It’s A Wrap!

No pun intended with the title but it does ring true on a few things in our home and I’m sure yours too!  Holidays are wrapped up and all signs of them are now packed away for another year!  Holiday break for the kiddos have wrapped up; we made it safe and sound through that!  I have wrapped up a few more pieces of furniture and have brought new pieces indoors to get my undivided attention!

Let’s start with a few pieces my dad helped me accomplish!  We had requests for bedroom pieces.  My dad is great as I have mentioned before with wood projects.  Give him guidelines and he can make it happen!

We had a request for another sofa table but different dimensions and dark waxed as to stained.  The piece is done in my made white chalk paint and Annie Sloan dark wax.  It’s dimensions are 10.5W x 25 3/4H.

Moving on we are having a great time doing a master bedroom re-do!  Two of the three pieces for this space have been completed.  We started with a headboard which we did in cedar we really wanted to get the rough look but didn’t want to do too much distressing after it was painted.  So it was sanded a ton and then painted with our white chalk paint and then lightly sanded just to take some of the starkness away.  I’m in love with how this turned out!  It looks so great with the colors of the bedding and window treatments!  This was done for a queen size bed.


The side tables we wanted them to go with our headboard but we didn’t want them to be matchy-matchy!  (I love saying that!)  But I also truly don’t like to have things let’s say it again matchy-matchy in my own house so I tend to convey this to those that ask for my help within their homes.  I think not matching everything lends you the flexibility to move and change things often.  My mom is a prime example of someone who does this well! Likely who I learned it from!  She is always changing things up especially in their living room.  Weather it be something as simple as a wreath to a table to throwing a bit of color on an existing piece and having it tie in by adding touches of this color in other places of the space.  Anyway, for the side tables we needed them to be taller as they wanted them bed height.  There wasn’t a need for drawers so keeping it simple was the direction given. We used pine which kept cost down.  Dimensions of these were 19L X 15.5W X 28H.  White chalk paint was used for surrounds and legs and Early American stain for centers.

The dresser is the last piece to be completed for this space.  I’m pretty excited to get working on this in the next few weeks as I have some barn wood that I have sanded down and going to use it on the top of the dresser!  Stay tuned for pictures.  I have also re-done my kitchen and two dressers for another clients little boys new big boy bedroom!

I wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2017!  Cheers🍻

As always let’s make sure we give credit where credit is due.  Even though we tweaked these plans we did use the basic guidelines in creating these pieces.  We thank those of you that shared your ideas so we could use them towards creating our pieces.