Lisenby Week In Review

Hello All!  I hope you are doing great!  Last week flew past me and here I am realizing I haven’t checked in.  My apologies the kids had spring break last week.  Needless to say it was an eventful week!  Since we weren’t able head on our trip to Florida I decided we needed to do some day trips throughout the week.  The weather was not Florida and it rained most of the week but we did see some sunshine.  The Easter bunny stopped by too since we last talked.  Let’s start there…

As I planned for Easter I had S daily sharing items that were on her “list” and then I had K who has just taken to “the list” but still rarely shares anything he would like.  S’s list is enough for four of them so I think he just thinks she has him covered!  Reminding her Easter isn’t Christmas and many times you get a basket with a few eggs filled with candy. She ignored these warnings!  She IS my daughter!  Anyway, I decided I would do my best to work my magic and have a fun, budget friendly holiday.  So off to Goodwill I went…yes that’s right Goodwill!  I have found our Goodwill has a plethora of toys, furniture, and clothing many times with tags on them!  I have went to others and have yet to find one so great!  Anyway, I ended up getting S two Littlest Pet Shop houses with four new pets in brand new condition.  I mention clothing with tags as I didn’t get any new clothes for Easter but I did however get almost her entire wardrobe for our vacation there and all had tags on them.  I bought K Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle van with two guys there as well.  For K’s birthday I had over bought by a few items so I had these that I used for Easter.  I also bought them each a few ugly puppies and shopkins to go in their actual basket.  As far as candy goes they each got an Easter gum and cute container of smarties.  So to the reason I’m telling you all this!  I am ecstatic to report that in total I spent $18 on S and $20 on K.  You heard that correct $20 and under on a holiday!  I thought this was pretty darn good!  S and K were very satisfied with what the bunny hopped in with and that’s what matters.  “The List” seemed to go out the window as I didn’t hear anything about what they didn’t get only how happy they were with what they did.  I hope you and yours had a great day as well!

On to Spring Break it is!  When we decided going on vacation wasn’t going to happen I called my mom and asked if she wanted to go on some day trips with the kids and I.  She was in as dad is patching and painting the entire upstairs of their house.  Always best to find something out of the house when dad is painting!  First on the agenda was going to a zoo!  We are fortunate that an hour away we have a free zoo.  It’s a smaller zoo but it is absolutely perfect when you have younger kids.  We went two years ago and knew they had added an arctic exhibit so we knew there would something we hadn’t seen.  We arrived and the kids didn’t even remember going there before so it was perfect!  I will say when we arrived everyone else had the same idea as we had to park three blocks away.  But the day was truly the most beautiful day of the week so a little walk was just fine.  Again, it’s FREE!  I had our packed cooler as they have areas you can eat your own or buy theirs.  Again, another win in my book!  After the zoo we have made it tradition to go to a very cool, eclectic ice cream shoppe!  They have a carousel ride that the kids love!


We also made our way to a museum in Milwaukee called the Betty Brinn Museum.  It’s a great place for kids.  We took the kids there a few years ago but again they had no memory. It was crummy outside so it was the perfect day to do something indoors.  You here too can bring your own lunch!  Admission was nothing too crazy either at $8 each.  The place was crazy busy but there are so many areas including a grocery store (Lisenby Favorite), post office, pizza parlor, auto body shop, & construction site to name a few.  My only recommendation is if you bring your stroller plan to park it by the coat racks.  I had mine as it had our cooler and coats in it.  If you can get away without I recommend doing so.  As initially I started to go in with it and thought I was going to have an anxiety attack with the swarm of people I was going to try and push through.  Other than this which is no fault of the museum heck to me it means they are doing something right.  As it was just as busy when we went a few years ago not during spring break!  They have really thought of everything here and I could tell they had added a few things for the older kids to do like a news station where you can go in front of the green screen and broadcast and someone video’s as well as some cool coaster style game where the kids have to get the coaster from point A to B.  I thought this was great as so many families have older siblings!  If you have an opportunity I definitely recommend taking the kiddos here!

Lastly we went to our local gymnastics center for open gym.  Again, not a crazy expensive event at $5 per child.  S is so excited as she starts tumbling in two weeks so this was perfect for her.  K on the other hand quietly asked me “mom do boys do this?”  I said “yes!” he was then all about it!  What kid doesn’t love springing into a pit of foam blocks or swinging by a rope?!  Or bouncing on an in ground trampoline and balancing on a beam?!  We had a lot of fun…I had to sneak in a few bounces I must admit!!

So there you have it the Lisenby Spring Break at home!  We had a great week together!  I hope you and my family followers had a great break wherever you were and whatever you did!  We will talk soon as I have recipes and cakes I created to share!!! Until then Cheers!


Summer Has Taken Over!

HELLO! Well summer has officially arrived in the Lisenby home or at least I am back to myself 100 percent and its been non stop! As we prep for our annual 4th of July party as well as have some fun with the kiddos the days have simply gotten away from me!
We arrived this evening at my in laws summer home. Joe stayed back as summer is his busy time and there are still a few things to do before Saturday! So we drove six hours with my sister and brother-in-law to have a long over due visit!  As we all know these things are VERY necessary just as I’ve mentioned in the past about going out with friends for adult time.  Just getting out of dodge for a couple of days is always a good thing.  Wish Joe could join but as a business owner I appreciate and respect why he couldn’t come.

Things around the house are coming together nicely despite a ton of rain! BOO! As the Koi pond and fountain were completed last time I checked in last week we were finally able to lay sod! Joe and I laid 2400 square feet and he and two others laid the remaining 1200 square feet! Honestly I had no interest in doing this at 8p.m. but I do love working together to create a place to enjoy with our family and friends.  So I enjoyed helping!


Keeping things moving Joe put in our fire pit this past week as well! As he took on doing a design he had not done before I was excited to see the outcome! Being the wife of someone who has so many ideas you never really know what he will want to do next! I think he nailed this. He was inspired by the wood boats we see on the lake. The beauty of them is something a boaters or non boaters (as we are) can appreciate! Also known as Woodies…here is a few pics of start to finish!

The kids have also not slowed down; I actually feel like we’ve been on a carnival ride that just as you think is slowing down to stop the operator accidentally hits go and back at it you are! We are loving the ride so far! Busy means happy babies as well as exhausted! Which in my book is a double thumbs up! We went to a bi-plane fly in breakfast that K loved! We started rookie sports which both really love! We went to an amazing free zoo and we also have simply enjoyed turtle, Koi, Frog and Goldfish watching in the back yard!



The kids have still been enjoying every minute of Aunt Connie time that they have had…playing salon and coloring have been just a few of the highlights! We also took them out on their bikes for the first time! I was impressed they made it two miles. I’m pretty sure S’s legs were jello but they had fun riding where big kids do! We also squeezed in pictures as Connie is an amazing photographer based in Georgia. So when she visits I love having her get summer pics of S and K!

I’m sure I will have plenty to share after these next few days! Until then enjoy the 4th of July holiday! Keep it safe and take many pictures creating memories of the fun you had!