It’s A Wrap!

No pun intended with the title but it does ring true on a few things in our home and I’m sure yours too!  Holidays are wrapped up and all signs of them are now packed away for another year!  Holiday break for the kiddos have wrapped up; we made it safe and sound through that!  I have wrapped up a few more pieces of furniture and have brought new pieces indoors to get my undivided attention!

Let’s start with a few pieces my dad helped me accomplish!  We had requests for bedroom pieces.  My dad is great as I have mentioned before with wood projects.  Give him guidelines and he can make it happen!

We had a request for another sofa table but different dimensions and dark waxed as to stained.  The piece is done in my made white chalk paint and Annie Sloan dark wax.  It’s dimensions are 10.5W x 25 3/4H.

Moving on we are having a great time doing a master bedroom re-do!  Two of the three pieces for this space have been completed.  We started with a headboard which we did in cedar we really wanted to get the rough look but didn’t want to do too much distressing after it was painted.  So it was sanded a ton and then painted with our white chalk paint and then lightly sanded just to take some of the starkness away.  I’m in love with how this turned out!  It looks so great with the colors of the bedding and window treatments!  This was done for a queen size bed.


The side tables we wanted them to go with our headboard but we didn’t want them to be matchy-matchy!  (I love saying that!)  But I also truly don’t like to have things let’s say it again matchy-matchy in my own house so I tend to convey this to those that ask for my help within their homes.  I think not matching everything lends you the flexibility to move and change things often.  My mom is a prime example of someone who does this well! Likely who I learned it from!  She is always changing things up especially in their living room.  Weather it be something as simple as a wreath to a table to throwing a bit of color on an existing piece and having it tie in by adding touches of this color in other places of the space.  Anyway, for the side tables we needed them to be taller as they wanted them bed height.  There wasn’t a need for drawers so keeping it simple was the direction given. We used pine which kept cost down.  Dimensions of these were 19L X 15.5W X 28H.  White chalk paint was used for surrounds and legs and Early American stain for centers.

The dresser is the last piece to be completed for this space.  I’m pretty excited to get working on this in the next few weeks as I have some barn wood that I have sanded down and going to use it on the top of the dresser!  Stay tuned for pictures.  I have also re-done my kitchen and two dressers for another clients little boys new big boy bedroom!

I wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2017!  Cheers🍻

As always let’s make sure we give credit where credit is due.  Even though we tweaked these plans we did use the basic guidelines in creating these pieces.  We thank those of you that shared your ideas so we could use them towards creating our pieces.



Hello Everyone!  Ok so I’m not sure what has went on these past two weeks…oh wait spring has happened!  Which means I’m trying to accomplish oh about 1,000 things!  School gets out for the kids.  People are ordering furniture from mom and I and the yard needs attention.  It’s a juggling act as Joe has been working crazy hours again or should I say still!  The past two nights have been after 11pm and he has left I think somewhere between 530am and 630am…I’m asleep but he’s gone when I have gotten up and I know the alarm goes off at 530am!  I’m looking outside to a sky covered in black which I am happy and sad about.

My garden I put in last week to only wake to slight frost days later.  I dropped preen in my beds and walkways to get rid of weed re-growth.  So this says a few things I weeded almost all areas already and my fingers are crossed I won’t have to do again!  My garden I think may be ok.  My tomato plants are the ones that look to be struggling.  My snap peas are sprouting 🌱 and my bells and jalapeno plants are growing!  I did less plants this year as last year it got out of hand.  My brussels were only for me and didn’t do great so I skipped them this year.  Carrots were awesome so I did more this year.  I am also doing a pot of onions.  Onions are completely an experiment as we use them but never quick enough when I buy at the store.  I had one sprout in the pantry.  So I split it and dropped it in a cup of water until they got nice roots.  I then took an old large pot and put some soil from the yard and bagged soil in then buried their roots.  We will see they seem to have taken as they are now next to one of my raised beds outside.  I’m happy for the storms coming and the ones we’ve had overnight as the preen needs to get in the soil.  My flowers and vegetables need the water too!  I also dropped some spot grass seed.  All of which I have been watering daily but nothing in comparison to a good rain bath!

In other nature news our baby birds have learned to fly and left the nest.  Which we were very happy for as Saturday we decided to have our first campout.  We had it in the kids tree fort!  Joe and I completely expected this to last a few hours so didn’t plan very well for our bodies needs being on a wood floor.  At midnight the kids were still snoring and my hips were screaming and Joe was tossing.  He ran in for more blankets!  The dogs slept in there with us!  Nala was pretty much on top of me so I was sweating the entire night.  But, it was so worth it.  K woke at 630 having to go potty VERY bad!  S and Joe slept until 730!  If the rain clears and mosquitoes aren’t too bad we are going to do another round this weekend! But bringing yoga mats out to go under us this round!

Furniture and other home re-habbing has been happening almost daily!  We have sold a few pieces and had requests to find pieces to re-do for people.  This is all super exciting as we need to move some of our finished products.  We are planning to have a tag sale next weekend!  Everyone who does this I’m sure understands the wish to have a little shop and make this their full time successful gig.  But for us that time isn’t now for many reasons so having our version of a garage sale but with new items so calling it a tag sale with refinished pieces for the home including furniture and decorations we hope to feel that same success without the overhead.  Stay tuned for an update on how it goes!  Here are a few pieces completed over the past few weeks!

