Let’s Get Crafty

Hello Friends!

So today was a great day as my mom and older sister came over for a little crafting!  Well it was going to be a playdate for the kids but I have been on a pallet sign kick.  Researching methods to transfer words, different sayings, etc.  So I really wanted to put it all to the test.  I had originally found a great “Welcome” sign via Pinterest.  So, I suggested the kids play and we whip up a fun sign for our houses!

Prior to their arrival I printed “Welcome” in two different fonts.  I also got some colored chalk and grabbed three of the 32″ pallet boards that I had white washed a few days ago.  Again, I was determined to make a sign this week!  I pulled out the basket of acrylic paints and all my tiny brushes as well as Q-tips.  The original sign did a mason jar with fresh flowers on the side.  Well I only had two pipe fitting rings left from the project I finished yesterday (I will share in a minute).  So I thought we could do dandelions as our boards were a bit longer than that projects as well.  If you know my family you know we all have great minds but not one of them is alike.

Step one was getting the “Welcome” ready.  So I used the technique of coloring the letters with chalk then placing it on the wood and tracing each letter with a pencil.  I know many tell you to print the word or letters mirrored but I’m not that handy on the computer and didn’t see any mirror options so I printed it as it normally does.  I actually when completed think this way is better.  I simply covered the entire area of the word on the side the letters were not printed on with blue chalk.  As our boards were white washed so white wouldn’t show up.  Then flipped it over and outlined the printed side of the word.  The reason I think this worked better was I felt confident in my tracing with it this way.  Pressing pretty firmly.  I took the paper off and voila the word was on the board!  Not to worry the excess chalk didn’t show up it only comes through were you press with the pencil.  If you like the font it is simply Georgia and at a size of 288 on my mac WordAir program.

Here is the link for where I discovered the chalk transferring method.


Next we had to paint we all chose different colors my sister and I were going for spring colors.  My mom on the other hand well…she went for Americana red!  I was not surprised by this as it’s my mom she does her own thing and damn it every time it comes out fantastic! UGH!  So we painted our letters.  Mine and my sisters were a bit light and I know my hand IS NOT steady so I found a fun blue marker and outlined the letters so they would stand out.  Then we made a few dandelions not flowering but seeding dandelions.  You know the ones you make wishes on in the summer! We did these on either side of the word.  Mom keeping with her Americana red decided to do some blue stars!  I will tell you I love Americana anything and actually she has a lot of red going on in her house so this is perfect!  I will tell you for our dandelions we used Q-tips they make the perfect circles to represent these.

So here is the final product!  I think they turned out great and in the end I’m glad we went the no mason jar route as I’m hanging mine in a location I won’t be able to have fresh flowers!  One other thing I must share this project cost us ummm NOTHING!  Ok yes everything cost something but I had all items on hand so I was technically not required to go to the store for a darn thing!  LOVE these type of projects.


(don’t mind the random caulk on my mantle; clearly I wasn’t paying close attention when photographing!)

A great one day project for anyone to do as you can make as simple or as detailed as you like!  Let me know any fun signs you have done or methods you have found work great in making signs as I said this is my first but I have a list of about 20 I want to make to use throughout the year and in the garden.  Cheers!


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