Lisenby Week In Review

Hello All!  I hope you are doing great!  Last week flew past me and here I am realizing I haven’t checked in.  My apologies the kids had spring break last week.  Needless to say it was an eventful week!  Since we weren’t able head on our trip to Florida I decided we needed to do some day trips throughout the week.  The weather was not Florida and it rained most of the week but we did see some sunshine.  The Easter bunny stopped by too since we last talked.  Let’s start there…

As I planned for Easter I had S daily sharing items that were on her “list” and then I had K who has just taken to “the list” but still rarely shares anything he would like.  S’s list is enough for four of them so I think he just thinks she has him covered!  Reminding her Easter isn’t Christmas and many times you get a basket with a few eggs filled with candy. She ignored these warnings!  She IS my daughter!  Anyway, I decided I would do my best to work my magic and have a fun, budget friendly holiday.  So off to Goodwill I went…yes that’s right Goodwill!  I have found our Goodwill has a plethora of toys, furniture, and clothing many times with tags on them!  I have went to others and have yet to find one so great!  Anyway, I ended up getting S two Littlest Pet Shop houses with four new pets in brand new condition.  I mention clothing with tags as I didn’t get any new clothes for Easter but I did however get almost her entire wardrobe for our vacation there and all had tags on them.  I bought K Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle van with two guys there as well.  For K’s birthday I had over bought by a few items so I had these that I used for Easter.  I also bought them each a few ugly puppies and shopkins to go in their actual basket.  As far as candy goes they each got an Easter gum and cute container of smarties.  So to the reason I’m telling you all this!  I am ecstatic to report that in total I spent $18 on S and $20 on K.  You heard that correct $20 and under on a holiday!  I thought this was pretty darn good!  S and K were very satisfied with what the bunny hopped in with and that’s what matters.  “The List” seemed to go out the window as I didn’t hear anything about what they didn’t get only how happy they were with what they did.  I hope you and yours had a great day as well!

On to Spring Break it is!  When we decided going on vacation wasn’t going to happen I called my mom and asked if she wanted to go on some day trips with the kids and I.  She was in as dad is patching and painting the entire upstairs of their house.  Always best to find something out of the house when dad is painting!  First on the agenda was going to a zoo!  We are fortunate that an hour away we have a free zoo.  It’s a smaller zoo but it is absolutely perfect when you have younger kids.  We went two years ago and knew they had added an arctic exhibit so we knew there would something we hadn’t seen.  We arrived and the kids didn’t even remember going there before so it was perfect!  I will say when we arrived everyone else had the same idea as we had to park three blocks away.  But the day was truly the most beautiful day of the week so a little walk was just fine.  Again, it’s FREE!  I had our packed cooler as they have areas you can eat your own or buy theirs.  Again, another win in my book!  After the zoo we have made it tradition to go to a very cool, eclectic ice cream shoppe!  They have a carousel ride that the kids love!


We also made our way to a museum in Milwaukee called the Betty Brinn Museum.  It’s a great place for kids.  We took the kids there a few years ago but again they had no memory. It was crummy outside so it was the perfect day to do something indoors.  You here too can bring your own lunch!  Admission was nothing too crazy either at $8 each.  The place was crazy busy but there are so many areas including a grocery store (Lisenby Favorite), post office, pizza parlor, auto body shop, & construction site to name a few.  My only recommendation is if you bring your stroller plan to park it by the coat racks.  I had mine as it had our cooler and coats in it.  If you can get away without I recommend doing so.  As initially I started to go in with it and thought I was going to have an anxiety attack with the swarm of people I was going to try and push through.  Other than this which is no fault of the museum heck to me it means they are doing something right.  As it was just as busy when we went a few years ago not during spring break!  They have really thought of everything here and I could tell they had added a few things for the older kids to do like a news station where you can go in front of the green screen and broadcast and someone video’s as well as some cool coaster style game where the kids have to get the coaster from point A to B.  I thought this was great as so many families have older siblings!  If you have an opportunity I definitely recommend taking the kiddos here!