The kids are doing great!  S has pushed a bit but learning quickly that losing prize possessions is so not worth giving an attitude to me.  I think they are understanding that it’s just me a lot and I appreciate them especially when they are helpful and respectful.  Not that I don’t always appreciate my kids but when it’s just you it makes that appreciation show through more when they are good, not pushing buttons just to push buttons, etc.  K had his last day Tuesday which I don’t think he truly gets that many of these kids he will not see next year.  Which I am sad as I truly found some little ones in his class that were such sweet kids.  But I’m sure at 4K there will be just as many if not more little sweeties!  For his teachers I went with the “Orange you Glad it’s Summer bags!”  I found cute tote/straw bags at Target and filled them with Orange LaCroix Water, Orange Trident Gum, Orange Straws, Orange (mojito scent) Diffuser sticks and bottle, Orange citronella candle, Orange notepad, and Orange Pencils.  Of course topped with Orange and White Tissue Paper.  For S I ordered Dr. Seuss’s book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” and found a cute saying on Pintrest to send to her teacher with it.  Having her teachers write a note in it each year until she graduates high school and giving it to her graduation day!  If you would like a copy of the note as the one I found you could not edit to personalize please message me and I will send it to you.  I couldn’t figure out how to link for you directly on post.  (Thank you to whomever wrote the original)!

Well I think this kind of sums up where I have been or at least gives you an idea!  I promise to check back in over the next few days.  I wish all of you a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!  Thank you to all those that have and do serve our country!🇺🇸


It’s all about the Sign!

Hello Friends!  So I’ve been back at getting creative over the past few weeks from birthday cakes to wood signs!  I know that’s quite the spectrum!  But that’s me, I have a hard time sticking to just one creative link so working with creating a special cake for a celebration to roughing up some new letters to team them up with my old pallet piece let’s me cover all ground!  Heck now that I’m thinking of it this is quite honestly besides the kids being out of school what has had me away from you all for the past week.  Not a great excuse but its the truth!  Let’s start with my kitchen creations!

It’s been a frenzy of cakes over here.  Ok maybe not to a bakery but to just little old me it has been!  As I’m still learning and challenging myself at dimensional cakes.  I had a request for an owl cake as well as a butterflies and flower cake.  The Owl cake I was particularly excited about as I LOVE owls.  And pigs specifically flying and miniature but I’m not sure I will get a cake request for this.  So I was really excited to do an owl cake.  I wasn’t given much direction except the girl it was for loves owls of all colors so do as I wanted.  This for me is good and bad as I am a perfectionist as well as a bit indecisive.  So when told to do as I want it becomes a struggle within.  I ran with it and decided to go bright as Spring was in the air and she was a teenager.  I again made this one with half chocolate cake as well as white cake.  Vanilla frosting was what I crumbed and layered the cake with.  I made homemade marshmallow fondant for all parts covering the cake.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!


I then had a friend’s little one turning 2 this past weekend!  I asked if I could do her little cuties cake.  She was thrilled with the offer and has provided many thanks.  For me it was a pleasure as it again gave me an opportunity to perfect my craft and do a different cake.  I don’t know what I will do when someone asks me to do a second of one I’ve already done!! Anyway, her party was butterflies and flowers.  We shared a few ideas via pinterest but ultimately her and her husband said to use my creativeness and do as I wanted.  I decided to go with softer colors due to her age and the vibe of their family!  Don’t get me wrong bright colors totally suit them but I was feeling soft, cool colors for this particular event.  Cake and fondant the same which now that I’m saying it next cake I’m going to do a change up if it’s my choice!  I think I do a combo as then there’s something for everyone.  This one for me came out simply and pretty and felt just right for Ms. Elle’s 2nd birthday celebration!

Now let’s chat about some wood things!  Ya that was a jump so stay with me as mentioned earlier I can’t stay focused on one activity too long I get bored!!!  So mom came over last week with a great sign for my kitchen.  Having a husband in the stone business we have access to many pallets.  Like I have two still needing to be taken apart on my back deck and 9 boards drying out on my back deck table and I’m looking at my burn pit where he just unloaded oh six more pallets!  He tells me he is getting some heavy duty wide pallets next week which he will save for mom and I!  Can’t wait!! Anyway, I had dad cut some of the boards down as they were splitting in sections but majority of them were still totally useable.  Mom white washed them and picked up some wood letters.   She created these GROCERY signs for her and I!  I during my closet clean out found SIDNEE in wood letters which I bought before she was born but never did anything with so I painted them and created a sign for her room!  Now we are on a sign spree we have created a few different ones.  ENJOY, EAT, LAUNDRY and we are planning to sell them on our Etsy store (SidsShoppe)!  We will offer custom colors and words/names as well!  Let us know what you think and please if interested place an order via our Etsy shop.  We should have all signs added in the next day!


Now wood blocks are up for discussion!  Before sharing I have to briefly mention how much I adore patriotic decorations.  First because they are a way to thank our current and past soldiers for all they do and also how proud I am to live in America.  But on a decorators love level its purely because I can show my love from May until September!  I mean how many decorations do you have that go up for a month and then you are rushing to put them back in storage and pull out another tote for the next month!  So Americana decorations are all around a win-win in my book!  OK on to the project!  Mom and I wanted to create something we, her, me, you, I could put out and wouldn’t take over any space but was a pop of Americana that fit any room.  So mom found a similar project as we did and had dad running to the hardware store for 2×4’s!  Dad cut them to our desired size and mom got to painting.  I can’t take any credit for these except for the mere fact that I agreed they were perfect for the occasion and was there working on another project when she was painting the blocks!  So kuddos to mom on these they turned out fantastic!  We are selling these via our Etsy Shop as well (SidsShoppe)!


