Creative Spring Juices are Flowing!

Happy Sunday Friends!

This weekend was a beautiful one here weather wise!  Guess what it is the first weekend in who knows how long that we have had TWO healthy children!  WooHoo!  It was a weekend of goodbyes and a weekend of hellos!

On Saturday we said our final goodbyes to my grandmother.  As I mentioned in my previous post she requested NOTHING be done for her after she had passed.  My mom and her siblings felt something small needed to happen for closure for many of the family.  So our immediate family that was able to join met on Saturday at the cemetery where my brother-in-law said a few words.  It was a great opportunity for us if we wanted to say a few words of goodbye to her.  It was a hard time but felt good to be able to have the time.  I do feel a bit more closure today and am thankful we had it.  Now Joe will go to the stone quarry and pick out a stone and have it engraved for both my grandparents headstone. Once this is set I will feel at peace…or at least more so.

Ok now I am happy to share my hello for the weekend!  As today I had a list of things to do at my house but really wasn’t feeling it😁 Soooo I called mom and asked if she felt like whipping up some Spring wreaths!  She of course was in the same state as me and wasn’t really feeling any house work either!  I didn’t want to do our standard burlap wreath.  I had two straw wreaths laying around.  I’m sure I found them at a garage sale or goodwill years ago!  I am a firm believer in when garage sale or goodwill shopping if you see wreaths even if there is a terrible wreath done on it grab it!

Get the following items together:

-1 wreath; grapevine or straw

-1 package of sewing pins

-3 packages of colorful napkins

I noticed a napkin wreath that I had pinned via Pinterest last spring and never did.  I ran to the dollar tree and grabbed four packages of spring colored napkins.  Mom and I got to it! We weren’t using a grapevine wreath so we used sewing pins.  I did the same method of twisting the bottom and pinning them to the wreath as suggested.  A side note don’t make them too close.  Another note the site we used said you only need one package of napkins.  I used roughly two so maybe mine is even closer than suggested….WELL CLEARLY IT IS IF I HAD TO USE MORE THAN THEY DID! LOL  But, I was liking the way it was coming together.  This was a super simple project and I think it turned out pretty cute for roughly $2.50!


While I was there I wandered into mom’s craft room and noticed three wine bottles I had painted about a month ago and kind of forgot about😢 They needed another coat of paint and for me to figure out what I was using them for.  I just loved the colors together; grey, yellow and white!  Felt fun and spring/sunny to me when I started.  So I decided to finish these while I was there!  I used Waverly chalk paints (Wal-Mart brand) grey, white, and yellow.  I forgot the stencil for the bunny I searched the internet for a bunny outline and came up with this one.  I may or may not add little tails to these cuties with pom-pons once I find the darn bag in S’s craft supplies!  Otherwise, I will just get some flowers to throw into them and voila another SUPER cheap Spring craft!  These cost me…well I did have to drink three bottles of wine!  But that doesn’t count I actually collect all glass jars beverages and food come in as you never know what or when you will need them for a craft.  I’ve designated a shelf in the garage for them.  The paint mom had and it wasn’t bought specifically for these so we will say this project cost me about $2!


Ok well there is our super quick, super cheap, super fun Spring projects for this weekend!  Happy Crafting!  Cheers!

By the way while I share with you my fun day S and K are with Joe having a zip lining party with their Barbies & Lego Men! Yes my Yoga mat is water, the basket is where they can get shot by nerf guns and the blocks are the castle!





Pallet LOVE!

Good Morning!

I know you are probably thinking holy toledo Amanda is on a kick this week!  You are so correct and oddly my days have allowed me to find time to share with all of you what I have been up to!  I mentioned in my last “Let’s Get Crafty” post that I made another pallet project.  I have been loving the cute mason jar bathroom storage pallets people have been doing.  Maybe I am a few months behind on getting around to doing mine but I did it and that’s what matters😋

So let’s talk about what you need:

1 section of a pallet (mine is 32″ long)…So either ladies get your guns out and your hammers and go take apart your pallet or do like I did.  When dad came up to drop something off ask him nicely or have mom to go take the four pallets in the burn pile apart for you😉

4-3-2 1/18 plumbing clamps (I bought a bag of 6 at Lowe’s for about $5)

4-half pint mason jars (I buy them by the dozen in all different sizes; I use them for EVERYTHING! More on that in a few…)


4-screws about 5/8in (I dug around in my husbands drill box and found!)

