those I loves kids. McDonalds is crazy high in sodium alone along with so much more our little ones bellies don’t need. Of course any snack is ok in moderation or when it’s what option we have but when it’s a multiple times a week snack it’s now part of their diet. I feel the same about this as I do when I see a complete stranger thinking they are punishing their toddler by taking them out of a store into the cold with no hat, mittens or appropriate coat. Telling them you aren’t going to cry when you are cold outside! Who is the adult here? So your wondering if I had something to say. I did I was so sad for this little guy and thought what a POS adult the guy was. So he stood outside his car with the little boy cold and crying. I looked over and said you should at least put his hood up its too chilly out. He replied he won’t even keep his shoes on. I said I’m sure but that’s why you are the adult and he’s the child. He put his hood on! Some things are just common sense.
I guess my thought or wrap up is I do think it’s ok to have an opinion of others weather you do or don’t have little ones. But before you do say something make sure you aren’t coming across curt as I’m sure when you thought it your intention wasn’t to offend.
One last thing when you see a mom at a store and her little one is acting out understand if she packs up and leaves all her goods there she one didn’t get her shopping completed and two the little one got exactly what they wanted. So next time do as I do remind them we have all been there and it can only get better ūüėä

Two & Three Time to get Your Teeth Clean!

I know such a dork but it sounded so cute! ¬†Especially for a topic that I’ve heard horror stories from so many about. ¬†Clearly S and K are my children! They loved their first dentist visit! ¬†I love getting my teeth cleaned and these two were 100% in when the hygienists had bubble gum flavored everything for K and strawberry flavored everything for S! ¬†I went into the appointment thinking it would be a nightmare as mentioned I have honestly never heard of truly positive first time dentist visits. ¬†When they said they would go in rooms next to each other at the same time I wasn’t sure this would work. ¬†Who would I go with. ¬†Well it took about a second for S as she introduced herself and was on her way without me! ¬†So K and I went together. ¬†The hygienist was great explaining how things work letting him try and feel each tool. ¬†She got him into the chair by promising a ride. He was totally in when he saw the chair go up and down! ¬†I snuck to see S when he seemed comfortable. ¬†She had fancy sunglasses on and the dentist let me know when he asked for a high-five she said “I’m sorry I don’t do that”. ¬†He said “ok!” ¬†“How about a shake?” She said “no don’t do those either”. ¬†He said “ok”…”a big smile?” ¬†She gave him a big cheese! She’s such a handful! K was so intrigued by the mini binoculars on his glasses he didn’t have much to say! ¬†I’m happy to say both were told they have great looking teeth and no cavities! ¬†Music to a mom who stresses over teeth’s ears!!! They received a toy and sticker and we were on our merry way! ¬†S in the car says “mom when do I get to come here again? ¬†I really like this place!” ¬†Now I just need her/them to feel the same way come May!


For all moms and dad’s planning this big day my only suggestions are telling them prior they are going to get to see cool tools, there are boys and girls here (important for S), this is a place mommy’s and daddy’s go to keep their smile pretty, and if they have a favorite animal or blanket do bring it. Both mine had theirs and it was another good conversation piece for the hygienists! ¬†Happy Pearly Whites Little Ones!

As Promised!

OK it has taken me a few days longer than planned to get my crafts, renovations, etc. to you.  But here I am and excited to share!

As far as the shop addition Joe has been slowly wrapping this project up due to our wonderful yet drastic changing seasons here in the Midwest! ¬†I have such a love/hate relationship with changing seasons! ¬†Anyway, the sh/garage is coming along. ¬†I if you haven’t guessed am a bit inpatient and even though Joe works seven days sun up to down I still think he should be able to snap his fingers or create more time in each day to complete this project! ¬†But I also want him to spend any extra time head with us! ¬†I know I need to get it together! He currently has the back gable to finish, shingle and siding. ¬†We are struggling with picking our siding color. ¬†We love that grey worn old barn wood look. ¬†We had our siding milled it is spruce. ¬†I have been researching and wonder about a product called Eco Wood Treatment? ¬†I think we will get a gallon and see how it looks on a piece.

wpid-20141027_155448.jpg wpid-20141027_155606.jpg

Crafts are so fun to do this time of year! ¬†Fall crafts seem to all fit my homes style so maybe that’s why I love doing right now! ¬†I’ve made a few fun pumpkins to add to my collection. ¬†One is made from a dollar old school plastic pumpkin and the second I used a small foam pumpkin from the dollar store! ¬†As you can see I LOVE burlap.