Last is a sweet little wood rocking chair I did for a friend’s daughter.  The little one I did her birthday cake was over a few weeks back and loved the kids rocking chair.  It happened to be mine when I was little!  Her mom mentioned I will need to keep a look out for one as she sat in it quite a bit during their visit.  Well I was out resale shopping and found this chair and new I had to get it and rehab it for a birthday gift.  I ended up sanding it not a ton and had to remove a thin wood piece that was in bad shape off the seat.  With weather all over the board lately I had a couple nice days so decided I would use my spray chalk paint on it.  I sealed it with clear chalk paint spray sealer as well.  For the flowers and name I did the same method I did on a previous wood sign using chalk and a pencil to trace and then painted.  Her bedroom is violet and with the birthday theme butterflies and flowers I thought the flower touch would be cute!  Mom helped me whip up a pocket pillow as we know things can get messy and wanted her mom to be able to wash it.  So here you have my completed rocker.


Well I am off to do another project with mom…herb containers for our kitchens!  Look forward to sharing the project in the next few days!  Cheers

Creative Spring Juices are Flowing!

Happy Sunday Friends!

This weekend was a beautiful one here weather wise!  Guess what it is the first weekend in who knows how long that we have had TWO healthy children!  WooHoo!  It was a weekend of goodbyes and a weekend of hellos!

On Saturday we said our final goodbyes to my grandmother.  As I mentioned in my previous post she requested NOTHING be done for her after she had passed.  My mom and her siblings felt something small needed to happen for closure for many of the family.  So our immediate family that was able to join met on Saturday at the cemetery where my brother-in-law said a few words.  It was a great opportunity for us if we wanted to say a few words of goodbye to her.  It was a hard time but felt good to be able to have the time.  I do feel a bit more closure today and am thankful we had it.  Now Joe will go to the stone quarry and pick out a stone and have it engraved for both my grandparents headstone. Once this is set I will feel at peace…or at least more so.

Ok now I am happy to share my hello for the weekend!  As today I had a list of things to do at my house but really wasn’t feeling it😁 Soooo I called mom and asked if she felt like whipping up some Spring wreaths!  She of course was in the same state as me and wasn’t really feeling any house work either!  I didn’t want to do our standard burlap wreath.  I had two straw wreaths laying around.  I’m sure I found them at a garage sale or goodwill years ago!  I am a firm believer in when garage sale or goodwill shopping if you see wreaths even if there is a terrible wreath done on it grab it!

Get the following items together:

-1 wreath; grapevine or straw

-1 package of sewing pins

-3 packages of colorful napkins

I noticed a napkin wreath that I had pinned via Pinterest last spring and never did.  I ran to the dollar tree and grabbed four packages of spring colored napkins.  Mom and I got to it! We weren’t using a grapevine wreath so we used sewing pins.  I did the same method of twisting the bottom and pinning them to the wreath as suggested.  A side note don’t make them too close.  Another note the site we used said you only need one package of napkins.  I used roughly two so maybe mine is even closer than suggested….WELL CLEARLY IT IS IF I HAD TO USE MORE THAN THEY DID! LOL  But, I was liking the way it was coming together.  This was a super simple project and I think it turned out pretty cute for roughly $2.50!


While I was there I wandered into mom’s craft room and noticed three wine bottles I had painted about a month ago and kind of forgot about😢 They needed another coat of paint and for me to figure out what I was using them for.  I just loved the colors together; grey, yellow and white!  Felt fun and spring/sunny to me when I started.  So I decided to finish these while I was there!  I used Waverly chalk paints (Wal-Mart brand) grey, white, and yellow.  I forgot the stencil for the bunny I searched the internet for a bunny outline and came up with this one.  I may or may not add little tails to these cuties with pom-pons once I find the darn bag in S’s craft supplies!  Otherwise, I will just get some flowers to throw into them and voila another SUPER cheap Spring craft!  These cost me…well I did have to drink three bottles of wine!  But that doesn’t count I actually collect all glass jars beverages and food come in as you never know what or when you will need them for a craft.  I’ve designated a shelf in the garage for them.  The paint mom had and it wasn’t bought specifically for these so we will say this project cost me about $2!


Ok well there is our super quick, super cheap, super fun Spring projects for this weekend!  Happy Crafting!  Cheers!

By the way while I share with you my fun day S and K are with Joe having a zip lining party with their Barbies & Lego Men! Yes my Yoga mat is water, the basket is where they can get shot by nerf guns and the blocks are the castle!





Lisenby Week In Review

Hello Friends!

I hope you are all having a great week!  It’s like once the kids got healthy it’s been a game of catch up on EVERYTHING!  Guess what I am still not caught up!  My house for starters needs a permanent housekeeper.  Joe called Monday letting me know a client would be coming to see the house at 2pm…this gave me two hours to have the main floor spotless or show ready as he says!  My dishwasher always seems to be blinking saying please empty me!  My office is a war zone; if you know me this is a struggle.  I have a slight 😉 case of OCD.  So this is a struggle but sometimes you just have to close the door and say filing, bills, and all other paperwork we will talk VERY soon!  Then there is the “L” word no I’m not talking about the warm and cozy word LOVE!  I have no love for the chore of doing laundry!  The first of the year I committed myself to doing a load a day to avoid the Sunday 15 load day.  Well I make my own detergent and last Wednesday I ran out!!!! So it sat and sat some more than I was able to make more on Sunday so today I’m ALMOST caught up!  Did I mention I’m trying to squeeze working out in to my daily routine?  Yes, I have been sticking to it; I’m shocked too!  Oh yeah and there are two little crazy children running around demanding just about anything and everything from me!  You know feed me, let’s make valentines, help me in the bathroom, MOM, MOM, MOM!  Where did they come from!LOL Then there are the crafts that need to be finished so I can get them to the shop mom and I have stuff at to make some moola!  So guess what this is bumped to the top!  Don’t worry the kids were fed and bathed!  And here I am blabbing to you about this. You are probably laughing but thinking isn’t this every mothers life!  It is I just needed to share!!

