The Struggle is Real

Ok I love this saying it just cracks me up!  My siblings and I use it often when referring to just about anything that affects us as adults.  You know making creative dinners, being a disciplinary to our kids when that’s the worst part of being a parent, when jobs have us pulled in more directions than we know what to do!  I’m sure all of you have said or felt this at one point or another?  The struggle for me clearly is sitting myself down and sharing my struggles with all of you!  Things have been absolutely bananas over here.

When the kids started school and S started full day and K started half days I had so many amazing plans!  I was going to have all this free time for myself that I wasn’t going to know what to do with myself!  Well that is a total joke!  I find myself accomplishing less.  I had planned to run daily or at least three days; nope isn’t happening.  Planned to make one day for just working on our business; that’s not happening.  I also thought I would have the cleanest house you could imagine without extra hands messing everything up three steps behind me;  umm now they are just a few hours behind me doing it!  Last I thought I will be hanging out at the local coffee shop with my girlfriends discussing all the things are little ones had us stressed about over the days up to our coffee clutch; this I have completely mastered some times its alone but do you know how enjoyable it is to go into a coffee shop ALONE and get a delicious pumpkin spice latte and not share it!  I do have to say other things have come in to play in which my “other” plans haven’t quite happened.  Most of these things have been positive with a few negatives.  But no one says being a wife, a mom or business owner was easy or always going to be lollipops and gum drops!

First things first being a wife…We’ve touched on this before Joe has crazy hours and the biggest heart of anyone I know.  He wants to help everyone from the smallest things such as offering to build a barn wood partition wall to big things like renting a lift to try and help a client fix a problem on their home that a different masonry company created.  Then there are the things I require you know be home at a time that the kids can enjoy you before bed.  Dad reads books way better than mom does!  Then I have questions about the business.  Usually at this point I’m not sure he’s even coherent as exhaustion is on strong! But there is one new thing we incorporated into our family.  It is the addition of Hello Fresh being delivered to our door each Tuesday.  This has changed our life in a few ways.  The biggest pertaining to Joe and I is we are having date nights.  Yes, I have been cooking our meals so it is ready when he will get home.  This way we can sit down together and talk about the kids, work, life just as we do when we go to a restaurant and spend triple the amount of money.  For the kids yes it has pushed dinner back for them on some of the nights and also has them in the kitchen cooking with me!  If it is something I know they will be in udder disgust over I plan accordingly by cooking something else for them weather it be chicken or pasta.  The overall experience has been very positive for our family.  So I do recommend trying Hello Fresh out!  Now let’s talk being mom…

I wish I could say things have been easy but until last week the mom role was quite challenging.  I was struggling with a VERY strong willed little girl that was challenging everything.  Meltdowns over small things were happening daily and some days multiple times.  Going wild when she was asked to do anything from take her bath to eat dinner to lastly homework.  S is a very smart kid and she kept telling me about things at school but most ended with “I’m Bored”.  I had to do something quick as Joe was ready to seek outside help and honestly I was at my wits end.  After speaking to a few people I learned of the Love and Logic methods.  I went to the library and checked out the book that seemed to pertain to what we were going through.  The biggest change in our home was the removal of ipads.  Yes, our kids were turning into raging lunatics that’s lives were being controlled by mind craft and youtube!  As discussed with my brother my kids were suffering from the ipad hangover.  They NEEDED it to feel content, they just needed to see one more how to video or build one more room.  If they didn’t get it they were total wackadoos!  At school they have started a color behavior chart which in speaking with S’s teacher we have begun at home for both kids.  Ipads were just reintroduced this past weekend for a short time.  Lastly, I have used the love and logic options method.  So far both kids are making the right choice.  Kids like choices as they like to feel like they are the ones in control.  It’s such an easy concept in almost every situation I give them two options; they have to choose one.  I will say I have not finished the book yet but the bits and pieces I have been using I think are so easy and I wish I would have started them years ago.  Oh well better late then never, right?!  I’m happy to report S has ended each day at school in either purple or blue which are the two highest behavior options!

