The Holidays are Coming to an End!

How is it that we wait all year for one day and the excitement of that day goes so quick! I found myself sad about the day ending at 9am. Then again at 830pm. The initial thought or realization that Christmas Day is filled with so many great things. Yes at 715am S was up saying “I don’t think Santa came.” As she didn’t see any presents from the top of the stairs. She suggested we go down and feel around to see if there was any! K was still asleep so she assisted Joe on waking him which as to his normal grouchy wake up when not on his terms he was ecstatic as Santa might have come! We all went down the stairs and their eyes lit up as there WAS presents but first we had to go see if he ate the cookies and if Francesca and Frankie went back to the north pole with him! If I hadn’t mentioned previously Francesca and Frankie were the elves that arrived when we were in Georgia for Thanksgiving! Santa didn’t let them down crumbs and an empty cup of milk and notes from all three! Now back to the gifts!
Each of the kids received one big gift that wasn’t wrapped just covered with blankets but I told S they were furniture when we initially went downstairs so she told K to go sit on the little chair and she would hand out the gifts! Each did very well finding a spot on the couch and took turns opening gifts and sharing them with each other and excited with each others presents! The big gifts were an imaginarium train/car table and a Barbie house which I posted about a bit ago. S loved the house little does she know “Santa” aka Dad was up at 1230am putting the finishing touches on the stone fireplace and finishing up grouting two of the rooms! The things we do for our kids!

The house still has a lot of details to be added.  This will be an ongoing project as now that I see in her room and how she is using certain spaces I’m glad I didn’t finish it completely as the second bedroom for example is actually a really cute pet room so we will accessorize with this theme.  All lighting in the house works but I think we will add additional lights.  Everything except the lights, bed, toilet, and stove I made of old boxes/containers I had around the house!  The bath is made of an ice cream container and a bag of stones bought at the dollar store.  The bed side table is simply a tiny ball jar with fabric.  The kitchen table is a candle holder and painted piece of scrap wood.   Both kids had a great morning and immediately and since have played non stop with all their new gifts.  All stone/tile/carpet flooring I bought at Lowe’s on their clearance cart.  The wood floor is contact paper that looks like wood from the dollar store.  The Christmas tree and decorations I found at Goodwill.  The bed side lamp and christmas tree lights are also dollar store finds!  The fireplace Joe took stones from around our pond out back!


After all the excitement of two toddlers opening gifts it was coffee time and that’s when I initially thought WOW that seemed to fly by and in a few hours we would have fifteen guests arriving to celebrate this wonderful day with us! My sister, her husband and two boys are in the country from India which they weren’t last Christmas so I was excited to have them here to spend time together and of course my two other siblings with their families our parents and my aunt and uncle with their family! Just a day with loved ones which is what it is all about. But knowing it would be done so quick and then back to our normal routines made me feel a little bummed. Again, all that anticipation for this day and within fourteen hours it’s all over. Gifts were exchanged and Santa arrived to hand out more gifts and do some stories and singing with the kids! We served broccoli cheese soup, ham, vegetable casserole, sweet potato soufflé, and pumpkin and apple pie for dessert! Ugly sweaters are a fun tradition we have started and the adults do a white elephant gift exchange after dinner which is always a good laugh! We ended up with a shotgun toilet plunger.  After this is usually time for everyone to start packing up.  The kids are all pretty exhausted K actually passed out on the couch before dinner with his coat and hat on!  We read a bit in their beds with them and then it’s off to dreaming of all the wonderful things they did and received throughout the day!  After they are tucked in and fast asleep we plop on the couch and take a minute to appreciate all the wonderful moments we had with our loved ones.  Then I think “why can’t this day last just a bit longer?” Well it is what it is and appreciating the time we have with them and making that day a great one is all we can do and we definitely accomplished this so off to bed we went feeling lucky to have all we do.

I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday however you may have celebrated it!