2016 Has Arrived!

Hello Everyone!  Happy New Year to All of You!

We are so happy to have 2015 behind us which I’ve heard from many and it’s likely I hear this about the previous year from many every other year but I guess this year I’ve noticed as we are saying it too!  Now its on to focusing on this coming year and making it great!

I shared with you about the journal my mom gave myself and each of my siblings having us each day write one thing or three hundred things we are grateful for each day.  If you didn’t catch this in my last post or did and thought it was a good idea.  I suggest getting yourself a journal or notebook really anything with paper binded and starting your own.  As I have done it for four days I have realized it is very easy to find only negative happenings in your day when you sit down and think about it.  Not to say there aren’t a hundred things that happen in my day that don’t make me laugh, smile and simply happy.  But of the things that happen in your day what makes you GRATEFUL?!  Put some thought to it!

S is back to school and wow didn’t realize how lazy we had been over break!  This girl has been exhausted each day!  We have finally gotten back on track with our 730/745 bedtime.  It seemed we lost track of this over the past few months.  Its so easy to let them stay up late especially in our house as Joe doesn’t get home until 8pm.  He’s quick to let them watch one more show while they snuggle him.  I give in as I know he misses them.  But now that he’s working local for the most part we are able to eat enjoy conversation as a family and watch a show together all before 730 arrives!  Loving every minute!  Today Sid received her first birthday party invite.  Being new to having a kid in school I had to ask her friends mom how it all worked.  Do I stay, do I drop and go?  She said drop and go but completely ok if I want to stay.  I shockingly have something going on at the exact time of the party so this is great!  As my mom said “Sid’s social calendar is officially starting to fill up!” I love this!

K has had a rough go of 2016 so far.  EARLY January 2nd he woke up puking which I’m pretty sure I was half asleep through thankfully as I am good at handling ALMOST everything but puke I don’t do!  Then it happened a few more times during the day.  Unfortunately the poor guy seems to be now having stomach problems like S and has been constipated for days so I gave him miralax  for two days.  Well last night he had an experience no one at any age cares to have let alone talk about!  Poor guy took bath as he ran downstairs he passed gas.  All of a sudden he was freaking out!  “Check my butt there’s something in my pants!”  We ran in the bathroom and the poor guy pooped!  Thank goodness he is three because if he was any older and knew I was sharing this he might kill me!! He crawled in bed with me last night which doesn’t happen often anymore; now waking up four times a night to be re-covered is another story!  He woke up and this time made it to the bathroom to get sick again.  He wanted to eat breakfast and then took himself to the couch and just laid down saying he was sooo tired.  He went to school as he had no fever and by the time we were leaving he was back to normal.  I could only assume the miralax was just too much for his poor tummy.  I picked him up and they said he was very sleepy today and actually fell asleep at story time.  Lesson learned on my part even if it’s not a viral thing sometimes its best to just stay home!

I have a few things for the New Year I am making a focus!  One being my commitment to you!  I have put time on my calendar with an alarm each week to sit and commit to my blog!  I truly love doing this and appreciate everyone who reads it.  It is like my morning cup of coffee.  Its the only thing since having kids that I OWN!  It’s all mine just like the morning cup!  I am also committing to getting myself back to looking the way I want.  Everyone can say you look great, but no one lives in your skin.  As I am getting older I need to recognize this and if I want to be swimsuit ready I need to recognize that too! LOL!  As you know I love to run it’s my thing that I enjoy for so many reasons.  So I am getting back on track with that.  I have also pulled out my Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30” dvd and weights.  I challenged myself to her four week program years ago and so amazing results and did not follow the meal plan.  I am not following her meal plan this time either but I am following another meal plan but not to a T.  As having a family I need to make this work for us.  I don’t expect my family to eat 4oz of grilled chicken 2x a day for four of seven days or plain rice cakes as a snack every day.  Heck I don’t want to eat that; really who does!  But I have committed to the breakfast, lunch and snack menu for me and for dinner I am just getting creative with it.  Keeping portions the same on proteins, etc. but flavoring things up a bit!  As I struggle to commit to working out I have requested the help of my sister.  I have asked her for the first thirty days to send me a daily message questioning my daily activity.  So far I have been successful and I know its only been four days!  But I know I can do this!  So if you too have taken on the challenge of a better you I recommend you find a friend to hold you accountable.  Send them a picture after you workout each day.   I love that Jillian Michaels says the most important part of the workout is that you showed up!  Even if you can’t do everything to the fullest or need to take little breaks at the end of the day you showed up and that’s what matters.  Perfecting will come.  For me the first two days I thought I was going to die as my muscles were screaming.  Now I feel great!  So go for it!  I am lastly committed to ease up on my managing habits!  I’ve never shared this but I have a terrible habit of managing mainly Joe in everything he does when he is home.  Seriously from the way he toasts a piece of toast to how he drives the truck.  Yes its a very wide spectrum!  It’s a terrible habit… and since when did I become so perfect that I have the right to do this!  Joe is a truly great husband and father and as I’m typing this I can think of many reasons why I do this but that’s not productive so let’s say I am working to appreciate him and what he does for us and not worry about what he does every second of the day that many of the times are really not my concern.  We all do things different that’s what we teach our children and that’s what makes this world so great!  On that same note I have stopped taking my mommy needs to chill pills.  Another subject I discussed months ago.  I stopped these two weeks before Christmas and last week I did call to refill as I felt myself over managing everything how I want and not remembering S and K are three and four.  But I ended up not having them fill the prescription. I mentioned previously that I have PPMS so I started tracking when this week is by putting an alarm on my phone the first day it is to start.  This has honestly helped so much as now that I’m conscious of this I find myself using my tools to get through tough days.  Including counting to ten and taking deep breaths.  Having a plan B on all plans always but especially on this week.  Lastly, giving us more time so there is less frustration when we are rushing because we are going to be late! These are my New Year, New Me commitments.  I hope you too have made some realistic commitments.  Remember keep it realistic as I think many times this time of year we over commit and under accomplish!  Boo to that but its life so move on and keep it real!!

Last I want to mention Joe’s New years commitment to the family…We used to sit at the dinner table and go around while we ate and ask each other the following.  What today brought you joy?  What today made you sad?  What today made you disgusted?  What today made you angry? What today did you fear?  When we did this the kids loved it and it had us all talking about our day and feelings.  We got away from this so Joe wanted to get back on track with this!  Also family game night!  The kids got new puzzles and games for Christmas.  It has almost been nightly which has been great as I would rather we do this then watch a tv show before bed!

2016-01-01 17.57.03-9

Well that was long!  I didn’t even touch on NYE or some recipes I want to share.  Well there is next time!  Have a wonderful day and let me know what’s new for you in 2016!  Until next time cheers!

2016-01-01 00.16.49

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