A Little of This and a Little of That…

So the past few weeks have seem to fly by and the weather has been all over the board.  Which this has matched whats been going on in our house!  Kole has started to attend preschool/daycare two days a week, Sid has graduated from 3K, my fingers and feet are almost 100% green from the gardening going on, Joe is averaging less sleep time then I could imagine being able to do anything on let alone run a company and when he has a free window building the kids playhouse!

First things first…K started his two day a week preschool two weeks ago!  So far he is absolutely loving it and they are loving him! His teacher told me last week that he is “the sunshine to her days!”  She said “he is such a good kid and makes her smile often!”  As a mom who enrolled him in this program as I was concerned for how he would do among his peers in the fall at Montessori.  As we were having many days of battles and when we attending playgroup he was having a hard time; not always but often.  My sweet little boy was changing so drastically before my eyes I wasn’t sure what to do.  Our good friends immediately said he needs seperation and they weren’t meaning from me.  They said all he knows is S and she manages him and he’s moving to an age of showing his independence.  Which having a sister that is four wanting to provide direction for all you do all the time even know it’s usually out of love can get to be frustrating.  I of course immediately thought of when I was a kid and how to this day my little sister and mom remind me of how much I managed her in all we did!  Well as the saying goes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!  As my grandma said when I shared with her what K’s teacher said she said “Well mom, this is your report card saying you are doing something right!”  It was sweet as my grandmother isn’t doing well and I have tried to have weekly brief chats with her as growing up all of us where at her house and now for various reasons she only sees my kids on holidays or special occasions so I think she enjoys hearing about them grow.  So it seems these few days for K to find himself and meet others his age without S there to assist him is just what he needed.  The tantrums and frustration still show up but not nearly as much as we were facing before.  A little breathing room is good for everyone, right?!


S finished her first year of school and as she says now it’s time for her to go to “BIG kid school”!  She is super excited for this change.  Many of the kids she bonded with at Montessori will not attend  the same school for 4K as S but that is ok this year has been great!  She learned so much from her teachers and peers.  Sharing, spelling, counting, alphabet, writing, organization, cleaning…just a few and yes you may say well she’s now four she better be able to do these things.  Yes, she went in knowing her ABC’s and could count to ten but as most kids at three they don’t always do perfect skipping numbers or letters or mixing them up.  Now, she is confident in them and the biggest is how she loves to be organized and neat in what she does.  We have her chore chart which we have altered from time to time but currently she is working towards a new Elsa doll!  So daily we get ourselves dressed in the morning and night, brush our teeth, clean our room if played in that day, clean the playroom, and feed the dogs!  She has been so great at this as the days she says she would really rather not do I remind her of the goal she is trying to reach and she doesn’t miss a beat on starting them!  Which has been really refreshing!  She too has said some things to us lately that crack us up but of course we hold a straight face at the time.  She was putting her dolls to sleep the other night and Joe brought up her favorite doll.  She says “You can just set her on the bed, I’ll take care of her when I’m done!”  Like really ok!  Then she tells me “Mom, I have a red bowl with no strawberries left in it, can you come remove it from my hand?”  I was like umm no you can go put it in the sink! I’m not your maid and your dad is not your servant!  K and her lost two of their favorite toys as they were hitting each other so S stands at the garage door and says “Santa do you hear me?,  please give us back our toys!”  She thinks he is god and speaks to him often.  Usually on shopping trips when she is told we are not buying today she says she is going to have a talk with him so he makes sure it’s on her list for Christmas this year!  We are very excited to see what “BIG kid school” brings in the fall for Ms. S!


I have realized this spring that our yard is ALOT of work and it must have been due to the fact that last year was when we really got in to gardening and getting the property looking how we wanted so we didn’t experience the maintenance of all the planting we had done.  Let me tell you I am daily in the yard tackling some section!  I did do my vegetable gardens again this year.  But I scaled back a bit.  But I decided to try things I have not tried!  We have the usual variety of tomatoes, bell peppers, and jalapenos, but I have also planted romaine, snap peas, broccoli, basil, brussel sprouts, science fiction blend of carrots as well as one blueberry plant!  We will see how it all does I see it as if I get enough to enjoy for the summer it was all worth it!  If I can can some and freeze some then I did it right!  Keep you posted as it’s all starting to flourish!  I also had the treat of re-doing three of our beds.  As we had planned to start renovations on the backside of the house and complete them before our 4th of July party but due to Joe’s work schedule we have decided to put this off until after.  Which I am completely fine with except when I was given a date that this was all to begin I went through my back gardens and transplanted everything!  Well, having three mud spots now for the dogs and kids wasn’t going to work for me!  I have simply put in some marigold and cone seed that was given to me as well as the cheap spring wildflower mix.  S picked out a few bulb plants too!  So fingers crossed these areas will flourish into great little gardens at a very low price before our party!


