A Little of This and a Little of That…

So the past few weeks have seem to fly by and the weather has been all over the board.  Which this has matched whats been going on in our house!  Kole has started to attend preschool/daycare two days a week, Sid has graduated from 3K, my fingers and feet are almost 100% green from the gardening going on, Joe is averaging less sleep time then I could imagine being able to do anything on let alone run a company and when he has a free window building the kids playhouse!

First things first…K started his two day a week preschool two weeks ago!  So far he is absolutely loving it and they are loving him! His teacher told me last week that he is “the sunshine to her days!”  She said “he is such a good kid and makes her smile often!”  As a mom who enrolled him in this program as I was concerned for how he would do among his peers in the fall at Montessori.  As we were having many days of battles and when we attending playgroup he was having a hard time; not always but often.  My sweet little boy was changing so drastically before my eyes I wasn’t sure what to do.  Our good friends immediately said he needs seperation and they weren’t meaning from me.  They said all he knows is S and she manages him and he’s moving to an age of showing his independence.  Which having a sister that is four wanting to provide direction for all you do all the time even know it’s usually out of love can get to be frustrating.  I of course immediately thought of when I was a kid and how to this day my little sister and mom remind me of how much I managed her in all we did!  Well as the saying goes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!  As my grandma said when I shared with her what K’s teacher said she said “Well mom, this is your report card saying you are doing something right!”  It was sweet as my grandmother isn’t doing well and I have tried to have weekly brief chats with her as growing up all of us where at her house and now for various reasons she only sees my kids on holidays or special occasions so I think she enjoys hearing about them grow.  So it seems these few days for K to find himself and meet others his age without S there to assist him is just what he needed.  The tantrums and frustration still show up but not nearly as much as we were facing before.  A little breathing room is good for everyone, right?!


S finished her first year of school and as she says now it’s time for her to go to “BIG kid school”!  She is super excited for this change.  Many of the kids she bonded with at Montessori will not attend  the same school for 4K as S but that is ok this year has been great!  She learned so much from her teachers and peers.  Sharing, spelling, counting, alphabet, writing, organization, cleaning…just a few and yes you may say well she’s now four she better be able to do these things.  Yes, she went in knowing her ABC’s and could count to ten but as most kids at three they don’t always do perfect skipping numbers or letters or mixing them up.  Now, she is confident in them and the biggest is how she loves to be organized and neat in what she does.  We have her chore chart which we have altered from time to time but currently she is working towards a new Elsa doll!  So daily we get ourselves dressed in the morning and night, brush our teeth, clean our room if played in that day, clean the playroom, and feed the dogs!  She has been so great at this as the days she says she would really rather not do I remind her of the goal she is trying to reach and she doesn’t miss a beat on starting them!  Which has been really refreshing!  She too has said some things to us lately that crack us up but of course we hold a straight face at the time.  She was putting her dolls to sleep the other night and Joe brought up her favorite doll.  She says “You can just set her on the bed, I’ll take care of her when I’m done!”  Like really ok!  Then she tells me “Mom, I have a red bowl with no strawberries left in it, can you come remove it from my hand?”  I was like umm no you can go put it in the sink! I’m not your maid and your dad is not your servant!  K and her lost two of their favorite toys as they were hitting each other so S stands at the garage door and says “Santa do you hear me?,  please give us back our toys!”  She thinks he is god and speaks to him often.  Usually on shopping trips when she is told we are not buying today she says she is going to have a talk with him so he makes sure it’s on her list for Christmas this year!  We are very excited to see what “BIG kid school” brings in the fall for Ms. S!


I have realized this spring that our yard is ALOT of work and it must have been due to the fact that last year was when we really got in to gardening and getting the property looking how we wanted so we didn’t experience the maintenance of all the planting we had done.  Let me tell you I am daily in the yard tackling some section!  I did do my vegetable gardens again this year.  But I scaled back a bit.  But I decided to try things I have not tried!  We have the usual variety of tomatoes, bell peppers, and jalapenos, but I have also planted romaine, snap peas, broccoli, basil, brussel sprouts, science fiction blend of carrots as well as one blueberry plant!  We will see how it all does I see it as if I get enough to enjoy for the summer it was all worth it!  If I can can some and freeze some then I did it right!  Keep you posted as it’s all starting to flourish!  I also had the treat of re-doing three of our beds.  As we had planned to start renovations on the backside of the house and complete them before our 4th of July party but due to Joe’s work schedule we have decided to put this off until after.  Which I am completely fine with except when I was given a date that this was all to begin I went through my back gardens and transplanted everything!  Well, having three mud spots now for the dogs and kids wasn’t going to work for me!  I have simply put in some marigold and cone seed that was given to me as well as the cheap spring wildflower mix.  S picked out a few bulb plants too!  So fingers crossed these areas will flourish into great little gardens at a very low price before our party!