2-Wall screws (Again husbands drill box)


SO here we go! I love rustic if you have ever seen my house in previous posts or at our website (Yes that was a plug! LOL) you would know my home has plenty of old barn around it from ceilings to beams to floors and stairs.  We also have plenty of other textures but in regards to the pallet I wanted to keep it rough so I simply washed it off with warm water and loved the way it looked.

Next I laid my jars on the pallet laying them out and putting a line with a pencil at the locations I liked.

The plumbing clamps were the most challenging part of this project.  Maybe I should have researched more as all other posts I read of people making these they made this seem like a no biggie step.  Maybe my screws were a different width then they used which is why it was challenging. So I ended up taking a flat head and wiggled it until one of the slots popped out.  Oh yea I will mention I did try to previously drill straight through the metal on the clamp to only fail so that is why I went this route.  Now I took my shorter screws and Makita drill and attached them to the pallet.

Now I simply took my flathead and loosened the clamps enough to slip my jars in and tightened them.  Another lesson learned DON’T tighten too much you will chip the mason jar as the screw surface presses against it.  Again, maybe this was just me but if you are like me and have no patients to wait for your husband to suggest maybe a better way and you want the job done you go for it and learn the hard way!

That was it I had this great bathroom storage board!  Now I’m wishing I had like three of them and placed them zig-zagged on the wall as I have a lot of stuff I could put in these little jars.  Another great thing about these clamps is if you want to use pint size mason jars these clamps will work for that too!  This project cost me a total of $5  as all I had to go and buy was the clamps.  Which I still have two clamps left for another project!  Mason jars are a staple item in our house as we have them for water glasses, toothbrush holders, canning, frosty beer mugs, food storage, vases; yeah really anything!  So I have all sizes on hand as you never know.

Let me know what you think or if you have done and any methods that worked well for you!


Happy Friday! Cheers!




Let’s Get Crafty

Hello Friends!

So today was a great day as my mom and older sister came over for a little crafting!  Well it was going to be a playdate for the kids but I have been on a pallet sign kick.  Researching methods to transfer words, different sayings, etc.  So I really wanted to put it all to the test.  I had originally found a great “Welcome” sign via Pinterest.  So, I suggested the kids play and we whip up a fun sign for our houses!

Prior to their arrival I printed “Welcome” in two different fonts.  I also got some colored chalk and grabbed three of the 32″ pallet boards that I had white washed a few days ago.  Again, I was determined to make a sign this week!  I pulled out the basket of acrylic paints and all my tiny brushes as well as Q-tips.  The original sign did a mason jar with fresh flowers on the side.  Well I only had two pipe fitting rings left from the project I finished yesterday (I will share in a minute).  So I thought we could do dandelions as our boards were a bit longer than that projects as well.  If you know my family you know we all have great minds but not one of them is alike.

Step one was getting the “Welcome” ready.  So I used the technique of coloring the letters with chalk then placing it on the wood and tracing each letter with a pencil.  I know many tell you to print the word or letters mirrored but I’m not that handy on the computer and didn’t see any mirror options so I printed it as it normally does.  I actually when completed think this way is better.  I simply covered the entire area of the word on the side the letters were not printed on with blue chalk.  As our boards were white washed so white wouldn’t show up.  Then flipped it over and outlined the printed side of the word.  The reason I think this worked better was I felt confident in my tracing with it this way.  Pressing pretty firmly.  I took the paper off and voila the word was on the board!  Not to worry the excess chalk didn’t show up it only comes through were you press with the pencil.  If you like the font it is simply Georgia and at a size of 288 on my mac WordAir program.

