To Our Health!

Good Evening!

Well as my DIY madness is still taking over the kitchen table and garage I thought I would share a few other things.  I mean I know we all love hearing about the madness of S and K as well as how I have myself in a tizzy over what fabric to use to finish one of my freshly painted pieces of furniture but it was brought to my attention as I was discussing products I have been using to stay feeling good that you too might have interest in knowing about these (if you don’t already)!

First things first is coconut oil!  I’m sure you are thinking “Oh geez here we go another person to rant on the benefits of this oil!”  Well you are absolutely correct!  I started using coconut oil about five years ago.  I initially used for my Boston Terrier as he had horrible allergies his feet would become extremely irritated almost to the point of bleeding when the weather would change.  So I started making his well both our dogs at the times food.  So many dog foods have who knows what in them and honestly it was super quick to do and yes I saved money as I wasn’t buying a huge bag of $100 dog food.  The dog food bag I was buying was fish based and had no bi-products in it.  They were also grain and wheat free.  Using only a 1/4 cup of the food in each serving.  If interested in the recipe I will be happy to dig it up.  On to the next Coconut Oil use.  I read about oil pulling about a year ago.  If you have not heard this is taking a one teaspoon of coconut oil and swishing it in your mouth for twenty minutes.  I originally started this as I wanted whiter teeth I know so lame as I could just buy strips or get trays.  But, why would I do something the easy way!  The more I looked into doing this the more benefits I found there were.  Those included helping with jaw clicking, detoxifying the body, and helps sleep better.  These are all things I have had to deal with.  The kids thought swishing was fantastic as well-I was not able to speak for twenty minutes each day! LOL! I use Coconut oil for lip balm especially when seasons are changing.  I also use it in many of my soaks and scrubs.  My most recent discovery to use it for as I am a person that hears someone say the word yeast and seriously within twenty-four hours I have an infection!  UGH! This last round I took my diflucan and days later I was still dealing with the side effects of my infection.  I started researching if my go to oil could help me in any way. I am happy to report it did!  I used it a few times for two days and I honestly felt relief after the first night.  Another recommendation I have is taking coconut oil and using syran wrap and putting a small amount of oil in it to create a capsule.  Place a few in the freezer and the next time you feel a friendly yeast infection coming on pull a capsule out!  Ok so that is all I have to say on coconut oil for now…  I use LouAna but there are many brands out there and it is not crazy expensive.


On to Aloe Vera…I have started drinking a six ounce glass of Aloe Vera juice each day.  You may ask “why in the world would someone even think to start drinking this?” Well let me tell you!  I was recently diagnosed with Endometriosis but when I went in initially for that pain I discovered during my exam I had pain closer to my sternum that when touched had me almost fly off the table!  When my ultrasounds were done nothing came back on this area.  I have discovered this area is where your emotions are stored (I thank my massage therapists for this information).  As in Aloe Vera for the outside of our body it’s a healing product for the inside as well.  So I can’t say for sure but I would also say this product is helping with my endometriosis symptoms as well.  At the end of the day what is wrong with putting something in to your body that can’t hurt it?  With so much out there that can.  I currently use the Fruit of the Earth brand sold at Wal-Mart.


Something else I wish I would have discovered sooner is vitamin B1!  As we spend a ton of time outside.  This year the mosquitoes have been outrageous and have forced us in.  Having a house with an assortment of trees as well as a pond and I mean let’s be honest grass is an attractant to them.  All of these elements invite these pests out as soon as the weather invites them.  B1 if taken daily just before this season starts will make you un-attractive to mosquitoes!  Yes, I know genius taking a vitamin will avoid a billion bites on our precious skin!  I strongly recommend giving this or recommending this to those we know that work outdoors during these months as well.

Ok well that was my quick run on health and what is currently working for us!  Until next time be well and please share other natural ways you have found that keep you and your family healthy!