I Think I Have A Case…

I think I have a case of bubbly mouth! Is what S tells me after bath this morning! Between comments like this and K multiple times utilizing “oh gosh!” In the appropriate context I am quickly realizing that these two are quite hysterical and I need to appreciate theses moments and even the moments when I think I might loose it they go by fast. A few weeks ago I mentioned turning to natural mood health vitamins from my prescription to manage the ever changing moods/personalities of being home with two toddlers.
Three weeks in to using the natural product which it is noted to take up to four weeks to notice a difference I felt myself loosing my cool over everything. I felt myself feeling like the mom I didn’t and don’t want to be. I am very fortunate to be able to stay home with S and K. But if I can’t be home and appreciate them and manage my emotions how was I a benefit to them. As to them going to a daycare where these people signed up to manage little ones and all that comes with their different personalities. I had to figure this out.
As a mom we are typically the rock in our little ones eyes but we too are human. It’s how we handle situations is in turn what provides our kids the tools they too need to handle situations tough or easy. How I was handling situations wasn’t how I wanted S and K to react to their peers or elderly so I made an appointment with a new local nurse practitioner as my doctor had retired weeks prior.
Before I get into my visit I do want to share what exactly was happening here at crazy town! I went from being a mom who was managing outbursts, freak outs, spazzing out whatever you want to call how our little ones react to different things throughout their day from sharing, to nap time, to simply getting dressed with an attitude that they are only two and three and I was holding firm on the 1-2-3 second rule. Or they had a favorite toy taken away for a period of time. So looking back I don’t know why I thought getting off my prescription was a good idea except that I thought I was to the point that I was able to manage these situations without. I had also read a lot about using natural products.
Week three I felt like I lost all those go to disciplinary actions. I was reacting to everything. S wanted to carry in a certain grocery and it was too big after the container started to open I was frustrated and took it. She threw a huge tantrum which I responded by letting her have it then she was whiny/cries that she needed help go potty which by this point I was making lunch and over it. As to helping her I started yelling at her to go alone. She was pleading which she is very able to do this alone but from tantrum right into this I’m sure is what caused it to be a huge deal. I continued to yell then scream to go as I wasn’t cleaning up an accident. Or both S and K turning the task of getting into car seats a game EVERY time we were getting in or out of the car. I found myself climbing around our truck talking through my teeth threatening spankings if they didn’t listen. Certain situations I did find myself giving a spanking out. Yelling, screaming, threatening, spanking! Who was I? I know a mom of toddlers but again weeks prior when it was to this point I had learned leave the room and take a breather or stick to the consequences of taking away a favorite item. Those things were working this was not! I noticed my two little ones feeding off my craziness. They started hitting each other or being rough around other little ones. The saying they are sponges and take all you say or do in is so very true. It was time to talk to someone.
My NP was great after talking a while she expressed how she had been here too and besides trying a new medication but I needed to get back in to things that were important to me including running which I was doing very little of, taking time for myself maybe going to the local coffee shop one night a week for an hour or two to read ALONE, she also mentioned MOPS (mothers of preschoolers). I knew even with Joe working seven days a week we had to figure this out. I also started taking a new prescription.
So far I am happy to say things have almost completely went back to normal. I started to run again, I ran in my first 10k this past weekend. I had a sitter come watch the kids so I could go spend some time with my mom and enjoy lunch with my brother and nephew and my uncle has taken the kids for me once so I could go Christmas decoration bargain shopping! I will continue to run and hope to do another 5k in two weeks and I’m talking to my local MOPS organizers to do a visit. As far as kids go I’m still working on the hitting of each other but it has decreased drastically. Now that I’m going to their level and talking as to yelling they are responding to requests much easier and quicker!
You may wonder why I thought writing and sharing this was necessary or appropriate. I will tell you there are a lot of moms, dads, step parents, and guardians out there that feel the overwhelming stress of being a parent and feeling helpless at times when their little ones act out. I in no way am saying natural mood health vitamins or a prescription are necessary. What I am saying is you are not the only one in the fight to be a great parent! Take a deep breath or five and keep staying positive and remember to take time for you. Weather you stay home or are part of corporate America life in general is stressful our little ones are going to push. You are the parent so remember your guidelines weather timeout or three second rule or whatever works in your home. In the end they will respond to you quicker when you are calm and collected rather than screaming and crazy! Thanking you and some day asking what worked for you when they are in your shoes! Until then let’s enjoy these crazy little ones that are the loves of our lives and more often then not have us smiling and laughing!

2 thoughts on “I Think I Have A Case…

  1. Amanda..This is a great post, it will help a lot of people..If you don’t care l will post on FB..I am just getting ready to leave with Greg and pick out our flooring..So when l come home l will post if it’s okay. I am so glad your feeling better..We will have a week to catch up soon at Mike and Connie’s..Love You Gail

    • Gail,
      Thank you I appreciate your feedback. I was hesitant to go here but thought at the end of the day it was good for me and those that might be in my shoes! I am feeling good and can’t wait for our visit!

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