A New Year Brings…

A new year is here!  Hooray!  2014 was really something special around here we completed home projects, I learned to manage my sweet, outgoing, bossy, silly, loving, genuine three-year old.  I watched my adorable, sweet, innocent, genuine little two-year  old become a little man.  I started many of my own projects/crafts and found passion in many things not mom which was nice and as these two crazy toddlers have grown their interest in each other and playing together has allowed this which has been nice but also allowed us to do fun new crafts and activities together! I also started my journey in the blogging world in 2014 so I hope to be more successful in this journey in 2015 as well as showing S & K new things as they become three and four!  With our 2500 square foot addition to begin as soon as spring arrives its sure to be a busy year for our family and I’m very excited.  But the start of the year has started bumpy this week temperatures have been seriously frigid!  It has been in the negative double digits with wind chill!  I can handle the snow but when I have to run out to grab the garbage cans and by the time I’m back inside my hands are numb and feel like rocks this I can’t handle!  Anyway, S, K and I were stuck inside all week with fevers, sore throats and a terrible cough!  I spent many nights either in S’s bed or both kids in our bed and Joe in one of theirs trying to avoid this bug that had taken us over.  Temps reached 103 with both kids and the second night of S having it brought out a side effect I have never experienced.  High fever hallucinations…S called for me at 1030pm when I went in there she was sitting up stiff and wasn’t responding when I was talking to her.  Her eyes were fluttering and when I asked if she wanted water she wasn’t replying but then yelled but I tried to put her water bottle up to her mouth she wouldn’t open it.  I was totally freaked as I thought she was having a seizure so I was yelling for Joe to come in as at the same time I was so tired and not feeling well myself I wanted his opinion.  Not hearing me over the sound machines when he came in she had stopped and I had her woken up but she was very groggy with a temperature over 103.  What to do, what to do!  I decided to spend the night next to her with my hand on her.  Calling the doctor first thing in the morning to only be told there really isn’t anything they could give her as the flu/cold that is going around is terrible.  Keep her hydrated and if her temperature wasn’t down in two days I then needed to bring her in.  Well thankfully we are all back to normal temperatures today and feeling better.  Since I have heard crazy stories of others little ones who have had spiked fevers and had this, seizures, even stopped breathing happen.  Talk about scaring a mom!

This week was also a tough one for our family as we had to send our oldest dog to doggie heaven.  Jada our miniature pinscher who was eleven years old was diagnosed with cushings almost two weeks ago.  We brought her in as she had begun to have eight to ten accidents a day, stealing of the kids food was getting worse by the day and she was nipping at the kids often.  I hadn’t mentioned previously but the nipping had been biting on more than one occasion.  Being dog lovers this decision was one we couldn’t come to easily as when she bit causing stitches a few months prior we had to discuss our future plans as parents of two small children we have to look out for their best interest first and foremost.  At that time we decided to put it off as Jada was S’s dog.  Joe got Jada when she was a pup but since S could talk she always favored Jada making excuses for her actions repeatedly and frankly as a parent I had no idea how to explain this to my daughter as when it would come up she got hysterical.  But now with the new information about her health we had to think of our dogs best interest too.  We could try medicine natural or prescription but there was no guarantee these would stop the behaviors of a dog that was uncomfortable, hungry all the time, and not able to control her bodily functions.  Some may think this is not a reason to send a dog to heaven but as a parent you have to consider many things and at the end of the day it was the biting and potential to scar one of our children or a visiting child that we could not live with happening.  As Joe said he wanted to take these steps when he was still happy and loving towards her not when he is angry at her for hurting someone when truly she likely wouldn’t even know she was doing or why she did.  So I took Jada on Thursday staying with her as yes her vet had been the same majority of her life but I was her owner and couldn’t leave her alone.  It was and is hard to think that our little yapping, feisty Jada is no longer here.  Frankly, it’s very quiet around here which is going to take some getting used to.  But at the end of the day I know she is happier up with her friends.  S has not discussed the situation too much.  On Monday she was feeling well so we did some pictures of the two of them and each day discussed our time together having Jada sit with us whenever we were watching TV, etc. Last night Mason our Boston was looking down and I had S sit with him as I said he was sad and she asked why?  I reminded her that Jada left yesterday morning and they were best friends.  She replied oh I didn’t even realize she was gone already.  Proceeded to sit with Mason explaining she is here for him and his friend.  I know more questions will come but I plan to discuss them as they come.


So like I said its a new year and so far its been bumpy but I’m looking forward to many great things this coming year for our family and yours!  I always love to hear your feedback so please share!  Until then Happy New Year!

If My Kitchen Status Described My Day…


Well I don’t even know where to begin…this place has been a mad house plain and simple.  When I use the term mad house I truly mean it in so many ways!  Since my last check in a lot has happened.  Joe has the shop/2nd garage underway, S is reminding us she is three daily going on sixteen, K is trying to give us a heart attack climbing on EVERYTHING, and oh yeah we have become puppy sitters as much as friends and family are willing to share their furry friends with us!  Baking and cooking with our amazing garden fruits and vegetables and lastly, I sadly lost a cousin who was far to young to leave this beautiful world.  So, as said Mad House!wpid-20140824_170455.jpgwpid-20140824_165655.jpg wpid-20140813_165644.jpgwpid-20140813_155217.jpgwpid-20140825_141150.jpgwpid-20140825_132244.jpg

As far as construction goes…it’s well underway!  In three weeks Joe did the footings, block and framed.  This has meant very long days for both of us.  With Joe handling the work himself having sometimes one person here helping his body is exhausted.  With this being said we have decided we are going to complete the shop 100% and begin the home addition in spring!


S started pre-k last week at our local Montessori school and she absolutely loves it!  The once little sweet, kind, well-mannered, smart girl of ours is growing up and along with all her wonderful attributes comes one we are struggling to get a grip on…Her Mouth!  Holy Toledo have the past three weeks been rough.  From telling us she is sending us to Georgia to live, to saying she’s going to spank our butts, throw us in the garbage, or utilizing damn it when totally appropriate but it is so NOT appropriate!  I/We are excited to see a little different structure in our little princesses life.



The he kids and I have taken on a new love for our garden.  As our vegetables came in full force over these past few weeks.  We also had friends drop off about two pounds of blueberries to us.  We have been canning our grape tomatoes adding some fresh basil, oregano and thyme.  These little tastes of heaven have been great on just about everything or just to pop as a snack!  With our zucchini we made chips!  With the blueberries bread and cupcakes!  S and K love helping in the kitchen which always makes me happy!  They get just as passionate as I about what we are creating!

Well I look forward to checking back sooner than later.

One last note as I mentioned my cousin passed.  He was twenty-nine years old.  He passed of a blood clot in his lungs.  I would just ask that those of you following please stay ahead of your health.  Unfortunately, my cousin didn’t as well as being challenged with obesity.  Please take care of yourselves and those you are surrounded by.