Lastly we went to our local gymnastics center for open gym.  Again, not a crazy expensive event at $5 per child.  S is so excited as she starts tumbling in two weeks so this was perfect for her.  K on the other hand quietly asked me “mom do boys do this?”  I said “yes!” he was then all about it!  What kid doesn’t love springing into a pit of foam blocks or swinging by a rope?!  Or bouncing on an in ground trampoline and balancing on a beam?!  We had a lot of fun…I had to sneak in a few bounces I must admit!!

So there you have it the Lisenby Spring Break at home!  We had a great week together!  I hope you and my family followers had a great break wherever you were and whatever you did!  We will talk soon as I have recipes and cakes I created to share!!! Until then Cheers!


Let’s Get Festive!

Hey Friends!

So this month it works out for us to have two holidays to celebrate!  When you have toddlers these are the days that you get to do really fun little things for them to take to school.  As well as have them do adorable little crafts to decorate your home or families homes!  My kids love to send gifts to their grandparents, aunts and uncles!  This month we weren’t crazy but did have some fun!

For St. Patrick’s Day K was sick with the flu so S go to do all the celebrating as far as bringing goodies to her class.  There are so many ideas out there but I decided to go kind of simple yet fun!  I did chocolate covered pretzels which we did for Valentines and were a hit.  So if it’s not broke why fix it; right?!  I used to hate doing these things as I have a bit of OCD and hate when the chocolate isn’t up to the same point on each rod and isn’t melted the same on all sides.  I know I have issues!  Well I tried a new method at valentines that worked well so I did again for St. Patrick’s Day!  I sprayed parchment paper with cooking spray lightly and used my fingers to smear it around.  I then used a plastic cup and melt aways as this way I was able to gauge how far up on the pretzels the chocolate was.  Once I had them laid out on parchment on a cookie sheet I put them in the fridge to set up.  I repeated this for four cookie sheets then took the first one back out and then used melted green melt aways and a spoon to drizzle over the top of them.  Lastly, I sprinkled gold sprinkles on them as the “gold” and stuck them back in the fridge.  Super simple, huh?!  I will say my Valentine’s pretzels came out better than St. Patrick’s Day (don’t look to close at picture you will see the flaws).


I then went and got rainbow twizzlers, a party size bag of rolo’s, bean shaped cellophane bags, and green ribbon.  I was actually really excited to create these little goodie bags.  Thankfully there are only ten kids in her class as I don’t know that I could have handled making thirty-two for K’s class.  These too were super simple and pretty self explanatory.  If questions please ask!


For Easter we have had many changes as far as our family vacation plans.  As of today we will be going to my parents.  Which is completely ok…I mean a beach would have been great but when you own a business things don’t always go how you want.  We will spend the morning emptying the Koi pond and refilling it.  At a first glance yesterday I believe we have doubled our occupancy!  These Koi’s are serious when it comes to the reproduction process!  We did loose one of our big ones which we are super bummed about but that to is part of the cycle of life.

S did do a cute craft that involved an egg carton!  So free for that and paint colors I had on hand; another FREE, pipe cleaner which are a staple in the kids craft bin; FREE, buttons which are in endless supply; FREE, and a mini burlap canvas, which my mom bought a few of them at a garage sale last year at an amazing price of two for $1!  So yes, this project cost a total of .50!  I love FREE but when I can get it for under a $1 I’m pretty darn ecstatic too😀  I do have a second set of painted egg carton cups that I’m going to put together for our house as this particular one is for someone special.


We hope you and your family have a great day and a Happy Easter!  Cheers!


Lisenby Week In Review

Hello Friends!

