As Promised!

OK it has taken me a few days longer than planned to get my crafts, renovations, etc. to you.  But here I am and excited to share!

As far as the shop addition Joe has been slowly wrapping this project up due to our wonderful yet drastic changing seasons here in the Midwest!  I have such a love/hate relationship with changing seasons!  Anyway, the sh/garage is coming along.  I if you haven’t guessed am a bit inpatient and even though Joe works seven days sun up to down I still think he should be able to snap his fingers or create more time in each day to complete this project!  But I also want him to spend any extra time head with us!  I know I need to get it together! He currently has the back gable to finish, shingle and siding.  We are struggling with picking our siding color.  We love that grey worn old barn wood look.  We had our siding milled it is spruce.  I have been researching and wonder about a product called Eco Wood Treatment?  I think we will get a gallon and see how it looks on a piece.

wpid-20141027_155448.jpg wpid-20141027_155606.jpg

Crafts are so fun to do this time of year!  Fall crafts seem to all fit my homes style so maybe that’s why I love doing right now!  I’ve made a few fun pumpkins to add to my collection.  One is made from a dollar old school plastic pumpkin and the second I used a small foam pumpkin from the dollar store!  As you can see I LOVE burlap.


(I forgot to grab a picture but I spray painted them dark blue)


(I used burlap to make a few flowers for embellishing)

I think they look great especially for the price!!


Having a two and three-year old and carving pumpkins doesn’t sound like all that safe for me to do alone. So doing pumpkin decorating that allows them to be as creative as they want and not result in either of them hurting themselves sounded much more fun to me this year!  We were able to go to our friends farm and pick whatever pumpkins we wanted and could carry!  So much fun!  After picking it was all about paint and glitter!  They turned out pretty cute!


My other big project is making S her first Barbie house!  My fantastic dad built her this great house!  I’m so excited I’ve actually struggled to make decisions as I want it to be perfect!  I loved Barbie’s growing up and she has definitely been showing the same love!  Here is the start of my project!  Now I just need to stay focused so it’s complete for her to see Christmas morning!



Here are a few links for my crafts!  I’m someone who tends to steer away from directions and these are no exception.  But in giving credit these are the great people/sites the original ideas came from!

Now I’m focusing on other gifts for Christmas including a cork frame, tool table, and refinishing an old window! So excited!  Check back soon and have a great rest of your Monday!  Oh yeah and I look forward to telling you about our first dentist visit! A little nervous…


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