Here is the link for where I discovered the chalk transferring method.

Next we had to paint we all chose different colors my sister and I were going for spring colors.  My mom on the other hand well…she went for Americana red!  I was not surprised by this as it’s my mom she does her own thing and damn it every time it comes out fantastic! UGH!  So we painted our letters.  Mine and my sisters were a bit light and I know my hand IS NOT steady so I found a fun blue marker and outlined the letters so they would stand out.  Then we made a few dandelions not flowering but seeding dandelions.  You know the ones you make wishes on in the summer! We did these on either side of the word.  Mom keeping with her Americana red decided to do some blue stars!  I will tell you I love Americana anything and actually she has a lot of red going on in her house so this is perfect!  I will tell you for our dandelions we used Q-tips they make the perfect circles to represent these.

So here is the final product!  I think they turned out great and in the end I’m glad we went the no mason jar route as I’m hanging mine in a location I won’t be able to have fresh flowers!  One other thing I must share this project cost us ummm NOTHING!  Ok yes everything cost something but I had all items on hand so I was technically not required to go to the store for a darn thing!  LOVE these type of projects.


(don’t mind the random caulk on my mantle; clearly I wasn’t paying close attention when photographing!)

A great one day project for anyone to do as you can make as simple or as detailed as you like!  Let me know any fun signs you have done or methods you have found work great in making signs as I said this is my first but I have a list of about 20 I want to make to use throughout the year and in the garden.  Cheers!


Lisenby Week In Review!

Hello Everyone,

I hope your week has been great!  The weather has been beautiful here over the past few days which has helped with the mood of life these days!  Getting outside for a great run, start of some painting projects and the kids enjoying the fresh air and their playhouse again.  Signs of spring can put anyone in a better mood!

Unfortunately, S has come down with THE FLU!  I was just discussing with my mom how I’m pretty sure my family has been sick the ENTIRE year so far.  S has been hit pretty hard as she hasn’t gotten off the couch since Friday morning.  Today is the first day fingers crossed we have been vomit free.  I know TMI but there really isn’t an easy way to share the joys of the flu.  I’m hoping we can get back up and running by this evening as I hate to see her miss school but I also hate to have her bring the bug to the classroom.  Let’s talk about more exciting news!  What do you think?


Let’s talk food first as we haven’t shared any history making recipes recently!  I think today is the perfect day to talk about two delicious dinners I made so far this week!  I am loving when I try a new recipe and it is a hit by everyone in the house.  I know I have said this before but I am a firm believer that if you have your kids help you in the kitchen they will eat what they have made until their tummies are full.  The other thing I’m finding especially with K is that he loves to smell and try each item as we are adding them.  Then trying the final product tasting how it all came together makes him sooo happy!  So up first we made Grilled Cilantro-Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa.  Earlier in the day S had wanted mashed potatoes so we whipped (no pun intended) these up to go with it.  This dinner was light before we added the potatoes 😂.  The kids absolutely loved this chicken they had the salsa on the side so it played the role of their vegetable.  Imagine this S didn’t touch the mashed potatoes.  She said they were disgusting…Joe ate four servings and K had two so I guess as it goes different strokes for different folks!  Any who, I absolutely would recommend this as a weeknight dinner.  It is also a great getting the kids involved as we are only teaching them skills that will benefit them now and later!  The next dinner I’m excited to share was that of Skinny Lasagna Rolls.  I was hesitant on this one more so of how it would go over for my meat and potatoes husband then anyone else.  This is a vegetarian dinner at least I made it that way as the sauce I used was also a vegetable pasta sauce.  The kids well S was iffy on this one but ended up eating enough to get her dessert and lately I’ll take it.  I must have said it a few times as she is completely under the impression that you don’t know if you like something until you have tried it at least eight times.  So this gives me seven more times to prove to her she likes spinach! LOL!  This would be so easy for a busy mom to whip up while the kids are eating breakfast cover and put in the fridge so it’s ready to pop in the oven when you get home!  The longest part was making the noodles so 12 minutes but within that time I mixed up the filling.  You could even make the filling the night before and make noodles when you get home.  So here you have it two pretty healthy and quick dinner recipes!