I hope you are all having a great week!  It’s like once the kids got healthy it’s been a game of catch up on EVERYTHING!  Guess what I am still not caught up!  My house for starters needs a permanent housekeeper.  Joe called Monday letting me know a client would be coming to see the house at 2pm…this gave me two hours to have the main floor spotless or show ready as he says!  My dishwasher always seems to be blinking saying please empty me!  My office is a war zone; if you know me this is a struggle.  I have a slight 😉 case of OCD.  So this is a struggle but sometimes you just have to close the door and say filing, bills, and all other paperwork we will talk VERY soon!  Then there is the “L” word no I’m not talking about the warm and cozy word LOVE!  I have no love for the chore of doing laundry!  The first of the year I committed myself to doing a load a day to avoid the Sunday 15 load day.  Well I make my own detergent and last Wednesday I ran out!!!! So it sat and sat some more than I was able to make more on Sunday so today I’m ALMOST caught up!  Did I mention I’m trying to squeeze working out in to my daily routine?  Yes, I have been sticking to it; I’m shocked too!  Oh yeah and there are two little crazy children running around demanding just about anything and everything from me!  You know feed me, let’s make valentines, help me in the bathroom, MOM, MOM, MOM!  Where did they come from!LOL Then there are the crafts that need to be finished so I can get them to the shop mom and I have stuff at to make some moola!  So guess what this is bumped to the top!  Don’t worry the kids were fed and bathed!  And here I am blabbing to you about this. You are probably laughing but thinking isn’t this every mothers life!  It is I just needed to share!!

So our adorable bunny projects have been brought to the shop in time for Spring/Easter sales!  I love the fact that the shop Simply Marvelous here in Wisconsin has allowed us to expand what we bring in as we started with our furniture and now the owner has our seasonal items.  These particular seasonal items are really the only ones she will have for guests to choose from!  Which is great for us plus if you ask me they turned out so cute they are all any home needs.  Ok maybe a great wreath on your door too!

Last week I didn’t share details about our little princesses birthday!  Yes, the one of two above that is constantly needing things:) Ms. S turned 5 and as I shared we ended up having her birthday at an indoor amusement center.  We had 17 kids of varying ages so this location did seem to be very appropriate even though I was hesitant.  I will also say having no mess to clean up was FABULOUS!  The one thing I did do for her day was make her cake.  Since we were at a location we really did away with a theme except for this and her goodie bags.  She loves Littlest Pet Shop so she wanted that as her cake theme.  I ended up doing red velvet cake for one level, chocolate/white for the second and third with buttercream frosting and marshmallow frosting!  For goodies bags I struggled as I hate to just say here is a bag of sugar go drive your parents up the wall!  Again, not being able to do too much else as we were not at home I wanted to make them special.  So we for the girls we did puzzles, the surprise package with a pet shop pet, 3 pieces of candy.  For the boys we ended up doing teenage mutant ninja turtles as LPS doesn’t really offer a boy per-say surprise package.  We did TMNT puzzles, TMNT mini lego’s and 3 pieces of candy.  The older boys we gave them WWE playing cards and also gave them tickets to do bumper cars!  Overall, I think everyone had a great time!

Ok so as promised we need to discuss some good eats over this past week!  There have been a few but the best and HIGHLY recommended one is going to be a pulled pork recipe! I did get this via Pinterest and I am so glad I did because it was amazing.  A few little side notes!  This is a plan ahead dinner as it is a slow roasting one which means prepping dry rubs and brining for at least 24 hours.  It is so worth it!  Also, she recommends using a disposable roasting pan.  I used mine and if you remember from above my dishwasher issues and catching up…well yeah this soaked for two days after as it was caked!  So do yourself the favor and grab a roasting pan they sell them at the dollar tree!  Or foil line your roasting pan.  Lastly, this recipe does not need any sauce but I know that some people have to have a sauce for EVERYTHING!  This was good with a honey bbq but again no sauce is needed.  There is a little kick to it!  The kids did not enjoy this but I’m sure if less spice they would have.  With these I also made baked french fries which yes the kids ate and asked for seconds!  Again, not planning well I had to juggle cooking these at a high temp while the pork was at very low temp but it all worked out.  So next time I will start my pork first thing in the morning as it takes all day this way I can take it out to rest while I make the fries!  So here you are, enjoy!!  Thank you to those that posted for us to enjoy as well.

Well, I’m off to empty the dishwasher and fold my 368th load of laundry for the week! Lol!  Have a great rest of your evening.  Cheers!