So our adorable bunny projects have been brought to the shop in time for Spring/Easter sales!  I love the fact that the shop Simply Marvelous here in Wisconsin has allowed us to expand what we bring in as we started with our furniture and now the owner has our seasonal items.  These particular seasonal items are really the only ones she will have for guests to choose from!  Which is great for us plus if you ask me they turned out so cute they are all any home needs.  Ok maybe a great wreath on your door too!

Last week I didn’t share details about our little princesses birthday!  Yes, the one of two above that is constantly needing things:) Ms. S turned 5 and as I shared we ended up having her birthday at an indoor amusement center.  We had 17 kids of varying ages so this location did seem to be very appropriate even though I was hesitant.  I will also say having no mess to clean up was FABULOUS!  The one thing I did do for her day was make her cake.  Since we were at a location we really did away with a theme except for this and her goodie bags.  She loves Littlest Pet Shop so she wanted that as her cake theme.  I ended up doing red velvet cake for one level, chocolate/white for the second and third with buttercream frosting and marshmallow frosting!  For goodies bags I struggled as I hate to just say here is a bag of sugar go drive your parents up the wall!  Again, not being able to do too much else as we were not at home I wanted to make them special.  So we for the girls we did puzzles, the surprise package with a pet shop pet, 3 pieces of candy.  For the boys we ended up doing teenage mutant ninja turtles as LPS doesn’t really offer a boy per-say surprise package.  We did TMNT puzzles, TMNT mini lego’s and 3 pieces of candy.  The older boys we gave them WWE playing cards and also gave them tickets to do bumper cars!  Overall, I think everyone had a great time!

Ok so as promised we need to discuss some good eats over this past week!  There have been a few but the best and HIGHLY recommended one is going to be a pulled pork recipe! I did get this via Pinterest and I am so glad I did because it was amazing.  A few little side notes!  This is a plan ahead dinner as it is a slow roasting one which means prepping dry rubs and brining for at least 24 hours.  It is so worth it!  Also, she recommends using a disposable roasting pan.  I used mine and if you remember from above my dishwasher issues and catching up…well yeah this soaked for two days after as it was caked!  So do yourself the favor and grab a roasting pan they sell them at the dollar tree!  Or foil line your roasting pan.  Lastly, this recipe does not need any sauce but I know that some people have to have a sauce for EVERYTHING!  This was good with a honey bbq but again no sauce is needed.  There is a little kick to it!  The kids did not enjoy this but I’m sure if less spice they would have.  With these I also made baked french fries which yes the kids ate and asked for seconds!  Again, not planning well I had to juggle cooking these at a high temp while the pork was at very low temp but it all worked out.  So next time I will start my pork first thing in the morning as it takes all day this way I can take it out to rest while I make the fries!  So here you are, enjoy!!  Thank you to those that posted for us to enjoy as well.

Well, I’m off to empty the dishwasher and fold my 368th load of laundry for the week! Lol!  Have a great rest of your evening.  Cheers!

Lisenby Week In Review

Hello Everyone!
Holy Cannoli its been a week here at the Lisenby Residence!  A viral infection has taken over our house.  I know wasn’t I just saying that we had the flu and we were not going to be sick the rest of 2016!  Darn I spoke too soon! It started with K at the beginning of last week and Friday we were at the doctors with both as S woke up Friday morning with the same crazy cough/bark!  Only to be told it’s viral and our doctors cough lasted eight weeks!  YES, you read that right eight weeks!  WHAT THE!?!? Sunday K seemed over it with a cough here and there but Sunday night it hit S like a ton of bricks! She started with a temperature of 100 and all night fluctuated between that and 104.  Many rounds of cool clothes and cold bath but I was not able to get below 100.  We were back at the doctors as her cough was still bad at we were back to 102.  We discovered she needed a breathing treatment and if that didn’t work we would go do a chest x-ray for pneumonia.  This wasn’t what I expected I actually thought we might have escalated from viral to strep.  Well here we are three days later and she is still home from school.  We have been doing albuterol treatments every four hours.  She still has a terrible cough but doesn’t seem as much.  Tomorrow we will likely be back in just to confirm her chest is 100% clear.  As Saturday is her 5th birthday!  Sunday is her party!  So we need to get her back and running!  Amongst the zarbee’s cough syrup, Motrin and breathing treatments I have actually been doing other things!

Last week a good friend of ours who owns a excavation company had his birthday!  I’m sure you can guess I challenged myself to a special cake for him!  Last time I did a construction cake was for K on his 2nd birthday.  That was also the first time I did a 3D cake so it was…to say the least STRESSFUL!  Well here we are two years later and I have done a couple cakes since but not a construction cake and let me tell you…it was just as STRESSFUL!  The bucket, arm and boom which I waited to do until the rest of the cake was done and I was quite pleased with it.  Now I had a small window of time to complete the cake and we had these main components to complete!  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  Let’s just say I did it three different times even bringing Joe in for assistance on the second go at it!  We started using Twix bars…WAY too heavy.  Next we tried bananas; better but still pulled!  Last I decided not all cakes can be 100% edible and this was going to have to be my first cake that was not.  So I went and watched videos and went to the CAT website to review details.  Then I grabbed a cardboard box and got cutting.  I covered it in fondant which I will say adhered great with just water.  Lastly I added a few details to show the screws/nuts that held each section together.  The cake itself was chocolate and one was white.  The fondant was marshmallow.  The frosting was buttercream; side note I am not a buttercream fan so I almost always do cream cheese frosting but this was the third cake in three months I had done for this family it was time to change it up!  I actually really like the buttercream recipe I used.  See below for the link!

