Hello Everyone! Not sure if this is your kids, neighbors kids, nieces or nephews spring break week but it is for us! So far its been a beautiful week whether wise! It’s been in the 50’s/60’s all week. The only negative was earlier in the week MUD! Of course today we woke up to having been dumped on again by rain early this morning. But that’s ok we are going to get out and do something fun!
So far this week we have done ALOT of yard work. That little dozer K got for his birthday has come in pretty handy for having him haul the remnants of my cleaned up gardens! He loves to help or rather he loves to do work! S does as well helping me pull “weeds” which as we know aren’t out now but as long as she isn’t pulling my flowers out she can pull her heart away!

Joe has begun his changes to the yard this week as well.  We removed the previous owners swing set two years ago and we managed without last summer but this year with the kids getting a bit older it would be nice to have something here to keep us busy!   So we have ordered a new swing set.  With this being said we decided to remove our two apple tree’s along the fence line.  Normally I would be super bummed but these two were not producing apples that I could use to bake and the for a snack the production was far and few between.  I think the location of these two was just not good.  So we took both of these down and we put in some shrubs.  Our neighbors came over and said “Wow, how long will we get to have you guys as neighbors?”  As people think we have our own little compound over here.  As Joe says he just doesn’t like neighbors in his business.  If he wants you over he will invite you! LOL!  Plus, I agree when the pool goes in I don’t want neighbors able to see into my yard.  So call it what you want at the end of the day we like privacy.  The kids enjoyed helping dad out too!


We also cut down a dead tree on the opposite side of the yard…well Joe did I enjoyed watching from inside!  After we had a fire with the kids.  They thought we were camping out!  We let them have dinner out sitting on a log while they watched the fire and then they were off on adventures around Joe’s shop as there are so many places to climb and look for bugs, etc.


We went to lunch one afternoon with their great-uncle and my cousin (who is two) to Culver’s then after went over to the Tractor Supply shop as it’s baby chick, duck season!  The best free entertainment and they are so sweet to the kids there telling them about the babies!  I almost got myself sucked in to taking a few home!  I would love to have a few for egg purposes but we have a friend who has five hundred and he has been very generous in sharing with us; so I think I should maybe leave this to him!

Our last task for the week was getting the pond back in order.  This is really a process but it went rather smoothly.  Joe’s friend stopped over and helped which was great as then I could simply watch!!  Removing the fish was fun as our original Koi spawned last season which we thought was surprising as we had just got them last July.  I knew for sure we had a total of ten including babies.  So we started to empty the water and prepare the kiddie pool for them to live in while we got the pond cleaned for them. They will stay in the kiddie pool for roughly four days during this process.  As we transported them S counted and named each new one Joe took out!  We were at eight and the water was getting light when we then found two more.  Joe continued to skim and Joe found three more…THEN two more!  I had no idea we had this many and clearly Joe didn’t either!  Our Koi must have had many long weekends last year during season!  I’m so happy they all made it through the winter.  If you read my post from last year when Joe built the pond it was a self-taught project.  So all we have done with our pond has been learned from talking to the Koi pond we got our Koi from, online research, as well as talking to our local landscape yards!  The amount of algae and leaves in the pond was incredible!  Lesson learned we will purchase a net for this upcoming fall.  For now we have it cleaned and the falls are back up and running great!  The Koi will return to their sanctuary on Monday!



Last, I have realized I have failed to mention our newest addition to our home!  We have brought home a new puppy!  His name is DUKE!  He is a blue German Shepherd he is now seventeen weeks old and so far been a great addition to our home.  Nala our just two-year old shepherd cares for him like her child and argues with him like an annoying little brother so it’s working out great!  wpid-img953671.jpgwpid-img_20150326_160803.jpg


Today looks like it is going to be another beautiful day!  I wish you all a wonderful Easter and look forward to connecting soon!

Ponds, Waterfalls, and Koi Fish Oh My!

I am so happy to report that our waterfall and Koi pond are just about complete!  We just have to start running the pump to get things moving to clear the water and get the waterfall circulating!  We have family coming for Fathers Day so we will have it fully up and running for our guests to enjoy!  Monday we will begin the process to put sod in!

