It’s All About the Herbs

Good Morning Everyone!  Ok so my  mom and I made some cute herb boxes out of old sewing machine drawers!  My mom had about six of them that she had collected at random locations for various prices.  We used Waverly chalk paint maize and then my mom created her own green shade using plaster and a shade of green craft paint for the boxes.  We used plaster for the words and handles!

We did very little to them prior except cleaning them off and maybe a little sanding on edges.  We applied two coats of paint letting dry for just a bit in between.  After final coat we let dry for about half an hour then we used our stencils to place “HERBS” on one side.   Using sandpaper with a grit of 220 we roughed them up a bit.  This is typically our go to grit level as a side note!  Put handles back in place and viola we have a great 3 large mason jar herb box for our kitchen!  With gardening season quickly approaching these are a great project to do today!

Until next time have a great Monday!  Cheers!

These great boxes are also for sale via etsy at