Everyone ALWAYS Has an Something to Say!

As a mom of two toddlers I’m finding more and more people feel the need to provide their opinion of the perception of your life. I say perception because usually those providing their opinion are complete strangers. I most love when someone who appears to be around my age toting no children with them provide “the look”. You know the are those both yours, are you crazy look! Or that double ended comment “they must love you as their nanny!” This one gets me for a few reasons. Yes it’s very sweet of this stranger to think I couldn’t possibly be old enough to have two toddlers. There is also the are you crazy yourself to think I would choose to be bossed around by two toddlers all day?! Then you have the local shop that has a bowl of candies on the counter. When your toddler asks for a piece they respond “that’s not good for your teeth, have your mom buy you a beef stick!” I’m seriously laughing out loud at this as it just happened a few days ago and S looked at me so confused. I told her those were a treat for after lunch. Then I said take three we have your brother and cousin with! I know terrible but I was purchasing beef sticks as we always do along with our other beef and poultry items. Maybe they should have beef stick samples out as to the candy because I can guarantee my kids would love that treat! Anyway, one more on this same subject…don’t ask the parents with the kid standing right there if they can have candy or something sugary! Umm how do we say no now?! If I sit here for a bit I know I could provide more!
So with all this being said I have really started listening to myself lately! YIKES! I am so one of those people not to strangers more to friends or friends of friends! Sharing my opinion of what the inappropriate amount of McDonald’s is your two year old should consume or telling an expecting mother and father how not to make sure they allow their first born to be a kid! Which in my defense I am a mom and those that I usually say something like this to know me and know I too have faults or am saying these things as I have already been there. But some comments or suggestions are more of me concerned and only wanting the best for those I loves kids. McDonalds is crazy high in sodium alone along with so much more our little ones bellies don’t need. Of course any snack is ok in moderation or when it’s what option we have but when it’s a multiple times a week snack it’s now part of their diet. I feel the same about this as I do when I see a complete stranger thinking they are punishing their toddler by taking them out of a store into the cold with no hat, mittens or appropriate coat. Telling them you aren’t going to cry when you are cold outside! Who is the adult here? So your wondering if I had something to say. I did I was so sad for this little guy and thought what a POS adult the guy was. So he stood outside his car with the little boy cold and crying. I looked over and said you should at least put his hood up its too chilly out. He replied he won’t even keep his shoes on. I said I’m sure but that’s why you are the adult and he’s the child. He put his hood on! Some things are just common sense.
I guess my thought or wrap up is I do think it’s ok to have an opinion of others weather you do or don’t have little ones. But before you do say something make sure you aren’t coming across curt as I’m sure when you thought it your intention wasn’t to offend.
One last thing when you see a mom at a store and her little one is acting out understand if she packs up and leaves all her goods there she one didn’t get her shopping completed and two the little one got exactly what they wanted. So next time do as I do remind them we have all been there and it can only get better 😊

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