Tis’ The Season

Good Morning Friends!  Well the season of happiness is upon us.  Happiness as this time of year brings joy to so many in different ways.  In our home it is the wide eyes seen from two kids from just the thought of decorating the house.

S is in love with the decorating of the season as much as I am.  Each day since we have come back from the Thanksgiving holiday she has decorated a different space.  Her bedroom tree went up first with her snow babies set up on her dresser from her grandma and great grandma. The white garland hangs over her vanity mirror and she’s looking for more to detail her space with.  Next up was her decorating our entrance tree!  Last year I let her decorate our big tree and honestly her placement was perfect and she hasn’t let me down on this years entrance tree; it looks perfect!  K loves to get involved as well but with S managing him he slowly eases himself back to building lego’s!  That is one area of this house he has complete control of his creations.  We decided for his room tree this year we are making it a Lego tree.  Making our own ornaments with his thousands of Lego’s!  For others it’s the memory of the joy the holidays brought to them when they were celebrated with those now watching them from above.

I was at the grocery store this week and an older lady stopped and asked if I had seen the rolled cookie dough.  Being it was Aldi I told her it was probably seasonal and either they wouldn’t have this year or they hadn’t gotten in yet.  She then began talking to me about the cookies she was making.  Leading to her handing them out to all her neighbors as this was her second holiday without her husband as he passed last December and her son was killed in a terrible car accident last July.  My heart cramped as I couldn’t imagine she told me she has their pictures on her mantle and each day let’s them know that it’s crap that they left together and didn’t take her.  I asked what other family she had she said a daughter and she has two granddaughters.  I said this is why you are here they need you and I’m sure your neighbors adore you too.  She smiled and said her granddaughter was to go out of town for Thanksgiving but when she knew grandma would be alone she cancelled her plans and told her grandma she wouldn’t let her be alone and the two of them enjoyed the holiday together.  Your probably reading this and thinking this is all great but why are you sharing a story about a complete stranger.  The reason for me sharing this is because what I didn’t say at the start was that I was in a terrible rush I had only an hour to get my shopping done and make it back to get K from school.  But there was a reason why we crossed paths and a reason she stopped me.  During this holiday season remember take a minute to be kind to others.  You never know what has filled another’s day and what their going through.  So take a minute even when you don’t have it to listen to others and be kind.

Before I let you go and enjoy your Sunday and as the first snow falls and we head to cut down our tree!  I have many projects to share as I mentioned before Dad has began assisting in the furniture business.  I look forward to sharing the couch tables, end tables and headboard he has recently completed.  I’ve also purchased Annie Sloan’s recently released black wax.  I will tell you it’s fantastic and am working to finish a second piece with it.  More on all this very soon!  Until then enjoy this holiday season!  Remember all those that cross your path weather a bright eyed little one or an elderly stranger smiles are free and can change the day of someone.  You know how good it makes you feel when a stranger or a loved one smiles at you…


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