My siblings and my mom made our way to a painting class on Friday night.  Yes after completing the first time the excavator cake!  Just what I needed to do is go from one stressful art project to another!! LOL!  We went in celebration of my little sisters birthday she is finally OLD!  She’s 31…She loves elephants so there happen to be event doing an elephant at The Studio by my parents so we all went and enjoyed drinks and paint!  It’s always fun to do even if you think your painting good be done better by a toddler:)  These events are great for just about any occasion and with one friend or twenty!  Check your local listing for a location near you!


I have also been working on a few other projects with Mom of course as we are a team when it comes to products we are selling at a local shop!  Our holiday ornaments, snowmen out of birch and stuffed snowmen were a hit so we have decided besides having furniture pieces at the shop we are going to provide seasonal items for the home here too! As long of course as she will accept!  So for spring we are going to go with a bunny theme which I think is perfect for spring! If your yard is like mine those cute little ones are going to be all over our yards very soon!  I will mention they don’t step foot in to my back yard since Nala has arrived…we had a devastating experience last summer and word must have gotten out on the street.  But, they do love our property as I just saw one in the front yard a few days ago!  Anyway, back to it…We are doing some floppy eared bunnies out of two shades of burlap and garden flags!  One side note on the flags which I’m super excited to share is sealing the edges of the burlap.  I was super annoyed with how quickly mine started to fray after cutting.  So of course I started google searching for how to and of course it was like 9pm and I didn’t have fabric stiffener on the shelf of magic that they were suggesting but I did have modge podge!  Heck I have about 20 bottles of modge podge laying around as every time they are in the dollar section at Target or I see them at the Dollar Tree I grab a bottle or two!  So I simply used my small tip brush and painted it along the edge.  It dries quick as by the time I was back where I started that area was dry!  The more you use the stiffer it gets just an FYI!  A note on the floppy bunnies is to use beans over rice to weigh their bottoms down!  We used a bit of muslin fabric so our pinto beans didn’t show through on the lighter burlap.  So here are a few pictures of the cute stuff!  I think we may do a few other items but haven’t decided 100% yet!  Happy Spring decorating!

Well I have another cake to get finished up for a special little girls 5th birthday party tomorrow!  Look forward to sharing all the fun we have next week!  Until then enjoy your evening.  Cheers


Where Have I Been?!!

Hello Friends!

Its been forever since I have checked in and so much has been going on!  So while S & K sleep in I thought it was the perfect time!

S just hit fifty days of being in 4K!  Celebrating with a 1950’s day unfortunately after she sock hopped her cough and not feeling well hit her like a wall and I had to pick her up as she had a fever of 101.  We’ve had croup run it’s course just a few weeks ago with both kids and now this week started with K waking up after passing out in his bed before I even put sheets on it with a fever but fine by morning and now the week had ended with S.  I’m sure this has much to do with a few things but our weather has been so all over the board!  We have ranged from 35-71!  How can anyone’s body let alone a toddlers adjust.  I have never been someone to have allergies but this year has taken me by storm!  I’ve taken allergy pill almost every day this week which I haven’t taken them in a few weeks.  One thing I will say is I will take this weather over those little white things that are going to fall sooner than later!  One funny thing I have to share as last night Joe was giving S her cough medicine.  She HATES taking medicine so after a few requests I say “ok S do you want to have to go to the doctor and get a shot?”  her response “Mom, really are you really going there?” Like seriously that line worked when I was three it doesn’t work when I’m four!

2015-12-01 18.06.12IMG_0396

Fifty days in to the school year for both kids has been so fun so far!  I have had the opportunity to go help out in S’s class.  Joe went and carved pumpkins in her class for their fall festival party!  Next week week have conferences; I know seriously I can’t even imagine what her teacher will have to report!  We did get her progress report and was pleased to see she is doing very well.  Next Thursday is bring someone your thankful for in to school so Grandma is going and bringing music to have a dance party!  She also had her school pictures which may not be a big deal to some parents but for me this is a special day!  I mean this is what will be hanging on my walls for years to come and some day their significant others will see these.  As an adult there are many pictures not necessarily school pictures I would prefer not have surfaced for Joe to see!  But school pictures were always important when I was growing up.  Not to my mom but to me and my sisters!  I remember having my older sister curl my hair for the special day and picking out my favorite outfit!  S if you haven’t guessed S is kind of an actress herself so she too takes these days seriously so practicing her smile went on the night before and morning of!  We love how the pictures turned out!  I of course had to curl her hair again this year!!  K hasn’t had school pictures just yet but he is loving 3K and making some great friends!  WOW is he different from S at Montessori as S would daily paint and create pictures for us.  K does not like getting his hands to gross and painting poses an opportunity for this so I’m sure that’s why he has yet to bring me a painting.  But he has been doing metal inset books for me which I love!  He has taken to doing a lot with me at home in the kitchen mainly!  He has been baking and cooking with me almost daily!  S I remember enjoyed this at three as well she lately has been busy setting up her christmas decorations, etc. in her barbie house!  K is actually fantastic in the kitchen, I think and hope he sticks with it!  It’s often a good way for me to calm him down.  If he wakes up from nap crabby having him come in the kitchen to work on dinner almost immediately calms him down.  I find that baking does this for me.  A few weeks ago I found myself on a baking frenzy and had no idea why…well I was stressed and realized when I make my way to the kitchen it takes me away from those stresses that life can bring.