Now after we have filled our bellies with delicious food we have to mention that great thing called exercise!  A year ago I wouldn’t catch myself typing the word let alone doing the actual act.  Well I started my new me journey on the 2nd of January of this year.  I completed Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30” about a week ago.  I did do a few of the weeks for two weeks as it felt right.  After completing her workout I researched other programs to do at home.  I have been still running but typically I can only get out twice a week:( I wanted something that would continue to challenge me but I also didn’t want to spend a ton on a program.  The program that I have started is Fitness Blender.  I’m doing it via youtube which is great as I actually set myself up in my office as you can do with no equipment but since I’m on marble I use my yoga mat and I add my weights so items that cost little $7 to be exact as my mat I got at Five Below and my weights I bought at the Goodwill!  Fitness Blender is free with PLENTY of workouts and challenges to do.  So for all of you still sticking to your new year new you commitment I strongly suggest checking out Fitness Blender! (I was not paid for promoting any of this either)  Here are a few shots as I am still doing my daily pics and sharing them to be held accountable.

WE ALMOST FORGOT!  Valentines celebrations and MY BIRTHDAY also happened this past week!  With the passing of my grandma last week honestly was kind of a blur. S & K were also fighting the flu so celebrating wasn’t a priority but when you have toddlers you have to put your focus on them and making it special.  So here are a few pictures of how we celebrated.  The kids made banana bread just before the weekend to enjoy for the holiday! On Sunday we made cookie cutter bird seed hangings as we are soooo ready for spring! Sid and I created her Valentines day box and last I did a variety of things from lax and mimosa’s for the morning of my birthday to oysters and Rum Chata for a birthday dinner celebration!  There were a few fun things in between too including phone and text messages throughout the day and fun gifts of flowers, running gear and of course Starbucks!  The best gift I received had to be that from S & K!  They went and picked out cards for me and filled them out themselves.  They were super sweet and were honestly all I needed to make my day great!

I have so much more to share but think I will stop where I am!  I’m looking forward to sharing some of Joe’s recent work accomplishments in my next post and a few fun crafts I have been working on!  Have a wonderful day!  Cheers🍻


Well I’m not really sure where to start with this weeks post.  I’m feeling absolutely drained on multiple levels.  You may remember a few months ago I shared about my grandmother who had been fighting cancer since 2008.  Last week my mom thought it was best that the family make some time to come spend some time with Granny.  Her body was changing and the pain was becoming un-manageable for her.  She was put on morphine drops and narcotics to help try and make her comfortable.  I made plans to go and visit last Thursday with my mom.  It happened to be my mom’s birthday as well so we started by going to breakfast.  We arrived to see Granny in a bed that had been brought in and she was sleeping.  Which hadn’t happened in quite a few days.  She was spending many nights yelling out in pain or for those from her past.  She was sharing memories of her wedding, her best friend and my cousin whom lived with her and died last year during her what I will call shout outs.

During this visit I saw a grandmother that I wasn’t ready for.  My heart and gut told me today might be the last time I will have the opportunity to share what my heart wanted me to share.  I sat by her side a few times holding her soft hands getting a few words here and there from her.  I knew I was loosing the women that as a child I have fond memories of spending day after day at her house playing.  Spent Friday nights going with her grocery shopping for the upcoming week buying what at the time and actually today seems like an astronomical amount of food…I think we would leave there with two or three overflowing carts full!  Spending resting/nap time at her house watching cartoons for a short time and then when it was time for us to rest our eyes she would put on Maury Povich and after that Jerry Springer!  Granny’s house was always a blast and she always had the best snacks and I honestly don’t ever remember her saying no.  She truly was so great!  At the same time she was stern I remember she would babysit multiple other children and some were my age.  To this day I use her line that two girls together is fine but you add a third in and they turn in to cats!  She believed in time out and IT WORKED!  I think we just knew at Granny’s house you followed the rules; that was that!  We spent as a family Sunday’s at Granny’s house for a late lunch early dinner.  Many of those Sunday’s would start with us shopping at Zayre’s and a few other local shops!  It was not that we got anything at these trips but it was a tradition and we all loved it!  So as I sat with her I enjoyed these memories and felt sad that things had changed so much in the recent years but knew I needed Granny to know I loved her for those memories.