Here are pictures from the past two days completing the project!


Lisenby Week In Review

Ok I’m a few days late in my check in. It’s been a busy week over here! I have had my mom and now my in-laws here helping me which has been wonderful. I mean my mom was here making dinners including chicken caccatoire and shrimp fried rice! The kids loved both which I’m sure if I make they will say they hate because isn’t it true no one does anything as good as mom/grandma! Mom also turned S into a garage saleing diva! Every time they got in the car she said “are we going saleing?” Bummed when the response wasn’t yes! We enjoyed lunch out and I will say this was the first time in a long time there has been no technology at the table so I had some anxiety going in to it. Well these two were fantastic! Used their manors and stayed occupied by being involved in our conversation and coloring! Who would have thought. Next time you are out and you immediately go for the iPad or DVD wait and give them the opportunity to be toddlers and take part in your real conversation and using good old fashion crayons and paper! I’m sure your tots will surprise you too!


Mom ok is a big yoga guru which I’m excited to start doing next week with her! So in sticking with her routine she had the kids doing yoga in the mornings.  They of coursed loved doing silly poses with grandma!


On to our garden…all that we planted seems to be producing! Our tomato plants and peppers are flowering. Our grapes are clustering.  Our beans and onions are sprouting! But the biggest Woo Hoo we have to report is our strawberry bush is producing! We woke up to this sweet little strawberry on the counter!  Not many things make me smile before coffee but this little gem did the trick! If I haven’t mentioned before this my very first garden. Our garden last year which Joe did was ginormous and honestly just too much was going on. My down sized beds are easy to maintain and it seems like the new location is working great too!


4th of July has turned into a favorite holiday for me. I 100% think this is due to Joe and his families love for it.  Each year his family would get together to not only celebrate Independence Day but also his grandfathers birthday! I still remember my first time going to their family party. His grandparents live in a very small town in a cute farm house with what seems to be endless rows of Apple trees in the back. Everyone brought a dish, which was all comfort food. When I say comfort food I mean those recipes that remind you of being a kid. You know pineapple upside down cake, spaghetti noodle pasta, grilled burgers and hot dogs without buns, dump cake!  All traditional yummy food. So anyway, let me get back on track! With his grandfathers passing Joe decided he wanted to keep the tradition alive. This year will be the 6th party we have hosted and yes we have turned it up a bit. If you know Joe you know nothing is done small with him and any celebration. We always try to have fun activities which started with dunk tanks, volleyball, horseshoes you know traditional summer fun! We have now grown to pig roasting, pony rides, jump houses and face painters!  Getting prepared for the party takes a bit of time and communication. But I love getting crafty for this holiday! I can put my decorations out Memorial Day and I usually leave them up until Labor Day! So this week I made two crafts to get the holiday started off right!   One being a red, white, and blue burlap bow wreath and the second my pallet flag for the porch. I love how both turned out.  Next I’m going to paint my mason jars which I look forward to sharing in a few days as this project I plan to put the kids on. I mean how can you mess painting a jar up?



Our backyard is turning into something too! Joe has been working diligently on getting the water fountain and Koi pond installed. A job we initially planned to have contracted out but after researching Joe has decided to take the project on himself. Which has to be completed this week in order for us to move to the next party perpetration item which is laying sod.  Sod needs three weeks before it can have heavy traffic so as the clock ticks Joe is working away!

wpid-20140601_153721.jpgwpid-20140601_153630.jpg  wpid-20140601_153704.jpgimage

I look forward to sharing the adventures S and K have with as they say “New Papa and Grandma” in just a few days. I will say today they had a blast.  It down poured when they left so they got lost but when they made it to lunch and play land they were as happy as two pigs in mud! Nap went to the way side today but I’m sure come tomorrow we will get back to a more normal schedule. No nap and two toddlers all day is exhausting!

Thanks for checking in! Enjoy your Monday evening!

P.S. This is just a pic of what Koi fish are so you don’t have to google them. These are not ours…