Let’s Talk Food

Hello Friends!
I am completely exhausted after this weekend as Ms. S turned 5!  But I had to share some delicious recipes as last week was the first time I scored a thumbs up four days in a row from both Joe and the kids on dinners!  This NEVER happens in our house.  Its often a thanks but no thanks from Joe.  In my defense he is usually not eating what I make when it is done.  As he doesn’t get home at that time so he is re-heating and honestly nothing looks that great re-heated!  So in keeping this short and sweet so you can quickly do your grocery list and have your meals set for this week here we go!  I will mention all of these started at Pinterest but I tweaked a bit which I am making note of for you!

Let’s start with Day 1 where we had Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili!  This recipe was sooo easy as you just throw it all in the crockpot and let it go!  This does have a little kick to it just a heads up.  May want to substitute the green chiles.  It is nothing over the top but S needed us to cool hers down with a bit of sour cream.  The rest of us love a little spice kick!  Joe of course added jalapeños to it.  My sister who lived in India also told me that you can add plain yogurt  to food that is too spicy!  They recommend having this over rice but we chose to have it either on a tortilla or alone.  Otherwise, I did not change anything about this recipe it’s great as is!


I love trying different types of meatloaf I know you are probably thinking REALLY?!  Yes, so this week I wanted to do one with ground turkey as we are kicking ground beef around here for a bit.  This recipe Joe told me was THE BEST meatloaf he has ever had!  YES!  We added a twist to it as we did not do spinach in it but did do minced garlic.  We also put ours on onion rolls with a slice of mozzarella!  Again, this was another quick, easy recipe that the ingredients were all standard in my fridge and pantry!  LOVE THIS!


Now it is on to probably my favorite recipe we had!  Healthy Buffalo Chicken Wraps!  If you remember I have been working out and it’s going great but I also could not and have not committed myself to a crazy diet!  PORTION CONTROL is and always will be my issue but I have committed to this and doing great at it!  So back to this yummy dinner!  These wraps were so good I at them for lunch the next day!  The things I changed with this recipe was that I used Frank’s Red Hot Sauce as I didn’t have buffalo sauce on hand and I also omitted the celery as I just wasn’t feeling it.  For the kids I didn’t dip in hot sauce but otherwise built as directed.  We all came back for seconds on this one.  I cooked two large boneless chicken breasts on the George Foreman.  I will say the kids did have curly fries with theirs, I obviously skipped as the wrap was enough for me!


Last on the list is Crock Pot Creamy Chicken Ranch.  I will say I was nervous by this one for two reasons.  Joe in the past has made it clear that using the crockpot once a week is plenty.  The second the picture honestly doesn’t seem to enticing to me.  Well as the saying goes don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  My sister made this and said her whole family loved this including her two little boys who are VERY picky eaters.  I had an appointment and thought we would give it a whirl!  I’m very glad we did as everyone loved this.  S even asked for a second bowl of it!  Joe had multiple servings as well.  I again used to large boneless skinless chicken breasts.  At this time I will mention as I seem to notice many people have an opinion of what company has the best pre-packaged chicken. I used to ALWAYS get all our meat from a local butcher but lately I just haven’t made it to the shop so I have found myself in Wal-Mart.  Likely part of why we have kicked ground beef as the difference of ground beef there and at the butcher shop is seriously drastic! Back to chicken when I have had to buy in the past I have bought the organic brand they carry Harvestland.  The product has been good and price seemed comparable to the butcher.  But the size was noticeably smaller.  They recently started carrying Forester Farmer’s Market.  The size is a bit larger than Harvestland.  I guess what I’m getting at is if you can’t get to the butcher and Wal-Mart is in your path I so far have had success with both of these brands!  Ok back to the recipe.  I did not change anything on this one and I did make her dry ranch dressing mix!


There you have it a little food loving for you for this Monday afternoon!  I hope your family enjoys these as much as we did.  I thank those that created these recipes as well! Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Food

  1. Your the best A! Thanks for the food ideas and recipes! God knows I need the help;-) They sound great and the family feed back is just as good! Keep up the amazing work Super Mama! You do an amazing job and I enjoy reading your blog so very much:-) Cheers friend:-)

    • Thank you Kel! You are so very welcome! Heck we all need help in my opinion when it comes to figuring out meals especially with little ones:) I just know that I have tried many pinterest recipes and I appreciate those who put them up but I know a few have went from the stove to the trash:( I figure why not share the ones that have worked for us! I appreciate you following my blog. Let me know when you try if the family enjoys as we did!

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