As the day came to an end I sat with her and shared that I loved her very much and as my tears dripped on her she told me “don’t worry about it, I will be ok.” I told her I love the memories she provided experiences to create.  I wanted her comfortable during this last part of her journey.  I wanted her at peace and she told me “he brings us to this world when he is ready and he takes us from it when he is ready for us.” She said she wasn’t quite ready.  I asked her if she was at peace and she said “not yet.”  When I was there she still hadn’t seen all of her children and many of her grandchildren.  So this statement made complete sense to me.  We shared a few other thoughts and she was passionate and genuine.  At the end she told me I needed to go be with my babies.  Which was true as they were finishing their school day.  I left my grandmother’s house comfortable with our conversation.  Over the next few days things started to change more.

I unfortunately had a change at my home as K had come down with the flu yet AGAIN!  So I could not be at Granny’s with the rest of the family.  Saturday after she saw my uncle who is the baby of her children and lives the farthest away she seemed at peace.  But the pain was bad and wasn’t allowing her to calm down enough to relax.  After medicine was adjusted she was finally able to relax.  She spent a few more hours appreciating all the family around her.  I truly do believe this as I mentioned in my December post my grandparent’s house was NEVER quiet.  It has always been filled with one voice battling another or fifteen conversations going on at once!  A sound I love!  She saw all of her children and many of her grandchildren as well.  Granny then went in to a peaceful sleep.  This sleep lasted a few days unfortunately the sound in the house turned ugly due to some family members not comfortable with not being in control of the situation.  At this time my mom had to make a tough decision as her power of attorney.  Monday they transported my grandmother into a wonderful facility that she could spend her final days with us in a peaceful setting.  Tuesday morning at 115am my Granny was given her angel wings and went to heaven peacefully.  As the director of nurses told my mom many times when we are at this stage our bodies need to be at a place that is quiet and allows god to do his job.  She said my grandmother went very peacefully.

I have spent the past few days unsure.  A good point was made by my sister and cousin as now that both these grandparents are gone it’s another generation we don’t have here. This makes it sad and scary for us.  There’s the thought that you should have said or did more.  But we can’t live in the shoulda, woulda, coulda state we have to move forward. There is anger at those that couldn’t allow my grandmother to pass peacefully in the comfort of her home.  Then I’m just sad.  Sad because this terrible disease took over her body and we couldn’t fight it.  Sad because I loved her so much and I shouldn’t have ever allowed any bump in family dynamic to keep me from making sure she knew this and being there.  I know time heals all wounds and its a new wound at this point so I need to allow my heart to heal at the pace it needs.  I know it will come and for any one else healing allow your heart the time it needs.  We will get there taking each day as it comes.

I honestly wish my post today could be all champagne and roses scratch that gerbera daisies I hate roses!  But sometimes life isn’t those things and we have to share the things that bring out emotions that we many times like to keep tucked in our pocket.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and look forward to connecting soon!

Lisenby Week In Review

Hello Friends!