Last lets talk about being a business owner.  This time I’m not talking about my husband!  Mom and I have been full swing with finishing furniture.  We were just asked to sell our items in a new shop near me.  Last week I was hired to come to a clients house and teach her how to refinish her 16 person dining room table!  We have brought my dad on as part of our team too!  Dad has done a beautiful cedar headboard which I finished with chalk paint and light distressing.  He also has built a few couch/entry way tables for clients.  Next endeavor will be for him to do some night stands!  I truly think he is loving it.  He and my mom are retired and this gives my dad something to do which he loves and also make some extra money!  We all loved to be appreciated and my dad hearing the wonderful feedback of those that have bought his stuff has been great!  Mom and I have been working on a few things.  I unfortunately have been sick with a few different things.  My migraines have come back in full force which have had me in bed for a week at a time resulting in an upcoming neurology appointment.  I went in to have a better look and hopefully remove any endometriosis found.  Which I was diagnosed with a year ago.  My results came back that they were wrong and I didn’t in fact have endometriosis so I had a urology appointment this past week which we did discover that I have Interstitial Cystitis which is the cause of almost all of my abdominal pain as well as overactive bladder.  Hope with meds we will have luck in getting this under control.  We are giving it a month then we will move to the next steps.  Lastly, I was moving furniture with my mom yesterday and lifted a heavy piece up which provided the pop in my back and I fell over immediately.  ER doctor told me thankfully nothing is broken I pulled it and its spasming which is causing me to not be able to walk upright.  They gave me two shots a pill and sent me on my way.  With this last little hiccup I’m thinking I will take this week off from rehabbing anything; or maybe just do some things while sitting😁

Well it’s been far too long and I promise not to keep you waiting to hear from me again!  I look forward to showing you the new dressers we are doing as well as end tables and holiday items!  Oh ya my good friend and I are doing a vendor fair in November and mom and I were asked to participate in one December 1st!  So the holiday juices are flowing and you will be the firsts to enjoy all we have come up with!!  Until then have a wonderful Monday and remember lift with your legs not your back!  Cheers🍷

Lisenby Week In Review

Hello Friends!  As I mentioned in my last post things have been bananas around here.  Not at the fault of anyone only at the fault that my brain can’t focus on one thing so we have 21 things going on at all times around here!

Teacher Appreciation week was last week and I was super excited to do gifts each day for S’s teacher and K’s on the two days he went.  As I agree with many our teachers are the people that provide our children many of the necessary tools to be successful in the educational journey.  I also think there are teachers out there that are truly amazing, I’m not saying all teachers aren’t great but there are those few that have that special gift.  I truly believe both of the kids have a teacher that has this.  S truly lucked out her teacher is stern but passionate.  She has taught S so much this school year Joe and I couldn’t be more proud.  She’s counting to 60, doing addition, and starting to spell words!  Granted maybe this is totally normal in 4K but I’m pretty impressed.  So I wanted last week to be special for her teacher.  I completely can not claim any of these adorable gifts as I’m Pinterest queen for finding these type of things!  So each day S brought a little something and I will tell you I spent very little money as much of it I had on hand!  I think in total for the week I spent $13!  So here are pics of everything.  The only thing I didn’t get a picture of was Friday which she gave her a potted flower and card saying “thanks for helping me grow!”

S had her 4K Circus play/musical at school which she was an acrobat!  It was great to finally see the kids perform the songs S had been singing daily around the house!  The teachers did a great job as I heard one parent say “how do they get them to do all this?”  I can’t even get mine to get dressed!  I completely agree but then again they are their teachers not their parents!

Soccer has continued and K started his cooking class which he made donuts (he ate before I could take a pic)!  He absolutely loves it.  I barely get in the door with him and he’s saying ok see you later mom!  I have to say he has come so far since the beginning of the school year.  As I used to have to stay with him for a bit each day of school.  Now, I can almost drop him at the door and he is completely happy to go see his friends!  Fingers crossed this continues into next year where he will go to “BIG” kid school with S!  S is definitely progressing at soccer she loves the sport and is doing very well.  Tumbling, well tumbling is different she loves it but it is more of a technique sport (if that’s even how you say it?).  There are a lot of parts to remember in doing just a somersault; arms tight to ears, legs together, butt down, chin tucked…I mean I’m exhausted typing the steps!  Soccer you just get out there and get at it! K on the other hand loves practice but they had their first scrimmage and he didn’t understand why they were taking the ball from him, why doesn’t he dribble the ball to the goal alone.  That whole team sport concept will take a bit of time I think for him!  Either way they are both having fun and that’s what matters!

