Social Media Madness

Hello Everyone,

So as a stay at home mom with a now four year old and an almost three year old…he’s counting down the days!  I know many of us single, married, parents, grandparents utilize social media in one way or another.  With all the options out there I’m not sure how any one keeps up unless status updating is their full time career!  I have friends and family that fall in to all categories from single with kids to married with a full house to grandparents of one to twenty-one!

Last October when we planned our original family trip that was post-poned my mom and I went to Wisconsin Dells for a few days with the kids.  While I was away I decided to follow through on something I put a lot of thought in to.  Ending my social media relationship with Facebook.  A social website that has over one billion daily users.  I thought about the relationship I had with this site as many of us have it status updating directly to our phones throughout the day pulling the Nosey Norene out of all of us weather peeking at our desks via our phone in our desk drawer to not be caught doing non work or for me it was stopping me from spending quality time with S and K.  I would find myself sucked in to the feed for roughly ten minutes to twenty as of course someone post something intriguing so you have to go on their page to hear/read more!  I did consider removing the app from my phone as to canceling my account but then I was checking out the feed etc. in the evening when Joe and I would be hanging out.  As I’ve mentioned before Joe works a lot so when he is here my focus shouldn’t be what others have going on in their lives it should be what’s going on in our lives.  I was also finding so many people were using facebook as grounds to vent about the good, the bad, and the ugly that is going on in their lives.  I found people reaching out to me that I hadn’t heard from in ages and some the last I was connected with them wasn’t on the best terms so why do they care to connect with me now?  Many probably have an opinion of this but mine is the Nosey Norene factor.

Everyday people compare themselves to the next person weather at the grocery store or PTA meeting.  When we graduate high school we start the journey of becoming adults starting families and sharing these times with those close to us.  Those people we have started to cultivate relationships with.  I founds myself getting sucked in to people’s lives drama that had nothing to do with me in fact they were people that I didn’t have an active relationship with.  Then I found at times those friendships I had planned to keep for years to come sharing fun times with they would post a faux perception of what their lives entailed.  Or others would in so many words bash others.  This is when I had to really determine if I needed this in my life.

The flip-side and part I love about social media is seeing those I care about keeping me in the loop on what is going on in their lives.  As busy as life is we don’t always get to connect with friends as much as we would like so getting to see friends kids birthday celebrations, or family vacations, or the sharing of exciting changes in their lives always makes me appreciate them that much more and happy great things are happening for them.  Also, via social media I was able to be a part of it.  But if I just picked up the phone I’m sure I could have found this out from them directly!

So on vacation I decided I would take the plunge to end my relationship with the social media outlet Facebook.  Now almost three months later I can honestly say I don’t miss it.  Of course my mother-in-law has asked when I’m coming back as this is many times how she see’s the kids as she is south.  But she also understands it can be many things and extra time is not what I have right now chasing these two crazy toddlers around!  I did start an instagram account I know another social media outlet. I feel like this outlet leaves the drama out.  It’s simply a place to appreciate those great moments going on in our friends and families lives via pictures!  For now I think this is the route that is best for me.  Plus my blog which I truly enjoy doing and hope you enjoy reading!

Well that’s my blurb on social media or more so Facebook for now!  Happy Monday and please check back soon!

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