I hope you are all having a great week!  It’s like once the kids got healthy it’s been a game of catch up on EVERYTHING!  Guess what I am still not caught up!  My house for starters needs a permanent housekeeper.  Joe called Monday letting me know a client would be coming to see the house at 2pm…this gave me two hours to have the main floor spotless or show ready as he says!  My dishwasher always seems to be blinking saying please empty me!  My office is a war zone; if you know me this is a struggle.  I have a slight 😉 case of OCD.  So this is a struggle but sometimes you just have to close the door and say filing, bills, and all other paperwork we will talk VERY soon!  Then there is the “L” word no I’m not talking about the warm and cozy word LOVE!  I have no love for the chore of doing laundry!  The first of the year I committed myself to doing a load a day to avoid the Sunday 15 load day.  Well I make my own detergent and last Wednesday I ran out!!!! So it sat and sat some more than I was able to make more on Sunday so today I’m ALMOST caught up!  Did I mention I’m trying to squeeze working out in to my daily routine?  Yes, I have been sticking to it; I’m shocked too!  Oh yeah and there are two little crazy children running around demanding just about anything and everything from me!  You know feed me, let’s make valentines, help me in the bathroom, MOM, MOM, MOM!  Where did they come from!LOL Then there are the crafts that need to be finished so I can get them to the shop mom and I have stuff at to make some moola!  So guess what this is bumped to the top!  Don’t worry the kids were fed and bathed!  And here I am blabbing to you about this. You are probably laughing but thinking isn’t this every mothers life!  It is I just needed to share!!

So our adorable bunny projects have been brought to the shop in time for Spring/Easter sales!  I love the fact that the shop Simply Marvelous here in Wisconsin has allowed us to expand what we bring in as we started with our furniture and now the owner has our seasonal items.  These particular seasonal items are really the only ones she will have for guests to choose from!  Which is great for us plus if you ask me they turned out so cute they are all any home needs.  Ok maybe a great wreath on your door too!

Last week I didn’t share details about our little princesses birthday!  Yes, the one of two above that is constantly needing things:) Ms. S turned 5 and as I shared we ended up having her birthday at an indoor amusement center.  We had 17 kids of varying ages so this location did seem to be very appropriate even though I was hesitant.  I will also say having no mess to clean up was FABULOUS!  The one thing I did do for her day was make her cake.  Since we were at a location we really did away with a theme except for this and her goodie bags.  She loves Littlest Pet Shop so she wanted that as her cake theme.  I ended up doing red velvet cake for one level, chocolate/white for the second and third with buttercream frosting and marshmallow frosting!  For goodies bags I struggled as I hate to just say here is a bag of sugar go drive your parents up the wall!  Again, not being able to do too much else as we were not at home I wanted to make them special.  So we for the girls we did puzzles, the surprise package with a pet shop pet, 3 pieces of candy.  For the boys we ended up doing teenage mutant ninja turtles as LPS doesn’t really offer a boy per-say surprise package.  We did TMNT puzzles, TMNT mini lego’s and 3 pieces of candy.  The older boys we gave them WWE playing cards and also gave them tickets to do bumper cars!  Overall, I think everyone had a great time!

Ok so as promised we need to discuss some good eats over this past week!  There have been a few but the best and HIGHLY recommended one is going to be a pulled pork recipe! I did get this via Pinterest and I am so glad I did because it was amazing.  A few little side notes!  This is a plan ahead dinner as it is a slow roasting one which means prepping dry rubs and brining for at least 24 hours.  It is so worth it!  Also, she recommends using a disposable roasting pan.  I used mine and if you remember from above my dishwasher issues and catching up…well yeah this soaked for two days after as it was caked!  So do yourself the favor and grab a roasting pan they sell them at the dollar tree!  Or foil line your roasting pan.  Lastly, this recipe does not need any sauce but I know that some people have to have a sauce for EVERYTHING!  This was good with a honey bbq but again no sauce is needed.  There is a little kick to it!  The kids did not enjoy this but I’m sure if less spice they would have.  With these I also made baked french fries which yes the kids ate and asked for seconds!  Again, not planning well I had to juggle cooking these at a high temp while the pork was at very low temp but it all worked out.  So next time I will start my pork first thing in the morning as it takes all day this way I can take it out to rest while I make the fries!  So here you are, enjoy!!  Thank you to those that posted for us to enjoy as well.

Well, I’m off to empty the dishwasher and fold my 368th load of laundry for the week! Lol!  Have a great rest of your evening.  Cheers!