What else has had me away has been my love for re-finishing furniture!  My mom and I also have had ourselves prepping for a craft show where we had a holiday theme!  We have finished quite a few pieces and we are very happy to report that we have recently put our items in a local consignment shop; Simply Marvelous!  The shop is fantastic she has a bit of everything but not anything I wouldn’t love to purchase myself which is  a big part of why we think this location is a good fit for our furniture and hand made items.  A few things I have learned as we have worked with different brands of chalk paint is…everyone seems to be making it these days!  The prices vary from $5.95-$40.  I am someone who is willing to try all brands as I think all have a surface they work best on.  I will say I most recently purchased Rustoleum’s Chalk Paint and love the fact that their product comes in basic colors and you can have them mixed to create a variety of colors!  I have not tried Valspar’s Chalk Paint but have heard similar reviews.  So if you are looking for a suggestion mine is give them all a whirl until you find one that feels good for you and the surface you are working with!  Also, most expensive doesn’t always mean the best!  I will say brush quality does play an important role and spending a little more can give you a better finish.  So far synthetic has been my least favorite for what I’ve been working on and natural hair is becoming a favorite!  But again try them all as will even say the Dollar Store if you are using synthetic has actually been a decent brush!  My mom as you know is who paints with me and her paint brand of choice is Annie Sloan and she loves Annie Sloans Pure Bristle Brush.  I will agree it does provide nice coverage!  The brush is roughly $30 so worth the investment if you plan to do more than one project.  Ok so on to our projects completed and upcoming!

Provence Frame white washed.  Provence Shadow Box with a gold Antique.


Candlestick holders done in Annie Sloan Provence and Clear waxed to lighten.2015-12-01 10.54.57

Tool Box done with Annie Sloan Arles and Annie Sloan Dark Wax.  We left the inside as is.IMG_0325

End Table done with Provence Annie Sloan and Rustoleum White Linen.  Spray painted the feet and handle.  Left the inside of the drawer solid color to add some pop!2015-11-05 16.10.03

Small Round Table Top Almost Complete.  Done with Rustoleum Grey and White Washed.  The Chairs are wood with brown leather seats.  We have done the wood in grey and white washed and the seats in grey.  Finished picture to follow!IMG_0447

Basic Plain Ornaments Chalk Painted with Waverly’s Colors and softly Sandpapered to age a bit.IMG_0445

Clear Ornaments Mod Podged with a variety of holiday papers and glittered!IMG_0450-1

Rag Ball Ornaments using muslim and styrofoam balls

Different size jars used with a variety of size trees and fake snow.  Add a little holiday ribbon and viola! So cute on your mantel or entertainment center or really anywhere!


Dad made up these little golf ball snowmen and mostly mom and I decorated them!

How cute are snowmen!  Love these three are all mom handmade of muslin with adorable accessories!  The wood one is made of birch and accented with baby socks for hat and fabric scarves with button and hat accessories.  Each of the wood guys we made were different as far as accessories goes!

All I can say is I am thankful I have a mom who keeps all her random craft stuff as it has allowed us to try making so many fun holiday items!

Up next I am working on painting a chair…This is going to either be FANTASTIC or brought straight to the curb!  LOL!

2015-11-30 09.56.01

Another fun fact about me that you may or may not know I enjoy making 3D cakes.  This has not always been something I have been passionate about but when my contact moved out of state it was on me to start making the kids birthday cakes as I mean heaven forbid we have a non 3D cake!  So I have been doing their cakes and friends cakes mainly over the past year.  I am getting better but still have ALOT to learn!  Here are a few I’ve done!

Pac-Man for my nephews birthday that was celebrated at Level 257-fun game place for kids and adults!  A friends daughter celebrated her birthday with fairies in mind!  Here is her fairies house!  My other nephew celebrated his 4th birthday with a Thor cake!  Lastly another friends son who loves to hunt I made a deer head cake for!  As I said I’m getting better but starting out I used pre made items as in fondant but now I’m making my own marshmallow fondant and it works AMAZING so much better than store bought and a bunch cheaper!  If you do make your own remember it needs to set up so plan ahead.

Well we are working on holiday decorations and yes I am behind as usually my house’s decorations inside and out are complete.  I guess it’s better doing now than Christmas Eve!


Happy Saturday friends and I look forward to catching up again soon!! Cheers!

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The Bell Has Rung!

We did it we made it through our second week for S and first week for K of school!  The first day for S provided a few emotions I didn’t expect.  As we were so excited for the day when she said she was nervous it instantly made me nervous for her.  Walking up she was a super shy kid; not her usually bubbly self.  After we said goodbye I felt terrible made it to the car to have a few tears.  I was scared for her!  I hadn’t planned on having this emotion which is silly why wouldn’t I she is still only four years old.  Three hours later I picked up a beaming little girl who had an amazing day and has been excited to go back every day.  Now the bummer has come for me…Five days in and S has had an opportunity to go in the drop off-line with the older kids now she doesn’t want me to get out of the car and walk her up.  I asked why she said “mom I’m getting older, just drop me off.”  When I get out to give her a kiss she says “mom what’s with all the kisses?”  Is this seriously happening?  My best girlfriend is over me and now part of the too cool for mom club. Sigh!  Wait till I start helping in her classroom!


K finished his first week of school this week and he did fantastic!  I was a bit concerned as he and S are very close but he was super excited to start “big kid” school!  On day two he requested I just drop him off as we do S!  Umm No!  He is still super loving but I will say on day two he gave kisses and said “ok see you later mom!” sigh, my little sweet boy is getting too big too fast!  For a split second I truly thought I wish I had another little one but the thought quickly left and I came to my senses!  The two we have are amazing and we look forward to watching them grow into amazing adults!


