Construction and Restruction

As promised I wanted to keep you in the loop on progress of the shop and other fun projects going on over here!
In a matter of just over three weeks we have the structure of the shop up. We next will do the sheeting which should take a day if all goes well. We had some of the out cropping dropped off and Joe placed it. We are still deciding what stain we will use as our original colors once on the wood we weren’t in love with so that’s a focus this upcoming week!


On to my restruction!  I mentioned before I have been collecting pieces go furniture to make over or do some restruction on but sanding has honestly been the most I’ve done until these past three days.  I can now add clamps and wood glue to my list of tools that aren’t just out there for men to use!  As I took on the desk joe brought home a few months back and due to lack of garage space found itself in various places where it got all nice and rusty and looked like the fire pit was the best home for it.  I daily eye it up knowing there’s something I can do as I have kids that love to color and craft! So three days ago I grabbed my hand sander and went to town!  Turning rust to silver again is the weirdest yet one of those rewarding things you can’t explain but love!  I’m pretty sure the pipe was home to a family of bees as they wouldn’t stop!  My German shepherd was jumping at the them like a crazy dog!  Anyway, I got my hands on my chalkboard paint. As well as my chalk paints and got painting.  My vision was kid friendly but fun!  I love these two colors and will work for the playroom but might be a tad too carnival theme for anywhere else!  As you will notice I have my clamp on the seat…halfway through sanding the seat back and two end slabs just fell off the desk!  Hence the mentioning of wood glue!  So here you have my first restruction project!



So on to the next project!  Barbie Dollhouse for S for Christmas!  My dad will do the build, I will decorate!  I provided the house size/dimensions!  Dad’s way quicker than I with the saw!  Hope to have rough house to show next week!

Have a great weekend!

Lisenby’s Happenings

Ok so I have been MIA!  This summer has been bananas as I’m sure yours has been too!  The great part of summer is there is always something to do…Fairs, sporting events, parties, simply enjoying the sunshine with those that mean the most to us!  Well I am back!  Friday was Joe’s thirty-fifth birthday so of course I had to have a theme!  Beer tasting was what seemed perfect.  So off and running I went…chalkboard tablecloth, aged vinegar bottles with cotton tails and grass inside.  Mason jars for pretty much anything I could find its use appropriate so that meant water glasses, soup, jar tops I covered in chalkboard paint and used for place cards.  For food we did cheese displays, Brie on toasted baguette, large soft pretzels with two cheese dipping sauces,  potato and beer cheese soup, seven different brats, and I made individual beer mugs filled with chocolate cake and bailey’s ganache!  Oh yeah and the beer we planned to taste four but I ended up doing five!  The night was a success, everyone left happy and full just what I hoped for.  Most important Joe had a great birthday!



Morning of Joe’s birthday the kids gave him the gift they made and then it was off to the beach!


Other than getting myself all stressed over a party that in my opinion was a success.  As they say if guests come happy and leave happy you have accomplished this which they did!  The kids and I have just been up to other summer shenanigans!   Which have included our summer hunt for amazing treasures at local rummage sales, we added a few peeps to our crew including my two nephews who of course when it was time to do a quick snap had to show their love for mom and dad via diet coke!  My mom showed her love for no one other than yours truly! Lol!  Backyard swimming has been great when weather has permitted.  This Midwest weather has been bananas!  Resulting as three of the four having colds! Ugh! We had to do another visit to our friends at The Bear Den Zoo.  This time bringing Papa who is recently retired and cousin Phoenix!  The kids completed their rookie sports season which after Aunt Connie left Papa joined us, which was fantastic…Papa still thinks they are just too little to understand as he of course expected them to be soccer, football and t-ball players after this program was done but they were more like pro climbers at a new playground with a new group of kids! We babysat my Aunt and Uncle’s little girl who is going to be two which shockingly super easy.  Joe on the other hand decided he is very happy with just two kids as keeping your eyes on three takes some skill!  We set up the camping tent but due to rain in the forecast we were only able to watch a movie but none the less S and K loved it!



Well we are off to get some eggs from a friends chicken farm!  I am working on creating a unique high heel dessert for a friends baby shower next month.  I am also planning our Halloween party too!  But with the madness of summer wrapping up I will be checking back very soon!  Until then have a wonderful Wednesday!