Let’s Talk Food

Hello Friends!
I am completely exhausted after this weekend as Ms. S turned 5!  But I had to share some delicious recipes as last week was the first time I scored a thumbs up four days in a row from both Joe and the kids on dinners!  This NEVER happens in our house.  Its often a thanks but no thanks from Joe.  In my defense he is usually not eating what I make when it is done.  As he doesn’t get home at that time so he is re-heating and honestly nothing looks that great re-heated!  So in keeping this short and sweet so you can quickly do your grocery list and have your meals set for this week here we go!  I will mention all of these started at Pinterest but I tweaked a bit which I am making note of for you!

Let’s start with Day 1 where we had Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili!  This recipe was sooo easy as you just throw it all in the crockpot and let it go!  This does have a little kick to it just a heads up.  May want to substitute the green chiles.  It is nothing over the top but S needed us to cool hers down with a bit of sour cream.  The rest of us love a little spice kick!  Joe of course added jalapeños to it.  My sister who lived in India also told me that you can add plain yogurt  to food that is too spicy!  They recommend having this over rice but we chose to have it either on a tortilla or alone.  Otherwise, I did not change anything about this recipe it’s great as is!

I love trying different types of meatloaf I know you are probably thinking REALLY?!  Yes, so this week I wanted to do one with ground turkey as we are kicking ground beef around here for a bit.  This recipe Joe told me was THE BEST meatloaf he has ever had!  YES!  We added a twist to it as we did not do spinach in it but did do minced garlic.  We also put ours on onion rolls with a slice of mozzarella!  Again, this was another quick, easy recipe that the ingredients were all standard in my fridge and pantry!  LOVE THIS!

Now it is on to probably my favorite recipe we had!  Healthy Buffalo Chicken Wraps!  If you remember I have been working out and it’s going great but I also could not and have not committed myself to a crazy diet!  PORTION CONTROL is and always will be my issue but I have committed to this and doing great at it!  So back to this yummy dinner!  These wraps were so good I at them for lunch the next day!  The things I changed with this recipe was that I used Frank’s Red Hot Sauce as I didn’t have buffalo sauce on hand and I also omitted the celery as I just wasn’t feeling it.  For the kids I didn’t dip in hot sauce but otherwise built as directed.  We all came back for seconds on this one.  I cooked two large boneless chicken breasts on the George Foreman.  I will say the kids did have curly fries with theirs, I obviously skipped as the wrap was enough for me!

Last on the list is Crock Pot Creamy Chicken Ranch.  I will say I was nervous by this one for two reasons.  Joe in the past has made it clear that using the crockpot once a week is plenty.  The second the picture honestly doesn’t seem to enticing to me.  Well as the saying goes don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  My sister made this and said her whole family loved this including her two little boys who are VERY picky eaters.  I had an appointment and thought we would give it a whirl!  I’m very glad we did as everyone loved this.  S even asked for a second bowl of it!  Joe had multiple servings as well.  I again used to large boneless skinless chicken breasts.  At this time I will mention as I seem to notice many people have an opinion of what company has the best pre-packaged chicken. I used to ALWAYS get all our meat from a local butcher but lately I just haven’t made it to the shop so I have found myself in Wal-Mart.  Likely part of why we have kicked ground beef as the difference of ground beef there and at the butcher shop is seriously drastic! Back to chicken when I have had to buy in the past I have bought the organic brand they carry Harvestland.  The product has been good and price seemed comparable to the butcher.  But the size was noticeably smaller.  They recently started carrying Forester Farmer’s Market.  The size is a bit larger than Harvestland.  I guess what I’m getting at is if you can’t get to the butcher and Wal-Mart is in your path I so far have had success with both of these brands!  Ok back to the recipe.  I did not change anything on this one and I did make her dry ranch dressing mix!

There you have it a little food loving for you for this Monday afternoon!  I hope your family enjoys these as much as we did.  I thank those that created these recipes as well! Cheers!