Fireplace Update

Hello!  Ok I’m a few days behind on sharing as things have been bananas but I wanted to quick check in with a picture of the finished fireplace I talked about in my last post that Joe had to re-do for a client!  It turned out beautiful as Joe added some uplighting (thanks to Vanderstappen Power Plus) as they only had two can lights…Stone thrives when lit up as you can see below!


I have so much more to share just feels like the days don’t have enough time in them but expect to see more over the next few days!  DIY, Kids, pretty much everything but the kitchen sink!  Cheers

Pallet LOVE!

Good Morning!

I know you are probably thinking holy toledo Amanda is on a kick this week!  You are so correct and oddly my days have allowed me to find time to share with all of you what I have been up to!  I mentioned in my last “Let’s Get Crafty” post that I made another pallet project.  I have been loving the cute mason jar bathroom storage pallets people have been doing.  Maybe I am a few months behind on getting around to doing mine but I did it and that’s what matters😋

So let’s talk about what you need:

1 section of a pallet (mine is 32″ long)…So either ladies get your guns out and your hammers and go take apart your pallet or do like I did.  When dad came up to drop something off ask him nicely or have mom to go take the four pallets in the burn pile apart for you😉

4-3-2 1/18 plumbing clamps (I bought a bag of 6 at Lowe’s for about $5)

4-half pint mason jars (I buy them by the dozen in all different sizes; I use them for EVERYTHING! More on that in a few…)


4-screws about 5/8in (I dug around in my husbands drill box and found!)

2-Wall screws (Again husbands drill box)


SO here we go! I love rustic if you have ever seen my house in previous posts or at our website (Yes that was a plug! LOL) you would know my home has plenty of old barn around it from ceilings to beams to floors and stairs.  We also have plenty of other textures but in regards to the pallet I wanted to keep it rough so I simply washed it off with warm water and loved the way it looked.

Next I laid my jars on the pallet laying them out and putting a line with a pencil at the locations I liked.

The plumbing clamps were the most challenging part of this project.  Maybe I should have researched more as all other posts I read of people making these they made this seem like a no biggie step.  Maybe my screws were a different width then they used which is why it was challenging. So I ended up taking a flat head and wiggled it until one of the slots popped out.  Oh yea I will mention I did try to previously drill straight through the metal on the clamp to only fail so that is why I went this route.  Now I took my shorter screws and Makita drill and attached them to the pallet.

Now I simply took my flathead and loosened the clamps enough to slip my jars in and tightened them.  Another lesson learned DON’T tighten too much you will chip the mason jar as the screw surface presses against it.  Again, maybe this was just me but if you are like me and have no patients to wait for your husband to suggest maybe a better way and you want the job done you go for it and learn the hard way!

That was it I had this great bathroom storage board!  Now I’m wishing I had like three of them and placed them zig-zagged on the wall as I have a lot of stuff I could put in these little jars.  Another great thing about these clamps is if you want to use pint size mason jars these clamps will work for that too!  This project cost me a total of $5  as all I had to go and buy was the clamps.  Which I still have two clamps left for another project!  Mason jars are a staple item in our house as we have them for water glasses, toothbrush holders, canning, frosty beer mugs, food storage, vases; yeah really anything!  So I have all sizes on hand as you never know.

Let me know what you think or if you have done and any methods that worked well for you!


Happy Friday! Cheers!




As Promised!

OK it has taken me a few days longer than planned to get my crafts, renovations, etc. to you.  But here I am and excited to share!

As far as the shop addition Joe has been slowly wrapping this project up due to our wonderful yet drastic changing seasons here in the Midwest!  I have such a love/hate relationship with changing seasons!  Anyway, the sh/garage is coming along.  I if you haven’t guessed am a bit inpatient and even though Joe works seven days sun up to down I still think he should be able to snap his fingers or create more time in each day to complete this project!  But I also want him to spend any extra time head with us!  I know I need to get it together! He currently has the back gable to finish, shingle and siding.  We are struggling with picking our siding color.  We love that grey worn old barn wood look.  We had our siding milled it is spruce.  I have been researching and wonder about a product called Eco Wood Treatment?  I think we will get a gallon and see how it looks on a piece.

wpid-20141027_155448.jpg wpid-20141027_155606.jpg

Crafts are so fun to do this time of year!  Fall crafts seem to all fit my homes style so maybe that’s why I love doing right now!  I’ve made a few fun pumpkins to add to my collection.  One is made from a dollar old school plastic pumpkin and the second I used a small foam pumpkin from the dollar store!  As you can see I LOVE burlap.


(I forgot to grab a picture but I spray painted them dark blue)


(I used burlap to make a few flowers for embellishing)

I think they look great especially for the price!!


Having a two and three-year old and carving pumpkins doesn’t sound like all that safe for me to do alone. So doing pumpkin decorating that allows them to be as creative as they want and not result in either of them hurting themselves sounded much more fun to me this year!  We were able to go to our friends farm and pick whatever pumpkins we wanted and could carry!  So much fun!  After picking it was all about paint and glitter!  They turned out pretty cute!


My other big project is making S her first Barbie house!  My fantastic dad built her this great house!  I’m so excited I’ve actually struggled to make decisions as I want it to be perfect!  I loved Barbie’s growing up and she has definitely been showing the same love!  Here is the start of my project!  Now I just need to stay focused so it’s complete for her to see Christmas morning!



