Snuggle Up to A Good Read (part 1)

Hello Fellow Book Worms!  I laugh every time I say this as I think of the current book I’m reading with a little green inch worm snuggled up between the pages!  I know I’m odd but oh well.  So for about the past year and a half I have gotten back into reading daily.  There are many reasons why I got back in to reading.  But the most important being I had to own something.  As all moms know once you have kiddos you loose control of just about everything.  I am no different, previously I owned my diet coke and coffee.  Well, I can remember exactly when I lost both of those.  K was 8 months old and we were down in Georgia for Thanksgiving at our night before dinner at the local Mexican Restaurant.  Well K was being needy and Grandma G at that time only saw the kiddos twice a year.  So she was happy to take him so I could have an adult conversation and margarita!  Well very quickly K was quiet and I looked down the long table to see Grandma letting him enjoy her Diet Coke!  He was instantly the happiest baby around!  I picked my jaw up and said “Oh well that’s what’s great about being Grandma and being on vacation!”  K’s Diet Coke addiction hasn’t stopped except for the fact that I stopped drinking it last October so it’s never around for him to sneak sips of!  In regards to owning my coffee each morning, well this is a similar story.  K was out helping me in the garden one summer morning two summers ago so he was three years old.  I went to go add the grape tomatoes to the bowl and K was standing there sipping my coffee!  Coffee lost ownership by me or Joe or heck my mom has been over and she drinks her coffee black and K has asked for a drink and LIKED IT!  Now please know one thing I don’t allow my child to order DC or coffee on his own nor do I open or pour a cup for myself with plans for him to enjoy with me.  This is more of a sneak and enjoy process.  My daughter on the other hand thinks both are absolutely disgusting which I did too until I had kids!  Ok let’s get back to the subject at hand…reading and why I’m loving it again as an adult.  I will say when I read I am a 100% book in hand person.  I have tried to do kindle and other smart device reading and just can’t do it.

I started a few years ago on the Janet Evanovich series with Stephanie Plum.  I was given one and was reading them after I put the kids to bed to relax my own mind.  I became obsessed and was reading a book every few days.  The series was gone through very quick and I realized this is something I CAN OWN!  No One Can Take This From Me…at least until they are adults!  Then I moved on to the Fifty Shades of Grey series which I know had a ton of controversy over.  All I can say is I again was hooked and read the series in a week and a half.  It was definitely a book that made me say WOW but I couldn’t stop reading it!  Next up a friend recommended I start the series by Sandra Hill they are funny and Cajun spicy!  I will say these books for me read very similar to Evanovich’s but I just wasn’t as hooked as Evanovich’s series.  As they say different strokes for different folks?!  These past few months I’ve stopped with doing books in series and really relied on recommendations of Fall/Winter/Spring MUST READ LISTS.  So far, the ones that I have read have been really good.  I’ve also started taking the kids to the library every Wednesday for story/craft/snack time at which time I sit and read and our librarian makes new book recommendations.

The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell was one of the first books on a list I picked up.  As the saying goes everyone has someone or many people in their family that’s let’s say has their quarks.  As adults we often meet families that do things differently then maybe we do or would do in our home.  The family in this book I feel like I knew from somewhere.  Life in this house is one that provides many things and at times you will see maybe so much so that it overtook what was really needed by mom herself.  Resulting in many ups and downs for this family.

I don’t know exactly why as my mom’s family didn’t live this life exactly, but my grandmother was a woman that surrounded herself with children as to things.  Many that “needed” her and she became someone who needed to be “needed.”  At the end of the day my grandparents had ten children and I can’t even tell you how many foster children along the way.  Six of the ten of these children found this life not one they were passionate about.  One leaving the day after they graduated high school and the others quickly moving on to start their own families.  Unfortunately my grandmothers need to be needed didn’t set the other children up for success.  One you may remember me talking about last year dying in his early thirties of heart complications due to obesity.  Others were still needing my grandmother until she passed last February.  Sadly, they never gained the necessary skills to know how to live on their own.  Now that my grandmother has passed they have been forced to learn these so important skills as adults.  Again, this book touched on many things that I think are realistic in many peoples lives indirectly and directly.  I highly recommend this book; it was a great read and tough to put down as I couldn’t wait to see what madness was going to happen next in their house.

I look forward to talking about my next read which was “The Glass Castle” in my next post.  If you are thinking of picking it up I will say do so and see if you enjoy as I did when we meet again!  Until then Cheers!🍻

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