Joe has been crazy busy lately between his companies accounts he handles during the day and those he has taken on as side jobs. Currently his side job is doing the stone work for a restaurant opening next month!  This is a different job for Joe as he usually does residential work.  The owner is someone I’ve know for ten years and he really wanted Joe to do the stone as he appreciates his work and passion.  Joe was excited to be a part of this as our friends current location due to his rapid increase in demand in his few short years of being open it was necessary for him to build a bigger place!  A farm to table restaurant in Illinois and for those in the area should definitely look his location up but I will say go earlier as there is typically a hour minimum wait by 6pm!  The name is Ad-lib Geocafe in Lindenhurst, Illinois!  Anyway, back to Joe!  This and other business has meant very long days for him.  But we committed to getting the kids a playset but after we researched and looked at them for the price we were looking to spend Joe decided it was best to build his own.  So here we are a few weeks in and man this project has been challenging but as of yesterday we are at the point that the kids can play on it safely.  We still have to change out railings, do the interior both siding and decorating, paint the outside and hang the swings but funny enough the slide and excitement alone has been a blast for these two!  I’m so looking forward to a summer with something for not only our kids to enjoy but their friends and cousins too!



I know there is more to share but time to get to cooking as these two crazy kids are starting to get hungry!  I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


I look forward to sharing with you the final of our current projects very soon!  Happy Tuesday to you all and thanks for checking in!

That’s Fine…I just won’t play with you then!

Says the little girl who lives with us and loves to manage all things when it comes to playing!  If I hear this once in a day I’ve heard it twenty seven times from S to K.  Typically the poor little guy just wants to play with his diggers and dozers but S needs someone to play Barbie dolls with her right now!  She knows his sweet personality will give in if these words come out of her mouth!  I started today each time I hear this getting down to her level and asking her when her friends say this how does it make her feel. The response weather 7:30am or 5:00pm is the exact same…SAD. In turn how does she think K feels hearing this? EXACTLY!!! SAD in case you didn’t catch where I was heading!! Which honestly either I started tuning it out or really after we discussed it did subside…for at least a few hours.  Speaking of friends we have been hitting the books hard for a few weeks now! Lol!  Ok I’m still struggling to get out the door in a timely fashion for pre-k for S!

But school for S is going well I had a moment or twenty after I dropped her off today with her fresh wavy hair from braiding it wet before bed last night and little purple slippers at Montessori it’s what they do. Anyway, I realized how these two days a week are truly changing my little girl.  For one she has accepted that boys are actually ok to be friends with.  That using colors other than pink and purple are ok and those other colors can be really fun too!  If you get hurt yes it’s a big deal but if there’s no scratch or blood you are ok…ok after I wrote this one I realized that was likely Joe or I as she did get a pretty good rug burn today and I asked what did the teacher do…she said one asked what she could do to make it better if anything, S said she told her no then her other teacher asked if an Ariel freeze pack would help; which anything Ariel will make any problem better.  Independence has also been showing up and the good I still love you mom but I’m three and will get ready for bed by myself and when done put my clothes in the hamper independence!  Appreciating what those around do for her as tonight she went in the freezer to get a freeze pop and a glass mug fell out and shattered, after I swept it all up she said mom you really do a great job cleaning up messes I make!  The list goes on and yes cracks me up as some of these things I truly have struggled to do well.  I do think my personal wiring is still on corporate mode sometimes and as S comes home with these changes its making me realize there are so many great ways to handle situations and not everything has a direct, point-blank answer with toddlers.  With deep breaths I move onto naps!  Or the elimination of!


Since 615am at the latest was becoming S’s new wake up time I decided I had to take drastic measures! Lol! My only thought is she’s getting too much sleep between nap and night. So two weeks ago I held to my plan and cut out naps. By day three she was delirious and passed out five minutes in to quiet time! The days following waking up went from way early (for me) to between 730am and 830am! Yipee I don’t think I mentioned that on day four we went on a mini get away to a water park resort as the week before we had to cancel and reschedule our family Disney trip. So mom and I took the kids for a two night get away. More on that in a minute. Well this week has been going great. The past two mornings have been 7am which of course I’m hoping doesn’t stick but again anything is better than what we were at. I have done nap two times as she has been a mess and did I mention I have decided to move to a natural mood vitamin from prescription? More on this too but let’s say when the naps have happened it’s been necessary for both of us to be able to appreciate how wonderful our personalities are until dad arrives! So overall I’m very happy with my decision to take nap out of our routine for S. K still requires nap of some sort daily. On to our mini get away!

Well due to our businesses crazy busy schedule we decided to move our trip to Disney to January! Bummed at the time but then remembered its freezing here in January and S’s birthday is that month so it will be great! Anyway, giving the short version. Arrival day S and K thought that as we were getting ready to go to dinner they would check out the resort on their own leaving the room while I went to the bathroom and mom got her purse packed…Ten minutes later mom and I sweating, scared and angry these two were found giggling up a storm at the end of the hall.  I was so upset both the panic and fury type of upset. As my mom and I said if Joe was here this would not have even been a thought…you know that dad’s presence is enough to keep you scared and honest! That evening and the following days were much better sure we had our moments but reminding myself they are two and three helped with these!  I think the trip prepared us a bit more for our Disney trip and things I want to make sure I avoid.  Most important they are two and three keep it simple.  Doing every activity offered in the area is NOT necessary what is necessary is doing activities that are appropriate for the day. Like arrival day plan nothing but checking in to the resort and enjoying on property amenities. Try to do big activities every other day slipping in naps and low-key activities on the off days. Just these few things result in happy babies which I learned in San Diego a year ago but again only away two nights I wanted to do it all.  The I part was the problem.  I’m mom now it’s about what they can handle each day creating positive memories for all.


I have so much more to share from the shop to crafts to my decision to move off prescription mood changing meds and on to natural ones.  Please check back soon to hear all about!