Two & Three Time to get Your Teeth Clean!

I know such a dork but it sounded so cute!  Especially for a topic that I’ve heard horror stories from so many about.  Clearly S and K are my children! They loved their first dentist visit!  I love getting my teeth cleaned and these two were 100% in when the hygienists had bubble gum flavored everything for K and strawberry flavored everything for S!  I went into the appointment thinking it would be a nightmare as mentioned I have honestly never heard of truly positive first time dentist visits.  When they said they would go in rooms next to each other at the same time I wasn’t sure this would work.  Who would I go with.  Well it took about a second for S as she introduced herself and was on her way without me!  So K and I went together.  The hygienist was great explaining how things work letting him try and feel each tool.  She got him into the chair by promising a ride. He was totally in when he saw the chair go up and down!  I snuck to see S when he seemed comfortable.  She had fancy sunglasses on and the dentist let me know when he asked for a high-five she said “I’m sorry I don’t do that”.  He said “ok!”  “How about a shake?” She said “no don’t do those either”.  He said “ok”…”a big smile?”  She gave him a big cheese! She’s such a handful! K was so intrigued by the mini binoculars on his glasses he didn’t have much to say!  I’m happy to say both were told they have great looking teeth and no cavities!  Music to a mom who stresses over teeth’s ears!!! They received a toy and sticker and we were on our merry way!  S in the car says “mom when do I get to come here again?  I really like this place!”  Now I just need her/them to feel the same way come May!


For all moms and dad’s planning this big day my only suggestions are telling them prior they are going to get to see cool tools, there are boys and girls here (important for S), this is a place mommy’s and daddy’s go to keep their smile pretty, and if they have a favorite animal or blanket do bring it. Both mine had theirs and it was another good conversation piece for the hygienists!  Happy Pearly Whites Little Ones!

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