Lisenby Week In Review

We are 15 days into 2016!  Can you believe it I feel like we were just toasting and saying “Happy New Year!”  With that being said lets review what’s been going on in our parts this past week.  If you read my last post you know that my blog alarm went off and I hit snooze three times!  But I’m here and so are you so that’s what matters.  So let’s get on with it!

Last week I mentioned K wasn’t feeling well.  WELL that turned out to be an understatement.  That evening he was soooo very sick.  That night Joe was up sick all night.  Wednesday morning S came to my room and within minutes I was rushing her to the bathroom avoiding projectile vomiting on my bedroom floor.  I felt like I had been hit by a bus but thankfully hadn’t gotten sick.  K woke up and was exhausted but was done being sick.  S was sick in every sense the entire day.  Joe was on the job thinking he was going to die.  He said “this is the worst flu I have had in my entire life!”  That evening we were all in bed by 730pm.  Bodies feeling like we were just beat up by someone triple our size.  My fingers are crossed that we are done with our round of the flu for the year!   Hey one can wish/hope/dream right?!

2016-01-05 19.51.06

I have been active and kept to my promise to myself to strive to feel confident in my own skin.  Sending pictures to my sister daily after I bust my butt with Jillian!  I just printed a 30 day ab challenge I am going to add to my workout.  Keep you posted how it’s going.  I’ve struggled a little with my meal plan but also know this is new and it’s going to take time to get my body acclimated to this new way of eating.  If you too are getting after a new you keep it up!  You can do it!! As you can see below some days are easier than others!  But after its done I know I’m doing something that will show results!

2016-01-04 10.11.35 2016-01-05 10.01.03-2 2016-01-07 10.01.44 2016-01-08 17.41.25 2016-01-09 09.39.37 2016-01-10 08.36.42 2016-01-11 10.12.15 2016-01-13 10.49.21 2016-01-15 10.30.25

Sid had her first social calendar event last weekend which she counted down to.  It was very cute and I learned quite a bit about being a mom to a toddler on the social scene!  One I may have mentioned I wasn’t planning to stay at the party as I had K and Joe was working.  Honestly, I was having a rough few days prior and just wanted to go with K and grab a Starbucks and digress.  We arrived to all the kids at the party with their moms there to stay.  Joe ended up getting done early so I called him and I ran and met him so K and he could go do boy things… you know wander around The Home Depot!  I don’t know if S even noticed I ran out and came back but it was good to talk to some of the moms I hadn’t yet met and get a feel for how the social side of classmates parents was going to be.  I may have mentioned we have open enrollment in Wisconsin so the school we go to is not in our town.  It’s one of the trendy towns among a few others competing to be the best within a county.  No joke we live in an area that is full of summer homes/second homes/etc.   So those that live within full-time have or sometimes can feel a need to be presented as better than the one next door.  It’s crazy to me as we chose the school as it is rated one of the top in the state and in the country.  I did worry about the social side of this choice as I came from a larger school.  Joe came from a very small school and this was his last worry.  As he said we are sending her for her education not to fill her social calendar!  LOL!  Anyway, back to it… almost all of the moms are new to school as I am so it was a very level playing field and felt great to get out and socialize with other moms.  At the end of the party one of the moms said “well here is the beginning of our little ones social lives blowing up!”  She meant it as three days later we received an invite to another party in a week!  One week after that is S’s 5th birthday! Holy Moly it has begun!

2016-01-07 14.06.08

With S’s birthday on the brain we had to decide our plans for that.  If you are a longtime follower of my blog you have read my birthday posts.  I take birthday’s very serious!  Joe thinks I might take it a bit too serious but I don’t care.  It is a special day we all have once a year to celebrate just us!  Yes there are millions of others that were born on the same day but not often do you end up friends with one of these people.  It’s a day everyone let’s you know you are special weather by calling with birthday wishes, texting, e-mailing, or sending a note.  Yes, I did say a note as one of my mother in-laws sends us a special letter each birthday sharing why our day is special.  It’s very sweet S’s arrived just the other day.  I will hold on to it until her day!  On this day Joe and I like to do a little special thing for each of the kids too.  On S’s birthday I purchase a card and write her a note reviewing the past year and her accomplishments, challenges, changes really how she has grown.  Joe does it for K.  They each have a box that we place them in.  When they turn 18 we will give it to them on their birthday to enjoy reading.  I make notes throughout the year when the kids say funny things but I don’t typically place these in the card though this year I may have to.  These two have said some pretty darn funny things!  S had asked to have her birthday at Chuck E Cheese this year and I cringed.  In years past it has been at our home and I go all out with the theme of the party from decorations, to food, to entertainment!  She said “I want to have it at a place everyone can have fun!”  She has only been to Chuck E Cheese one time but it clearly had an impression.  Joe laughed at me and said “it’s her birthday, not yours.”  I believe my mom had the same response when I went to her for sympathy!  As I did research I ended up finding a place that was more than just games.  So we have decided on this location which they will do games, a two-story ballocity climbing, and a heist; having them go under and over lasers to capture the gem!  Followed by pizza and juice.  Way cooler than just games.  I should note at this point I’m not bashing chuck E cheese at all.  But again as a mom who is used to doing it all for the special day it was a little crushing to have her daughter not want that and want GAMES over what I was planning.  I will also say having a party at the place we have chosen over Chuck E Cheese was cheaper and offered more overall.  So that’s the plan; oh ya and S has requested I throw in some Monster High details of course!  This girl!

On my note of humor and these two I think sharing a bit of their humor would only benefit you.  If you are a mom you LOVE and NEED these moments.  If you’re not a mom I’m sure you have heard little ones say things that make you laugh inside!  Like I said as soon as they say something or as soon as I can get to my phone I pull up my notes and plug it in!  So here you go, enjoy!

Oh No the Honey!  (me) But the honey’s not important mom!  What is? (me)  The Bears Are

-S at beginning of Paddington

K farts and says Mom I’m just like a gas tanker, I have a tummy full of gas and I fart!

-As we are driving behind a gas tanker trunk.

Santa please do you hear me?  Please give us our toys back!

-S after both kids lost two favorite toys each for hitting.  In the middle of the grocery store

I know you guys are up to something…what are you doing?  

-S busting Joe and I in the act! YIKES

I don’t like that word you just said.  What word?  BALD!  I say well how do you think Papa and Uncle Robert feel they are bald?  She says terrible!

-S as we are discussing a baby picture of her and the fact that she has no hair.

“We can’t put out peanut butter cookies for Santa” says K.  I say “why?”  “He’s allergic, I know that!” Who told you that? (me)  “Oh I just know” says K 

Now that my kids have provided you with a few LOL moments I will reserve the rest for another special day!

Lastly, Joe and I shared/celebrated our six-year anniversary yesterday!  We have been together nine years and it has been one crazy ride!  Started out with me dancing on a speaker as he was the bouncer at a local bar!  Yes I have a bit of a wild side.  But so does he just doesn’t display as much as I!  All resulting in two beautiful kids, two beautiful German Shepherds, a beautiful home and a life I wouldn’t trade for any other!

On this note I wish you all a beautiful weekend with your loved ones and heck go get a little wild!  Cheers!

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