Other Lisenby news!  Our poor puppy Duke has had a rough  almost ten days.  We took him in for his neuter last Thursday and unfortunately we ended up back at the vet on Saturday and at the Vet ER on Sunday having him stay the night.  The ER when brought in determined he needed an immediate scrotal ablation as he had an absyss started as well as bacteria.  He came home Monday evening with two drains in and stronger antibiotics.  He will have to be in his cone for at least fourteen days which let me tell you.  These things are a total joke!  We were originally provided a comfy cone; NEVER would I recommend this to a pet owner.  He was going gonzo with this thing on.  They wanted him to be still to slow the bleeding well this did pretty much the opposite.  Saturday they had to re-laser and increase his sedation meds.  Being a holiday weekend we had plans pretty much all weekend.  Sunday we woke to quite a bit of bleeding after doing all we were told by our vets.  After multiple conversations with the ER team we ended up taking him in.  Timing with anything is never when we want so we were dressed to go to a wedding but ended up at the ER office.  They took him in and let us know it couldn’t wait until our offices opened on Tuesday.  So they kept him overnight and did the surgery at 2 a.m.  His drains came out on Wednesday and we have another follow-up tomorrow.  Needless to say Joe and I are pretty upset about the entire situation.  Our poor Duke is hating this calm thing.  He truly is a mellow dog but he also is one of two and wants to play when he wants to.  I mean he is only nine months old!


Let’s get back to something fun and happy!  DIY projects…That’s fun, right?!  I mentioned my kids popasan chair that I recently purchased at a flea market.  It needed to be re-done completely.  So here it is I used Dutch Boy white chalk paint.  Removed and replaced the inside padding and cover on seat of chair.  Made new cushions and viola!

wpid-20150816_125556.jpgwpid-20150817_112254.jpgwpid-20150909_210914.jpg wpid-20150905_081845.jpg

Next on the docket was a small end table.  I used white indoor/outdoor paint.  I sanded it a bit and mixed my Waverly clear wax and antique wax about 50/50.  I applied it initially just lightly but then I got going and couldn’t stop!  Going in to this I had no plan on doing it so dark but now that it’s done I love it.  I apologize I don’t have an initial picture this table was blue when I purchased.  I also don’t think the pictures show how dark it is.  It is actually about a shade and a half darker than it appears in the pictures.


Lastly for my painting projects are my two frames.  They are great frames but needed something they were previously oak with the burlap accent!  I went with Annie Sloan violet chalk paint on these.  I used Dutch Boy white on top and then Annie Sloan clear wax.  I will mention many times they say other chalk paints do not adhere to Annie Sloans but Dutch Boy so far has seemed to adhere to all brands!


I told you I was working on pajama pants and Monster High were the first ones up!  S loves them and they look super cute on her.  I had to make some adjustments from the pattern as it was a bit long for her.  But after finishing I realized that I went a bit too short on the inseam but she loves them and they are super cute on her!  Now it’s on to Minions for K!


K is obsessed with fire trucks these days!  So when we were recently checking out the clearance fabric at Wal-Mart he spotted fire truck fabric and wanted it.  They also had chenille on sale so we grabbed that too!  I made him a little blanket as he loves his blankets!


On to my mom and my recent endeavor in selling some of our goods!  Mom and I love to dabble a bit in small business stuff together.  With companies like Etsy out there it allows everyone who has a creative bone to have an opportunity to make a business of it.  We have opened SidsShoppe which we are offering baby gift sets and we are using Etsy!  We currently have just a few of our products up but over the next few days will have more!  Our gift sets include a handmade hat, handmade bib, and matching burp cloth.  We will be offering travel taggies and changing pads as well.  Please take an opportunity to look at our shop and if you or anyone you know is in the market for baby goods please look to SidsShoppe for your items.  If there isn’t an item or color you are looking for let me know we can likely do it for you!  I’m very excited and looking forward to this endeavor with mom!


Happy Friday to you all and I hope you have a great weekend and be well!



DIY…It’s All the Craze!

Here I am under mounds of fabric in a variety of textures from burlap to cloth to corduroy!  As well as a variety of chalk paint, spray paint, and home paint!  I have the DIY itch and I’m loving it!

Something I have been DIY’ng for almost a year now is our laundry soap!  I am in love with the recipe I found via pinterest which works in our HE machine it also is gentle on our skin which in this house all of us have very sensitive skin.  I have made this now three times.  Yes, I have only made it three times and the third batch I just made Saturday.  So I have spent $50 on detergent in the past 10 1/2 months.  I love the fact that I never have to remember to buy soap at the store and I also know all the products that are going on our clothes.  A few things I want to share as the link for the recipe I use I am including.  I have made this with both zote and fels naphtha and I do love the smell of the zote pink bar and it comes in the larger size so you only have to buy two but it is pretty time-consuming to shred.  I have done the explode the bar in the microwave which works but I always burn my fingers as I’m trying to get done quick and am not patient to wait to pull to pieces.  The fels comes in the smaller bar so I think it comes to a bit more than 5 bars you need to do but…I cut these bars put in microwave for one minute and then throw in my baby size electric chopper for a quick second.  It went so much faster than with the zote.  So my only suggestion is to use the fels for at least your first time to avoid finger burning and allowing you to do it quick so you can move on to another fun DIY project!

Moving on my mom came over and shared her DIY hand scrub recipe she made with my sister recently as a wedding shower favor.  It’s great I have it in my shower and I used it on my hands and then use on my heels with my pumice stone!  The only negative of this scrub as it smells like lemon poppy-seed muffins which are my absolute favorite so every day I’m craving these muffins!  We stored our scrubs in small ball jars.

