It’s all about the Sign!

Hello Friends!  So I’ve been back at getting creative over the past few weeks from birthday cakes to wood signs!  I know that’s quite the spectrum!  But that’s me, I have a hard time sticking to just one creative link so working with creating a special cake for a celebration to roughing up some new letters to team them up with my old pallet piece let’s me cover all ground!  Heck now that I’m thinking of it this is quite honestly besides the kids being out of school what has had me away from you all for the past week.  Not a great excuse but its the truth!  Let’s start with my kitchen creations!

It’s been a frenzy of cakes over here.  Ok maybe not to a bakery but to just little old me it has been!  As I’m still learning and challenging myself at dimensional cakes.  I had a request for an owl cake as well as a butterflies and flower cake.  The Owl cake I was particularly excited about as I LOVE owls.  And pigs specifically flying and miniature but I’m not sure I will get a cake request for this.  So I was really excited to do an owl cake.  I wasn’t given much direction except the girl it was for loves owls of all colors so do as I wanted.  This for me is good and bad as I am a perfectionist as well as a bit indecisive.  So when told to do as I want it becomes a struggle within.  I ran with it and decided to go bright as Spring was in the air and she was a teenager.  I again made this one with half chocolate cake as well as white cake.  Vanilla frosting was what I crumbed and layered the cake with.  I made homemade marshmallow fondant for all parts covering the cake.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!


I then had a friend’s little one turning 2 this past weekend!  I asked if I could do her little cuties cake.  She was thrilled with the offer and has provided many thanks.  For me it was a pleasure as it again gave me an opportunity to perfect my craft and do a different cake.  I don’t know what I will do when someone asks me to do a second of one I’ve already done!! Anyway, her party was butterflies and flowers.  We shared a few ideas via pinterest but ultimately her and her husband said to use my creativeness and do as I wanted.  I decided to go with softer colors due to her age and the vibe of their family!  Don’t get me wrong bright colors totally suit them but I was feeling soft, cool colors for this particular event.  Cake and fondant the same which now that I’m saying it next cake I’m going to do a change up if it’s my choice!  I think I do a combo as then there’s something for everyone.  This one for me came out simply and pretty and felt just right for Ms. Elle’s 2nd birthday celebration!

Now let’s chat about some wood things!  Ya that was a jump so stay with me as mentioned earlier I can’t stay focused on one activity too long I get bored!!!  So mom came over last week with a great sign for my kitchen.  Having a husband in the stone business we have access to many pallets.  Like I have two still needing to be taken apart on my back deck and 9 boards drying out on my back deck table and I’m looking at my burn pit where he just unloaded oh six more pallets!  He tells me he is getting some heavy duty wide pallets next week which he will save for mom and I!  Can’t wait!! Anyway, I had dad cut some of the boards down as they were splitting in sections but majority of them were still totally useable.  Mom white washed them and picked up some wood letters.   She created these GROCERY signs for her and I!  I during my closet clean out found SIDNEE in wood letters which I bought before she was born but never did anything with so I painted them and created a sign for her room!  Now we are on a sign spree we have created a few different ones.  ENJOY, EAT, LAUNDRY and we are planning to sell them on our Etsy store (SidsShoppe)!  We will offer custom colors and words/names as well!  Let us know what you think and please if interested place an order via our Etsy shop.  We should have all signs added in the next day!


Now wood blocks are up for discussion!  Before sharing I have to briefly mention how much I adore patriotic decorations.  First because they are a way to thank our current and past soldiers for all they do and also how proud I am to live in America.  But on a decorators love level its purely because I can show my love from May until September!  I mean how many decorations do you have that go up for a month and then you are rushing to put them back in storage and pull out another tote for the next month!  So Americana decorations are all around a win-win in my book!  OK on to the project!  Mom and I wanted to create something we, her, me, you, I could put out and wouldn’t take over any space but was a pop of Americana that fit any room.  So mom found a similar project as we did and had dad running to the hardware store for 2×4’s!  Dad cut them to our desired size and mom got to painting.  I can’t take any credit for these except for the mere fact that I agreed they were perfect for the occasion and was there working on another project when she was painting the blocks!  So kuddos to mom on these they turned out fantastic!  We are selling these via our Etsy Shop as well (SidsShoppe)!


Last is a sweet little wood rocking chair I did for a friend’s daughter.  The little one I did her birthday cake was over a few weeks back and loved the kids rocking chair.  It happened to be mine when I was little!  Her mom mentioned I will need to keep a look out for one as she sat in it quite a bit during their visit.  Well I was out resale shopping and found this chair and new I had to get it and rehab it for a birthday gift.  I ended up sanding it not a ton and had to remove a thin wood piece that was in bad shape off the seat.  With weather all over the board lately I had a couple nice days so decided I would use my spray chalk paint on it.  I sealed it with clear chalk paint spray sealer as well.  For the flowers and name I did the same method I did on a previous wood sign using chalk and a pencil to trace and then painted.  Her bedroom is violet and with the birthday theme butterflies and flowers I thought the flower touch would be cute!  Mom helped me whip up a pocket pillow as we know things can get messy and wanted her mom to be able to wash it.  So here you have my completed rocker.


Well I am off to do another project with mom…herb containers for our kitchens!  Look forward to sharing the project in the next few days!  Cheers

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