And Then The Little Guy Spoke…

Ok yes K has been talking for what seems like forever but the talking of a toddler not a twelve-year-old that is trying to keep up with his sixteen year old sister!

I will first say he about a month ago started the dreadful “but why?”.  I NEVER had this with S.  I heard about it and read about it from many and fully expected but then S turned into more of a matter of fact, this IS why and I don’t need you to explain kind of kid!  K on the other hand…he needs details about EVERYTHING!  Last night was “but why is the moon following us?” After we just discussed the subject for about fifteen minutes!  S at this point usually takes over letting K know her opinion.  Which last night she was exhausted and said “the sun goes to sleep, now the moon is up to watch us, ok?” The conversation was over.  He is intrigued about details of anything that has to do with construction especially the vehicles.  He studies them and then plays.  We recently have been getting library videos on how all caterpillar and john Deere equipment works and their uses!

The newest conversations/comments are the ones that have been not expected from our little guy.  He loves to reply when I say something he disagrees with or is funny to him with “Oh My Gosh!” But that has turned into an him saying things like “Fine, you don’t let me then I will do myself!”  For EVERYTHING! He can’t go help dad with the nail gun…”Fine I will climb the fence and go myself!”  He wakes up and dad is already left for work not happy about this he tells me “Fine, I will go in the truck and drive it up north to daddy then!”  He’s very serious about his threats.  Which usually are really just his tough guy way of saying he wants to be close to us and he’s wiling to do whatever he has to in order to make them happen!  Which I find pretty darn cute!


In other Lisenby news!  The shop/garage is looking great!  Due to Joe’s work schedule and being a one man crew these last few weeks have been slow-moving likely in most eyes but for us as long as it’s ready for winter and Joe isn’t completely burnt out we did it successfully!



Well so much more to share but it’s going to have to wait as K and S are pretending to be kitties and babies…that require ALOT of attention!  Have a great Friday!




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