Joe has been crazy busy lately between his companies accounts he handles during the day and those he has taken on as side jobs. Currently his side job is doing the stone work for a restaurant opening next month!  This is a different job for Joe as he usually does residential work.  The owner is someone I’ve know for ten years and he really wanted Joe to do the stone as he appreciates his work and passion.  Joe was excited to be a part of this as our friends current location due to his rapid increase in demand in his few short years of being open it was necessary for him to build a bigger place!  A farm to table restaurant in Illinois and for those in the area should definitely look his location up but I will say go earlier as there is typically a hour minimum wait by 6pm!  The name is Ad-lib Geocafe in Lindenhurst, Illinois!  Anyway, back to Joe!  This and other business has meant very long days for him.  But we committed to getting the kids a playset but after we researched and looked at them for the price we were looking to spend Joe decided it was best to build his own.  So here we are a few weeks in and man this project has been challenging but as of yesterday we are at the point that the kids can play on it safely.  We still have to change out railings, do the interior both siding and decorating, paint the outside and hang the swings but funny enough the slide and excitement alone has been a blast for these two!  I’m so looking forward to a summer with something for not only our kids to enjoy but their friends and cousins too!



I know there is more to share but time to get to cooking as these two crazy kids are starting to get hungry!  I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


I look forward to sharing with you the final of our current projects very soon!  Happy Tuesday to you all and thanks for checking in!

Am I That Mom?

I have always appreciated the fact that friends have said I am one of those moms that was brutally honest about what raising two toddlers is all about.  I know at times when I tell stories of shenanigans that have went on in my home such as last night when K was doing his as we call it “shoulder shake” dance and we all laughed hysterically including S which is rare as the focus wasn’t her.  Joe says “S why don’t you show us some of your dance moves?”  S replies “Yes I can show you my booty dance?”  She was 100% serious and Joe’s facial expression was 100% priceless with his response to S “those responses are one of the last things a father wants to hear from his daughter, I was thinking more like what moves you learned in ballet.”  I mean most parents think this is funny within their home but more often I think especially us moms cringe at these type of statements thinking “ok that was funny at home but please never repeat it in public.”  Kind of the embarrassment I had for a mom on a popular reality show on Sunday evening but my embarrassment wasn’t for the kid it was for the mom who encouraged her little girl to show how she twerked!  I thought “our kids truly say and do the darndest things each day on their own why would a mother encourage her daughter to show off a dance that has received all types of criticism; mostly negative?”  I enjoy all sides of raising my toddlers and I sometimes think sharing our embarrassing moments as well as all the bragging rights ones keep us real. Remember if you don’t share it they very likely will when you least expect it.  I do have to venture out on my subject of being a “that mom” as this week I found myself in a different way feeling unsure or embarrassed of what my toddlers were going through.

Friday evening K woke scolding hot in the middle of the night.  We immediately did what we remembered from when S had a fever as an infant as we frantically called my mom at two in the morning.  Took him down to his diaper and used a cool cloth to try to break it.  This went on for an hour and finally he started to cool but was still very warm.  Saturday and Sunday brought a very needy two-year old but thankfully no more fever.  Sunday evening at midnight S woke up exactly as K did Friday scolding hot.  So round two of the cool cloth process.  Going back an hour prior K woke up which lately he hasn’t been sleeping great.  Monsters on the mind, weird car nightmares, or just wanting us.  So he was in our bed already and wasn’t sleeping well. Tossing, turning and kept rubbing his hands together saying fire than waving and saying water.  When not doing this he seemed to have restless legs which looking back wasn’t the case he was rubbing his feet together.  S finally cooled down after a bit over an hour but she complained of a sore throat so I gave her Tylenol and had her try to get some sleep. She woke at six thirty not looking or feeling well. She was warm again, her temperature was lower at 101.6 and now said her stomach hurt very bad.  We got in to the doctor first thing but as I was going only for S I for some reason cut K’s fingers and toes and noticed bumps all over his feet.  I cancelled the sitter and added him to the visit.  The doctor examined S thinking she had strep they did a test but it came back negative.  Something was up, my outgoing, loving girl was laying in the stroller so tired and with a sore stomach and still a low fever.  She examined K next.  Well here we have it!  K had bumps in his mouth including his throat and under his tongue as well as his hands and feet.  As the doctor said the virus hand, foot and mouth I cringed.  My mom ran a child development center and of all the stories it seemed a case of this when occurred was a nightmare.  Immediately I asked how? What do we do? Can I catch?  Then I was pissed thinking they must have caught when we had so many guests over the week prior.  But quickly the doctor let me know that wasn’t likely as typically the fever comes within twenty-four hours of catching.  Well we were only at a petting zoo the day prior?  All we can do is keep them comfortable with Tylenol as well as a Mylanta/Benadryl mixture for mouth sores.  Lastly, yes Joe and I can catch as well as other children so staying home not sharing for the week was so important.  There of course were many other questions and thoughts but when we left I immediately felt embarrassed that my children had caught such a thing.  I didn’t want to talk about as again that perception thing came out.  But than Tuesday came and I thought this type of thing happens and as “that mom” that enjoys sharing the madness of her home this is just another one of those things.  As a parent it is our job to protect these precious little humans but it’s also our job to educate each other so when it happens to someone else they don’t feel embarrassed as the other side to that is if you show you are embarrassed or worried about perception of something you truly had no control of what does that teach our little ones?

So I guess the reason behind me sharing about being “that mom” is more to say it’s ok to be whatever kind of mom you want as long as at the end of the day you had your little ones best interest in mind.  We all have embarrassing moments or situations we wish never happened.  If you choose to keep them within your family that is your choice and that is perfectly ok but I would encourage you if something does occur that you can share with others as it might help if they ever experience that you definitely do so.