S’s school had a fun fair which the kids and I went to.  I wasn’t sure going into it how it would be as it seemed like they were going to be short volunteers, short on raffle prizes, etc. by the notes sent home.  I was able to donate two baskets I made up.  As again I thought crap that would be terrible to go and have no stuff to bid on.  We got there and it was fantastic!  They had a ton of donated bidding items, games galore set up and all staffed, face painting, food!  Your typical fun fair and one for our community that everyone goes to and makes a night of!  It was great to see such a great community supported event! The kids had a great time as we of course got our faces painted, played a few games and ate ginormous pieces of pizza!


One fun and I say fun today as a few days ago I wasn’t sure they would survive!  The kids had a robin build a nest in their play set which I was not wanting to happen as I thought for sure the mother would abandon them having so much activity in there.  But I am happy to say she has not.  She has been going in there in the evenings to care for her now 4 babies!  The kids love checking in on them and seeing them hatch was quite an experience too!


Speaking of mothers and babies!  Mother’s Day happened just a few days ago!  I hope all you mom’s out there had a wonderful day!  I spent it with the kids putting in my garden which has kind of become a tradition.  This year they painted rocks for us to label each plant we placed!  I also went to dinner with my mom and one of my sisters the Saturday before to celebrate with them!  The day was beautiful and the time was great!

Ok well I’m finishing up some DIY projects which I’m excited to share so we will talk again very soon!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!  Cheers!

The Bell Has Rung!

We did it we made it through our second week for S and first week for K of school!  The first day for S provided a few emotions I didn’t expect.  As we were so excited for the day when she said she was nervous it instantly made me nervous for her.  Walking up she was a super shy kid; not her usually bubbly self.  After we said goodbye I felt terrible made it to the car to have a few tears.  I was scared for her!  I hadn’t planned on having this emotion which is silly why wouldn’t I she is still only four years old.  Three hours later I picked up a beaming little girl who had an amazing day and has been excited to go back every day.  Now the bummer has come for me…Five days in and S has had an opportunity to go in the drop off-line with the older kids now she doesn’t want me to get out of the car and walk her up.  I asked why she said “mom I’m getting older, just drop me off.”  When I get out to give her a kiss she says “mom what’s with all the kisses?”  Is this seriously happening?  My best girlfriend is over me and now part of the too cool for mom club. Sigh!  Wait till I start helping in her classroom!


K finished his first week of school this week and he did fantastic!  I was a bit concerned as he and S are very close but he was super excited to start “big kid” school!  On day two he requested I just drop him off as we do S!  Umm No!  He is still super loving but I will say on day two he gave kisses and said “ok see you later mom!” sigh, my little sweet boy is getting too big too fast!  For a split second I truly thought I wish I had another little one but the thought quickly left and I came to my senses!  The two we have are amazing and we look forward to watching them grow into amazing adults!


Other Lisenby news!  Our poor puppy Duke has had a rough  almost ten days.  We took him in for his neuter last Thursday and unfortunately we ended up back at the vet on Saturday and at the Vet ER on Sunday having him stay the night.  The ER when brought in determined he needed an immediate scrotal ablation as he had an absyss started as well as bacteria.  He came home Monday evening with two drains in and stronger antibiotics.  He will have to be in his cone for at least fourteen days which let me tell you.  These things are a total joke!  We were originally provided a comfy cone; NEVER would I recommend this to a pet owner.  He was going gonzo with this thing on.  They wanted him to be still to slow the bleeding well this did pretty much the opposite.  Saturday they had to re-laser and increase his sedation meds.  Being a holiday weekend we had plans pretty much all weekend.  Sunday we woke to quite a bit of bleeding after doing all we were told by our vets.  After multiple conversations with the ER team we ended up taking him in.  Timing with anything is never when we want so we were dressed to go to a wedding but ended up at the ER office.  They took him in and let us know it couldn’t wait until our offices opened on Tuesday.  So they kept him overnight and did the surgery at 2 a.m.  His drains came out on Wednesday and we have another follow-up tomorrow.  Needless to say Joe and I are pretty upset about the entire situation.  Our poor Duke is hating this calm thing.  He truly is a mellow dog but he also is one of two and wants to play when he wants to.  I mean he is only nine months old!


Let’s get back to something fun and happy!  DIY projects…That’s fun, right?!  I mentioned my kids popasan chair that I recently purchased at a flea market.  It needed to be re-done completely.  So here it is I used Dutch Boy white chalk paint.  Removed and replaced the inside padding and cover on seat of chair.  Made new cushions and viola!

wpid-20150816_125556.jpgwpid-20150817_112254.jpgwpid-20150909_210914.jpg wpid-20150905_081845.jpg

Next on the docket was a small end table.  I used white indoor/outdoor paint.  I sanded it a bit and mixed my Waverly clear wax and antique wax about 50/50.  I applied it initially just lightly but then I got going and couldn’t stop!  Going in to this I had no plan on doing it so dark but now that it’s done I love it.  I apologize I don’t have an initial picture this table was blue when I purchased.  I also don’t think the pictures show how dark it is.  It is actually about a shade and a half darker than it appears in the pictures.


