Where Have I Been?!!

Hello Friends!

Its been forever since I have checked in and so much has been going on!  So while S & K sleep in I thought it was the perfect time!

S just hit fifty days of being in 4K!  Celebrating with a 1950’s day unfortunately after she sock hopped her cough and not feeling well hit her like a wall and I had to pick her up as she had a fever of 101.  We’ve had croup run it’s course just a few weeks ago with both kids and now this week started with K waking up after passing out in his bed before I even put sheets on it with a fever but fine by morning and now the week had ended with S.  I’m sure this has much to do with a few things but our weather has been so all over the board!  We have ranged from 35-71!  How can anyone’s body let alone a toddlers adjust.  I have never been someone to have allergies but this year has taken me by storm!  I’ve taken allergy pill almost every day this week which I haven’t taken them in a few weeks.  One thing I will say is I will take this weather over those little white things that are going to fall sooner than later!  One funny thing I have to share as last night Joe was giving S her cough medicine.  She HATES taking medicine so after a few requests I say “ok S do you want to have to go to the doctor and get a shot?”  her response “Mom, really are you really going there?” Like seriously that line worked when I was three it doesn’t work when I’m four!

2015-12-01 18.06.12IMG_0396

Fifty days in to the school year for both kids has been so fun so far!  I have had the opportunity to go help out in S’s class.  Joe went and carved pumpkins in her class for their fall festival party!  Next week week have conferences; I know seriously I can’t even imagine what her teacher will have to report!  We did get her progress report and was pleased to see she is doing very well.  Next Thursday is bring someone your thankful for in to school so Grandma is going and bringing music to have a dance party!  She also had her school pictures which may not be a big deal to some parents but for me this is a special day!  I mean this is what will be hanging on my walls for years to come and some day their significant others will see these.  As an adult there are many pictures not necessarily school pictures I would prefer not have surfaced for Joe to see!  But school pictures were always important when I was growing up.  Not to my mom but to me and my sisters!  I remember having my older sister curl my hair for the special day and picking out my favorite outfit!  S if you haven’t guessed S is kind of an actress herself so she too takes these days seriously so practicing her smile went on the night before and morning of!  We love how the pictures turned out!  I of course had to curl her hair again this year!!  K hasn’t had school pictures just yet but he is loving 3K and making some great friends!  WOW is he different from S at Montessori as S would daily paint and create pictures for us.  K does not like getting his hands to gross and painting poses an opportunity for this so I’m sure that’s why he has yet to bring me a painting.  But he has been doing metal inset books for me which I love!  He has taken to doing a lot with me at home in the kitchen mainly!  He has been baking and cooking with me almost daily!  S I remember enjoyed this at three as well she lately has been busy setting up her christmas decorations, etc. in her barbie house!  K is actually fantastic in the kitchen, I think and hope he sticks with it!  It’s often a good way for me to calm him down.  If he wakes up from nap crabby having him come in the kitchen to work on dinner almost immediately calms him down.  I find that baking does this for me.  A few weeks ago I found myself on a baking frenzy and had no idea why…well I was stressed and realized when I make my way to the kitchen it takes me away from those stresses that life can bring.


What else has had me away has been my love for re-finishing furniture!  My mom and I also have had ourselves prepping for a craft show where we had a holiday theme!  We have finished quite a few pieces and we are very happy to report that we have recently put our items in a local consignment shop; Simply Marvelous!  The shop is fantastic she has a bit of everything but not anything I wouldn’t love to purchase myself which is  a big part of why we think this location is a good fit for our furniture and hand made items.  A few things I have learned as we have worked with different brands of chalk paint is…everyone seems to be making it these days!  The prices vary from $5.95-$40.  I am someone who is willing to try all brands as I think all have a surface they work best on.  I will say I most recently purchased Rustoleum’s Chalk Paint and love the fact that their product comes in basic colors and you can have them mixed to create a variety of colors!  I have not tried Valspar’s Chalk Paint but have heard similar reviews.  So if you are looking for a suggestion mine is give them all a whirl until you find one that feels good for you and the surface you are working with!  Also, most expensive doesn’t always mean the best!  I will say brush quality does play an important role and spending a little more can give you a better finish.  So far synthetic has been my least favorite for what I’ve been working on and natural hair is becoming a favorite!  But again try them all as will even say the Dollar Store if you are using synthetic has actually been a decent brush!  My mom as you know is who paints with me and her paint brand of choice is Annie Sloan and she loves Annie Sloans Pure Bristle Brush.  I will agree it does provide nice coverage!  The brush is roughly $30 so worth the investment if you plan to do more than one project.  Ok so on to our projects completed and upcoming!

Provence Frame white washed.  Provence Shadow Box with a gold Antique.


Candlestick holders done in Annie Sloan Provence and Clear waxed to lighten.2015-12-01 10.54.57

Tool Box done with Annie Sloan Arles and Annie Sloan Dark Wax.  We left the inside as is.IMG_0325

End Table done with Provence Annie Sloan and Rustoleum White Linen.  Spray painted the feet and handle.  Left the inside of the drawer solid color to add some pop!2015-11-05 16.10.03

Small Round Table Top Almost Complete.  Done with Rustoleum Grey and White Washed.  The Chairs are wood with brown leather seats.  We have done the wood in grey and white washed and the seats in grey.  Finished picture to follow!IMG_0447

Basic Plain Ornaments Chalk Painted with Waverly’s Colors and softly Sandpapered to age a bit.IMG_0445

Clear Ornaments Mod Podged with a variety of holiday papers and glittered!IMG_0450-1

Rag Ball Ornaments using muslim and styrofoam balls

Different size jars used with a variety of size trees and fake snow.  Add a little holiday ribbon and viola! So cute on your mantel or entertainment center or really anywhere!


Dad made up these little golf ball snowmen and mostly mom and I decorated them!

How cute are snowmen!  Love these three are all mom handmade of muslin with adorable accessories!  The wood one is made of birch and accented with baby socks for hat and fabric scarves with button and hat accessories.  Each of the wood guys we made were different as far as accessories goes!

All I can say is I am thankful I have a mom who keeps all her random craft stuff as it has allowed us to try making so many fun holiday items!

Up next I am working on painting a chair…This is going to either be FANTASTIC or brought straight to the curb!  LOL!

2015-11-30 09.56.01

Another fun fact about me that you may or may not know I enjoy making 3D cakes.  This has not always been something I have been passionate about but when my contact moved out of state it was on me to start making the kids birthday cakes as I mean heaven forbid we have a non 3D cake!  So I have been doing their cakes and friends cakes mainly over the past year.  I am getting better but still have ALOT to learn!  Here are a few I’ve done!

Pac-Man for my nephews birthday that was celebrated at Level 257-fun game place for kids and adults!  A friends daughter celebrated her birthday with fairies in mind!  Here is her fairies house!  My other nephew celebrated his 4th birthday with a Thor cake!  Lastly another friends son who loves to hunt I made a deer head cake for!  As I said I’m getting better but starting out I used pre made items as in fondant but now I’m making my own marshmallow fondant and it works AMAZING so much better than store bought and a bunch cheaper!  If you do make your own remember it needs to set up so plan ahead.

Well we are working on holiday decorations and yes I am behind as usually my house’s decorations inside and out are complete.  I guess it’s better doing now than Christmas Eve!


Happy Saturday friends and I look forward to catching up again soon!! Cheers!

If you are on facebook please follow our creative energy there too!  www.facebook.com/Sids-Shoppe

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