We Are A Team

Happy Thursday Everyone! It has been a whirlwind of a 24 hours here.  But in that 24 hours I discovered a few very important things.  Things I’m working hard to notice/appreciate/love.  Stay tuned for my post about the book I’m finishing up “Present Over Perfect.”  It’s a start at working on all of the above in a life that sometimes demands more than we can or should give.  Anyway, let’s go back a few days…

Tuesday night all is great in the Lisenby home.  Family snuggles before book reading and bed.  (Insert sigh here) you have made it through another day as momma bear!  Then it’s 115am and you hear little feet shuffling to the bathroom, flicking the light switch, then sobbing.  Two things happen here; before the sobbing I think “yes they made to the bathroom, I will just stay cozy.” Then, the sobbing and I feel an instant feeling of sadness for our little one as I have no idea what’s wrong. Shuffling I go!  K is so sad but can’t tell me much. So I’m asking assuming his tummy hurts. Wipe his tears and tuck him back in.  135am blood curdling screaming between a sound that is the farthest thing from music to any persons ears.  K is full throttle throwing up all over his bed. Now my thought is “why couldn’t he just have pee’d the bed!” I fly in there and do all I can to keep my composure as I’m not great with smells but I know if Joe comes I will have to clean it up for two.  So I’m yelling for a bucket and bath started.  After K takes a bath and Joe shockingly doesn’t throw all the bedding out starts a first load.  Yes, Joe does so bad with smells that last time K had the flu the entire full size mattress was heaved  over our bedroom balcony and brought to the curb the next day! No joke!  K being the sweetest little guy looks at me and says “momma I think I just ate too much dinner.” Covering his bed in towels and setting him up with a bucket this dashing in his room went on the rest of the night every 20-30 minutes.  He at one point said “momma when will it be morning so I don’t feel like this?” I prayed that when it was morning he told be done.  At one point I finally fell asleep and woke to Joe telling Kole “we are taking shifts, momma is sleeping.”  I felt bad as I didn’t hear him wake but also an appreciation for my husband for taking “a shift” and not bothering me.  Now here is what I realized in these six hours…Our son is still so young and innocent and needs us.  His vocabulary lately has increased to words like inappropriate and annoying but still slips out shit here and there but he’s still just four.  Many days we are going so fast that I don’t take the time to recognize just this.  The other thing I realized is that when it matters most Joe and I are one heck of a team.  I don’t mind being at the forefront of our kids disaster especially when I know he’s right beside/behind me to get everything and everyone back on track.  The turn around time from disaster in K’s bed to completely back in order including the floor washed was of record speed and I realize I can’t do this or do I want to do this alone.  My appreciation for Joe is so different these days as to ten years ago.  Slowly I’m learning to appreciate all those in my life and make them aware of it.

S woke up by 645 Wednesday and heard Joe so she went down as she loves her daddy time before the day begins.  But quickly I heard her coming to my room. She climbed in bed and said “mom, dad said K has the flu.” I said “yes, he’s been sick for many hours.” She said “I’m sure he’s not going to school today then.”  I say “no, I just want to sleep for a few more minutes.” S says “mom what about your doctors appointment?” I said “I will have to cancel.” She says “yes I think this is best so you can take care of K.” I was up then as first how does she remember my appointments when I barely can. Second she was genuinely concerned for all as she knows my doctors appointments are important but also knew her brother genuinely needed his mom today.  She was to have a sleepover at my parents after school but I wasn’t sure I could get there without a disaster in the car and part of me worried if she might have. I did as I always do when not sure.  I called my mom, yes I’m 36 years old and I call my mom for just about everything.  She may not always think it’s necessary but sometimes I need the assurance that I’m making the right decision. Mom first said umm I think I won’t come up today as planned I catch everything! I’ll just get S after school I said here’s the thing.  Well 45 minutes later S had two bags packed and was on the road with Grandma and Papa with no plans of returning anytime soon!  She had a day and night of creating horse corrals and managing all of Grandmas technology devices and I had a day of cleaning and disinfecting!  K thankfully had his last round of being sick at 10am but was exhausted and laid in bed watching movies.  It was a whirlwind of a morning as one call to my parents and they were up to help.  Stopping for essentials at the grocery store for me first.  I recognized in this morning window that I have a passionate daughter who truly loves her brother.  Sometimes I take her passion for more than simply what it is.  I think we all sometimes are in the moment and jump to conclusions especially with our kids.  I 100% do and I realize I need to nurture my daughters passion and not be so quick to suffocate it.  I also recognize that I have the best parents.  Who truly love me and my family and will do anything for us even at the risk of bringing a flu bug to their house.

My last recognition of how a 24 hour period starting in fresh hell made me recognize many positives in my own life. At bedtime K wanted to sleep in our bed.  Mind you Joe wasn’t getting too close as he reminded us he still has the bug even if he hadn’t puked in hours.  He immediately denied the bedtime request where I was ok with it. Joe said how about I sleep in S’s bed and you sleep in my spot.  He truly can’t get sick and will do whatever to avoid it. So we set him up with towels and a bowl just in case in our bed.  Within 5 minutes he was sound asleep.  I looked over and felt such a love for this little guy.  I went and got joe as he too needed to see what I was seeing.  Such innocents these little ones bring to our lives that as the weather warms and seasons begin to change I don’t want to miss these moments; all of them.

I’m happy to report K woke up this morning at 6am and said “mom when its morning can you make a cup of coffee and let me have some?”  My child is back to normal! Ahhhh!

Have an amazing day! Until next time.  Until next time, cheers 🍻


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