Lastly for my painting projects are my two frames.  They are great frames but needed something they were previously oak with the burlap accent!  I went with Annie Sloan violet chalk paint on these.  I used Dutch Boy white on top and then Annie Sloan clear wax.  I will mention many times they say other chalk paints do not adhere to Annie Sloans but Dutch Boy so far has seemed to adhere to all brands!


I told you I was working on pajama pants and Monster High were the first ones up!  S loves them and they look super cute on her.  I had to make some adjustments from the pattern as it was a bit long for her.  But after finishing I realized that I went a bit too short on the inseam but she loves them and they are super cute on her!  Now it’s on to Minions for K!


K is obsessed with fire trucks these days!  So when we were recently checking out the clearance fabric at Wal-Mart he spotted fire truck fabric and wanted it.  They also had chenille on sale so we grabbed that too!  I made him a little blanket as he loves his blankets!


On to my mom and my recent endeavor in selling some of our goods!  Mom and I love to dabble a bit in small business stuff together.  With companies like Etsy out there it allows everyone who has a creative bone to have an opportunity to make a business of it.  We have opened SidsShoppe which we are offering baby gift sets and we are using Etsy!  We currently have just a few of our products up but over the next few days will have more!  Our gift sets include a handmade hat, handmade bib, and matching burp cloth.  We will be offering travel taggies and changing pads as well.  Please take an opportunity to look at our shop and if you or anyone you know is in the market for baby goods please look to SidsShoppe for your items.  If there isn’t an item or color you are looking for let me know we can likely do it for you!  I’m very excited and looking forward to this endeavor with mom!


Happy Friday to you all and I hope you have a great weekend and be well!



If My Kitchen Status Described My Day…


Well I don’t even know where to begin…this place has been a mad house plain and simple.  When I use the term mad house I truly mean it in so many ways!  Since my last check in a lot has happened.  Joe has the shop/2nd garage underway, S is reminding us she is three daily going on sixteen, K is trying to give us a heart attack climbing on EVERYTHING, and oh yeah we have become puppy sitters as much as friends and family are willing to share their furry friends with us!  Baking and cooking with our amazing garden fruits and vegetables and lastly, I sadly lost a cousin who was far to young to leave this beautiful world.  So, as said Mad House!wpid-20140824_170455.jpgwpid-20140824_165655.jpg wpid-20140813_165644.jpgwpid-20140813_155217.jpgwpid-20140825_141150.jpgwpid-20140825_132244.jpg

As far as construction goes…it’s well underway!  In three weeks Joe did the footings, block and framed.  This has meant very long days for both of us.  With Joe handling the work himself having sometimes one person here helping his body is exhausted.  With this being said we have decided we are going to complete the shop 100% and begin the home addition in spring!


S started pre-k last week at our local Montessori school and she absolutely loves it!  The once little sweet, kind, well-mannered, smart girl of ours is growing up and along with all her wonderful attributes comes one we are struggling to get a grip on…Her Mouth!  Holy Toledo have the past three weeks been rough.  From telling us she is sending us to Georgia to live, to saying she’s going to spank our butts, throw us in the garbage, or utilizing damn it when totally appropriate but it is so NOT appropriate!  I/We are excited to see a little different structure in our little princesses life.



The he kids and I have taken on a new love for our garden.  As our vegetables came in full force over these past few weeks.  We also had friends drop off about two pounds of blueberries to us.  We have been canning our grape tomatoes adding some fresh basil, oregano and thyme.  These little tastes of heaven have been great on just about everything or just to pop as a snack!  With our zucchini we made chips!  With the blueberries bread and cupcakes!  S and K love helping in the kitchen which always makes me happy!  They get just as passionate as I about what we are creating!

Well I look forward to checking back sooner than later.

One last note as I mentioned my cousin passed.  He was twenty-nine years old.  He passed of a blood clot in his lungs.  I would just ask that those of you following please stay ahead of your health.  Unfortunately, my cousin didn’t as well as being challenged with obesity.  Please take care of yourselves and those you are surrounded by.