Here are a few links for my crafts!  I’m someone who tends to steer away from directions and these are no exception.  But in giving credit these are the great people/sites the original ideas came from!

Now I’m focusing on other gifts for Christmas including a cork frame, tool table, and refinishing an old window! So excited!  Check back soon and have a great rest of your Monday!  Oh yeah and I look forward to telling you about our first dentist visit! A little nervous…


Construction and Restruction

As promised I wanted to keep you in the loop on progress of the shop and other fun projects going on over here!
In a matter of just over three weeks we have the structure of the shop up. We next will do the sheeting which should take a day if all goes well. We had some of the out cropping dropped off and Joe placed it. We are still deciding what stain we will use as our original colors once on the wood we weren’t in love with so that’s a focus this upcoming week!


On to my restruction!  I mentioned before I have been collecting pieces go furniture to make over or do some restruction on but sanding has honestly been the most I’ve done until these past three days.  I can now add clamps and wood glue to my list of tools that aren’t just out there for men to use!  As I took on the desk joe brought home a few months back and due to lack of garage space found itself in various places where it got all nice and rusty and looked like the fire pit was the best home for it.  I daily eye it up knowing there’s something I can do as I have kids that love to color and craft! So three days ago I grabbed my hand sander and went to town!  Turning rust to silver again is the weirdest yet one of those rewarding things you can’t explain but love!  I’m pretty sure the pipe was home to a family of bees as they wouldn’t stop!  My German shepherd was jumping at the them like a crazy dog!  Anyway, I got my hands on my chalkboard paint. As well as my chalk paints and got painting.  My vision was kid friendly but fun!  I love these two colors and will work for the playroom but might be a tad too carnival theme for anywhere else!  As you will notice I have my clamp on the seat…halfway through sanding the seat back and two end slabs just fell off the desk!  Hence the mentioning of wood glue!  So here you have my first restruction project!



So on to the next project!  Barbie Dollhouse for S for Christmas!  My dad will do the build, I will decorate!  I provided the house size/dimensions!  Dad’s way quicker than I with the saw!  Hope to have rough house to show next week!

Have a great weekend!

Lisenby Week In Review

Happy Sunday Everyone! It’s a beautiful morning and I don’t know about you but it finally seems our yard is in total bloom! We have been in our home for a bit over three years and I will say all of the work the previous owners did looks the best this year. Maybe the harsh winter helped our landscaping…odd but we will take it! This week was one of simply enjoying the weather with a bit of baking of course!
We enjoyed a picnic with one of our play date friends. Which started at one of our local beaches with sand play and toes in the water. I knew going into this what it would end with…yep S fell right in and not long after K was soaked and full of wet sand; yuck! But we collected shells and decided we will start a summer necklace and collect a shell each visit to add to it!


S has been in love with horses since I’m pretty sure she could talk. Any chance she gets she talks about them and I have been researching someone to do lessons or at least introduction of horses to her. This week we went to a local petting zoo/stable and she was able to ride as was K. The manager then took S around the property talking about each horse, etc. Total heaven for S! K was more concerned with who was going to pick up the poop! Lol! I’m hoping the manager will take me up on my request to give S lessons. In the meantime we have two other contacts that have invited her to ride their pony and palomino so we will soon know if this is truly something to pursue! I would love this as I grew up loving horses and rode for a bit. I think K will continue in his love for trucks, tractors, and trains!


Other exciting news is we received our permits for our addition this week so one last stop by the building inspectors office and we will start our home addition. I did hope to have our waterfall, pond and fire pit further along to show pictures but due to business for Joe this will be underway tomorrow so check back in just a few days! For now I’m still staring at a ginormous mound of dirt:(


Our neighbors sons graduation party is today so I made him his favorite cheesecake I make which is a strawberry champagne no bake! Yes no bake and champagne how could it not be amazing oh yeah and strawberries! We had extra strawberries so we had to make something else! S and K helped me create a new cupcake. We made strawberry lemonade cupcakes which Joe said tasted like sugar cookies and a strawberry cream cheese frosting. Which I didn’t love the cupcake so I piped frosting in the middle which definitely fixed the what I felt were dull cupcakes to a nice summer treat!


Well we hope everyone enjoys this beautiful day! Tomorrow being Memorial Day please remember our countries heroes past and present.

Lisenby Landscaping or it seems…

A beautiful Mother’s Day it was today! I enjoyed breakfast on the porch with S followed by brunch with my family minus my beautiful older sister. She is currently in Thailand playing with elephants with her family and yes I but more so S is very jealous! What an incredible experience! After brunch it was to the flea market and home for naps at least this was how the day went for the kids and I! Joe on the other hand was two cups of coffee in and eagerly waiting for the appropriate time to start his skid loader and bobcat in the backyard! As I mentioned before we are in the process of starting a fairly large addition but prior to we have things such as retaining walls and general landscape that needs tending too. So play space in the yard has went from about a football field to the goalie box! Ok not really but that’s how it feels as work is in progress S and K need to have a safe space and the dirt hill isn’t always it! So Joe put in our new retaining wall before brunch and when we got home planted three more trees finishing just as the down pour started.






There are a few ways I feel about the start of work on our home including and most important; how the heck will I manage S and K during all this as Joe does much of the work himself or assists in it so yes he will be home physically but the mental is all on this girl when it comes to S and K!
As I share the journey of my two little managers I look forward to also including you in on my journey of the addition on our home!
I hope all those moms, soon to be moms or any male or female that has taken on this role had a truly great day and we will chat again very soon!