(I forgot to grab a picture but I spray painted them dark blue)


(I used burlap to make a few flowers for embellishing)

I think they look great especially for the price!!


Having a two and three-year old and carving pumpkins doesn’t sound like all that safe for me to do alone. So doing pumpkin decorating that allows them to be as creative as they want and not result in either of them hurting themselves sounded much more fun to me this year! ¬†We were able to go to our friends farm and pick whatever pumpkins we wanted and could carry! ¬†So much fun! ¬†After picking it was all about paint and glitter! ¬†They turned out pretty cute!


My other big project is making S her first Barbie house! ¬†My fantastic dad built her this great house! ¬†I’m so excited I’ve actually struggled to make decisions as I want it to be perfect! ¬†I loved Barbie’s growing up and she has definitely been showing the same love! ¬†Here is the start of my project! ¬†Now I just need to stay focused so it’s complete for her to see Christmas morning!



Here are a few links for my crafts! ¬†I’m someone who tends to steer away from¬†directions and these are no exception. ¬†But in giving credit these are the great people/sites the original ideas came from!



Now I’m focusing¬†on other gifts for Christmas including a cork frame, tool table, and refinishing an old window! So excited! ¬†Check back soon and have a great rest of your Monday! ¬†Oh yeah and I look forward to telling you about our first dentist visit! A little nervous…


That’s Fine…I just won’t play with you then!

Says the little girl who lives with us and loves to manage all things when it comes to playing! ¬†If I hear this once in a day I’ve heard it twenty seven times from S to K. ¬†Typically the poor little guy just wants to play with his diggers and dozers but S needs someone to play Barbie dolls with her right now! ¬†She knows his sweet personality will give in if these words come out of her mouth! ¬†I started today each time I hear this getting down to her level and asking her when her friends say this how does it make her feel. The response weather 7:30am or 5:00pm is the exact same…SAD. In turn how does she think K feels hearing this? EXACTLY!!! SAD in case you didn’t catch where I was heading!! Which honestly either I started tuning it out or really after we discussed it did subside…for at least a few hours. ¬†Speaking of friends we have been hitting the books hard for a few weeks now! Lol! ¬†Ok I’m still struggling to get out the door in a timely fashion for pre-k for S!

But school for S is going well I had a moment or twenty after I dropped her off today with her fresh wavy hair from braiding it wet before bed last night and little purple slippers at Montessori it’s what they do. Anyway, I realized how these two days a week are truly changing my little girl. ¬†For one she has accepted that boys are actually ok to be friends with. ¬†That using colors other than pink and purple are ok and those other colors can be really fun too! ¬†If you get hurt yes it’s a big deal but if there’s no scratch or blood you are ok…ok after I wrote this one I realized that was likely Joe or I as she did get a pretty good rug burn today and I asked what did the teacher do…she said one asked what she could do to make it better if anything, S said she told her no then her other teacher asked if an Ariel freeze pack would help; which anything Ariel will make any problem better. ¬†Independence has also been showing up and the good I still love you mom but I’m three and will get ready for bed by myself and when done put my clothes in the hamper independence! ¬†Appreciating what those around do for her as tonight she went in the freezer to get a freeze pop and a glass mug fell out and shattered, after I swept it all up she said mom you really do a great job cleaning up messes I make! ¬†The list goes on and yes cracks me up as some of these things I truly have struggled to do well. ¬†I do think my personal wiring is still on corporate mode sometimes and as S comes home with these changes its making me realize there are so many great ways to handle situations and not everything has a direct, point-blank answer with toddlers. ¬†With deep breaths I move onto naps! ¬†Or the elimination of!


