Let’s Talk Food!

Good Morning Everyone!

Well it’s sunny outside but there is definitely a chill in the air.  It’s a brisk 30 this morning.  Boo to this but it’s not snowing or raining so I will run with it!  This week I made a few recipes that are definitely worth sharing.  So let’s get to it!

We are trying to have the kiddos eat healthier in the morning.  Don’t get me wrong they are willing to eat healthy but morning time is such a rush it seems especially on the days both kids go to school.  So many days its frozen pancakes and a side of fruit with milk.  Joe really wanted me to start getting more creative as processed food as we all know is fine in a pinch but it’s not appropriate for daily intake.  So this week I tried two new breakfast recipes.  The first one was blueberry muffins.  Now there are great recipes and I’m sure I have a family recipe for these but none that use whole wheat flour or coconut oil as I’m sure our parents and grandparents weren’t familiar with the benefits or these two items.  This recipe uses both of these and honey.  I’m finding honey just makes everything a little better😄  The one thing I do want to note these are great warm fresh out of the oven.  A day later they taste great still but I added a bit of butter and warmed them in the oven.  They tend to dry out quicker than most muffins I make.  I ended up getting double the amount of muffins out of this recipe as to what was stated in the post.  Next time I make these it will be a half recipe.  Here is the recipe, I hope you and your family enjoy as much as we did!



Next on to pancakes!  These I just made this morning as S LOVES pancakes and she is truly my worst critic when it comes to food.  She is blunt and has no problem stating these are terrible.  So I was hesitant to make them but wanted to try.  K on the other hand always has something sweet to say about my cooking.  Well this recipe again used whole wheat flour and honey!  I got about 13 out of the batter, mine where medium in size and thick so I’m sure you could get double this if you thinned out.  These turned out AMAZING!  S said they were the best and was going to have them for breakfast all week.  K on the other hand said they were terrible and he wasn’t touching them.  A side note on that is he has also been dealing with another round of the flu since Thursday; YES I said he again is having flu symptoms.  So I’m just taking his reaction and putting it to the fact that he’s sick.  He LOVES chocolate more than anyone I know.  I of course baked some bacon to go with it.  One of these was enough for me but not to worry I ate two!  The leftovers were wrapped and put in the fridge for the rest of the week to be paired up with fruit.  Spring break is a week away so we will just start the celebrating early!!  I strongly recommend these next time I will likely plan to freeze leftovers and have them as our Sunday morning breakfast.

(Yes we did enjoy bacon with our pancakes…they kind of overpower pancakes in the pic; sorry:()



As we know I’m trying to eat better or at least be more cognitive of what’s going in my mouth and do less finishing of the kids plates and grazing in my days.  I decided to make a lunch item that per the recipe would last a few days.  This chicken and grape salad did just that.  The kids both loved this recipe as well.  There was enough for me to prepare it and send my sister home with enough for her and her husband to enjoy too!  It was lunch for two days after all the sharing!  This was my first step in loving using greek yogurt in turn for mayonnaise.  I hope your family enjoys this healthy new lunch item as we have!


On to dinners this past week that we loved!  First we had a Chicken Caprese but added avocado.  In our house Avocado is king…It is a crowd please by everyone and it’s so good for you!  So let’s just say we eat it often weather be incorporated into the entrée or as just a side sliced up with another vegetable.  We paired this with brown rice.  It was simple to make and tasted great!



We also had stuffed shells with spinach and ground turkey.  Ok so these were fantastic but S has an issue with green leafy items in her food.  K on the other hand took a salad to school for lunch yesterday!  So I made a few with just ricotta cheese for the kiddos which was a non stressful solution to something I knew ahead of time would be an issue.  This recipe made about 22 shells so there was enough for leftovers.  So I enjoyed for lunch the following day!  Everything detailed in the recipe works so I wouldn’t change a thing!

(I’m terrible I remember to take a pic after I serve the kids; I’m human!)



Ok so one thing I do want to note.  Or a few things actually!! I did not create any of these great recipes so I thank those that did and shared them via Pinterest.  Second is yes many of these recipes are 21 day fix approved.  I have considered trying this fix but honestly I’m so confused by all the containers and colors and numbers I would need to keep track of I just don’t think it’s for me! LOL!  If someone has a 21 day fix for dummies link please do share as I’m interested but just can’t get a hold of the whole thing!  Ok well enjoy these recipes and have a wonderful week!!!  Cheers


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