Continuing with scrubs and such…It was our last day at summer camp on Thursday so for two of the three teachers I put together a gift bag with a few well-being items.  I made a Brown Sugar and Coconut Scrub, Peppermint Lip Scrub, and Oatmeal and Cinnamon Bath Soak!  Below are the ingredients for each for you!  I also included a small candle.  For K’s teacher which he was with a bit longer than S’s I made a bag for her and filled it with a bunch of back to school goodies!  As the bag I thought was cute and for her but she was always so great with sharing with the kids that I thought giving her a fun stuff for the start of her new year she would enjoy or she could bring home and use with her grandkids on their next visit!  I will say I am a very new sewer and this project I found to be pretty simple and super cute!


My other fun project has been painting!  I have enjoyed spray painting, chalk painting and using home paint on many different surfaces from a metal bistro table and two chairs, to end tables, popasan chairs and frames!  I have 100% completed two end tables and the bistro table and chairs.  The other items have a few final touches left before I can share!  I am very new to using chalk paint and so far I’m learning a lot with each piece I do.  I started using a brand from Wal-Mart which seemed to be great but I have come across a few things with this brand.  The main being that my tables that I used the clear wax to seal them with doesn’t do the job quite as well as I hoped.  The one table had gotten cup rings on it which was a big disappointment.  The dark wax is not quite the same consistency as other brands so I am excited to try my new one out on my frames!  In the meantime here are a few pictures of what I have completed so far!  The bistro table is painted in Mermaids Song.  The chairs are spray painted in creamy white Rustoleum satin finish spray paint.  The larger table I spray painted with the same color spray paint and did the center with Waverly chalk paint color Agave .  The second table I did the base paint with Waverly chalk paint color Agave.  I used Waverly Antique Wax to give some dimension to the piece.  Finishing it with Folk Art clear wax.  As I mentioned I have purchased some new chalk paint by Annie Sloan which I’m excited to see how these pieces turn out with this product and I look forward to sharing this with you!


I also had a request for a unique wedding cake to be made for this past weekend!  My client LOVES Starbucks coffee.  As in she drinks it once if not twice a day!  So for her wedding day she wanted a Starbucks mug cake.  I am happy to say I think I accomplished this task.  We are always our worst critics so I know exactly what is not perfect but she and her guests loved it and it went great with her groom’s donut hole cake!  I did a caramel macchiato cake with fresh whipped cream frosting.  Fondant for the shell!


My in works sewing project is pajama pants for the kids as this is one item I dread buying they are so expensive and you go through so fast so my first pair cut out ready for sewing are for S in Monster High theme!  Look forward to sharing them in a few days!

Other than these few things I’ve completed and the multiple things I have started and am working to finish I encourage everyone to get out there and give the DIY craze a shot it is a lot of fun!  Plus who knows you may end up turning a piece of furniture you were ready to throw away in to a new-found focal point in your home!

Until next time be well!

Oatmeal & Cinnamon Bath Soak

1 1/2 cups powdered milk

3/4 cup baking soda

3/4 cup oatmeal (finely grind it first)

3 TBS cornstarch

2 tsp cream of tartar

2 tsp cinnamon

Peppermint Lip Scrub

1:1 ratio of Coconut Oil and Granulated Sugar

4 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil

Brown Sugar & Coconut Body Scrub

1 Cup Brown Sugar

1/4 Cup Coconut Oil

1 tsp of Pure Vanilla Extract

As Promised!

OK it has taken me a few days longer than planned to get my crafts, renovations, etc. to you.  But here I am and excited to share!

As far as the shop addition Joe has been slowly wrapping this project up due to our wonderful yet drastic changing seasons here in the Midwest!  I have such a love/hate relationship with changing seasons!  Anyway, the sh/garage is coming along.  I if you haven’t guessed am a bit inpatient and even though Joe works seven days sun up to down I still think he should be able to snap his fingers or create more time in each day to complete this project!  But I also want him to spend any extra time head with us!  I know I need to get it together! He currently has the back gable to finish, shingle and siding.  We are struggling with picking our siding color.  We love that grey worn old barn wood look.  We had our siding milled it is spruce.  I have been researching and wonder about a product called Eco Wood Treatment?  I think we will get a gallon and see how it looks on a piece.

wpid-20141027_155448.jpg wpid-20141027_155606.jpg

Crafts are so fun to do this time of year!  Fall crafts seem to all fit my homes style so maybe that’s why I love doing right now!  I’ve made a few fun pumpkins to add to my collection.  One is made from a dollar old school plastic pumpkin and the second I used a small foam pumpkin from the dollar store!  As you can see I LOVE burlap.


(I forgot to grab a picture but I spray painted them dark blue)


(I used burlap to make a few flowers for embellishing)

I think they look great especially for the price!!


Having a two and three-year old and carving pumpkins doesn’t sound like all that safe for me to do alone. So doing pumpkin decorating that allows them to be as creative as they want and not result in either of them hurting themselves sounded much more fun to me this year!  We were able to go to our friends farm and pick whatever pumpkins we wanted and could carry!  So much fun!  After picking it was all about paint and glitter!  They turned out pretty cute!


My other big project is making S her first Barbie house!  My fantastic dad built her this great house!  I’m so excited I’ve actually struggled to make decisions as I want it to be perfect!  I loved Barbie’s growing up and she has definitely been showing the same love!  Here is the start of my project!  Now I just need to stay focused so it’s complete for her to see Christmas morning!



Here are a few links for my crafts!  I’m someone who tends to steer away from directions and these are no exception.  But in giving credit these are the great people/sites the original ideas came from!

Now I’m focusing on other gifts for Christmas including a cork frame, tool table, and refinishing an old window! So excited!  Check back soon and have a great rest of your Monday!  Oh yeah and I look forward to telling you about our first dentist visit! A little nervous…