Since 615am at the latest was becoming S’s new wake up time I decided I had to take drastic measures! Lol! My only thought is she’s getting too much sleep between nap and night. So two weeks ago I held to my plan and cut out naps. By day three she was delirious and passed out five minutes in to quiet time! The days following waking up went from way early (for me) to between 730am and 830am! Yipee I don’t think I mentioned that on day four we went on a mini get away to a water park resort as the week before we had to cancel and reschedule our family Disney trip. So mom and I took the kids for a two night get away. More on that in a minute. Well this week has been going great. The past two mornings have been 7am which of course I’m hoping doesn’t stick but again anything is better than what we were at. I have done nap two times as she has been a mess and did I mention I have decided to move to a natural mood vitamin from prescription? More on this too but let’s say when the naps have happened it’s been necessary for both of us to be able to appreciate how wonderful our personalities are until dad arrives! So overall I’m very happy with my decision to take nap out of our routine for S. K still requires nap of some sort daily. On to our mini get away!

Well due to our businesses crazy busy schedule we decided to move our trip to Disney to January! Bummed at the time but then remembered its freezing here in January and S’s birthday is that month so it will be great! Anyway, giving the short version. Arrival day S and K thought that as we were getting ready to go to dinner they would check out the resort on their own leaving the room while I went to the bathroom and mom got her purse packed…Ten minutes later mom and I sweating, scared and angry these two were found giggling up a storm at the end of the hall. ¬†I was so upset both the panic and fury type of upset. As my mom and I said if Joe was here this would not have even been a thought…you know that dad’s presence is enough to keep you scared and honest! That evening and the following days were much better sure we had our moments but reminding myself they are two and three helped with these! ¬†I think the trip prepared us a bit more for our Disney trip and things I want to make sure I avoid. ¬†Most important they are two and three keep it simple. ¬†Doing every activity offered in the area is NOT necessary what is necessary is doing activities that are appropriate for the day. Like arrival day plan nothing but checking in to the resort and enjoying on property amenities. Try to do big activities every other day slipping in naps and low-key activities on the off days. Just these few things result in happy babies which I learned in San Diego a year ago but again only away two nights I wanted to do it all. ¬†The I part was the problem. ¬†I’m mom now it’s about what they can handle each day creating positive memories for all.


I have so much more to share from the shop to crafts to my decision to move off prescription mood changing meds and on to natural ones.  Please check back soon to hear all about!



And Then The Little Guy Spoke…

Ok yes K has been talking for what seems like forever but the talking of a toddler not a twelve-year-old that is trying to keep up with his sixteen year old sister!

I will first say he about a month ago started the dreadful “but why?”. ¬†I NEVER had this with S. ¬†I heard about it and read about it from many and fully expected but then S turned into more of a matter of fact, this IS why and I don’t need you to explain kind of kid! ¬†K on the other hand…he needs details about EVERYTHING! ¬†Last night was “but why is the moon following us?” After we just discussed the subject for about fifteen minutes! ¬†S at this point usually takes over letting K know her opinion. ¬†Which last night she was exhausted and said “the sun goes to sleep, now the moon is up to watch us, ok?” The conversation was over. ¬†He is intrigued about details of anything that has to do with construction especially the vehicles. ¬†He studies them and then plays. ¬†We recently have been getting library videos on how all caterpillar and john Deere equipment works and their uses!

The newest conversations/comments are the ones that have been not expected from our little guy. ¬†He loves to reply when I say something he disagrees with or is funny to him with “Oh My Gosh!” But that has turned into an him saying things like “Fine, you don’t let me then I will do myself!” ¬†For EVERYTHING! He can’t go help dad with the nail gun…”Fine I will climb the fence and go myself!” ¬†He wakes up and dad is already left for work not happy about this he tells me “Fine, I will go in the truck and drive it up north to daddy then!” ¬†He’s very serious about his threats. ¬†Which usually are really just his tough guy way of saying he wants to be close to us and he’s wiling to do whatever he has to in order to make them happen! ¬†Which I find pretty darn cute!


In other Lisenby news! ¬†The shop/garage is looking great! ¬†Due to Joe’s work schedule and being a one man crew these last few weeks have been slow-moving likely in most eyes but for us as long as it’s ready for winter and Joe isn’t completely burnt out we did it successfully!



Well so much more to share but it’s going to have to wait as K and S are pretending to be kitties and babies…that require ALOT of attention! ¬†Have a great Friday!